Last time mods nuked my thread and closed it....
Anyfuckingways I WILL TEACH YOU HEBREW !
nor Yidish or aramit, KikeBrew ....

I know this board is about This board is for the discussion of news, world events, political issues... but this board is a meme board many here just some red necks who blame jews for basically everything not that I blame them its unfair that 0.1% of the population owning so many jobs ... anyways I will teach Hebrew because why not lets have some fun on Jow Forums because /brant/ is dead
they trying to make a new board but Jow Forums isn't in its glory days this thread will be continued on Jow Forums mods your job is to clean cp from /b/ not ruining the userbase fun. think why you wanted to be a mod here :) to help not to ban everything you don't like be responsible to your acts and know that some meme threads can slip around we here to have fun ..
anyways I will translate Hebrew for you
even slurs or whatever you want, hebrew can change the way you think about words in English or your bible .... I will translate ANYTHING :)

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How do I write "OP is a kike faggot, sa ge" in Hebrew?

פרוקסיפאג מפגר

יוצר האשכול הוא הומו יהודון, סגה .

לא אחי אני ישראלי

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פותח האשכול:
"אני ליטרלי לא מסוגל להפסיק למצוץ זין"

יוצר האשכול הוא הומו יהודון, סגה .

Those digits
>We Hebrew nao


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You should say סגה lol just say
יוצר האשכול הוא הומו יהודון .
And watch the kike rage

אתה מתכוון להשתמש באיזה שפה גבהה ומתחכמת יאללה כוסהומו נגיד 'ליטרלי' וזהו סוף הסיפור .

>We Hebrew nao
There is not way to say it in hebrew lmao



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>הוא לא מתרגם ליטרלי למילולית

How am I supposed to read words without niqqud? What is this Jewish magic?

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>בושה אומללות להכפיש חרפתי נָאִיבִיוּת
what did he mean by this

Answer my question, my Elder Brother in Faith™

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it is just practice, i guess

no one has heard real hebrew spoken in over
9019 years.

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