What does Jow Forums think about U.F.O.'s?

Are we being watched?

Are they secret military equipment?

Will they aid us in the race war?

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Disinformation. US R&D dick waving.

This, bill cooper pilled; confirmed this 20+ years ago


Some UFO's are Ayy
Some UFO's are government (reverse engineered from Ayy's in the mid 20th century)

kids getting kidnapped by gov and sent to cultists. ufos are used to distract the crazies.

demon made illusons.i.e. cheap irrelevant fantasies. . just ignore, help a poor fellow instead

Demons aka fallen angels.

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The aliens are pushing race mixing to dumb down humanity and ensure an easy takeover in a few short years. All of the world's inventions were made by white people and the aliens see a multicultural future means a return of all to living in grass huts and chucking spears.

Boomer larp

Sadly true.

Jow Forums is retard, but not that retard

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>I think you're all really dumb for thinking so hard about something unknown. How about you logically think about the principles that allow a UFO to levitate.

>Are we being watched?
Yes! By lots of cameras..that are being installed everywhere as they become cheaper...

>Are they secret military equipment?
maybe, who cares about that though

>Will they aid us in the race war?
>Yes this thing that will give freedom to everyone on earth will suppress us into hypermaterialism.


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No such thing as ufos

We're living in a simulation

>inb4 an obtuse autist poster who says "YES UFO'S EXIST IT JUST MEANS ANYTHING UNIDENTIFIED" when we're clearly talking about aliens + government technology

wow great insight thnx

Its the government goy there are no aliens goy!

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Fuck the aliens, we all going to die anyway, if they want to take us , let them!! It might be fun

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I thought the secret space program was a meme but it's actually true. There are 6k+ secret inventions under en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invention_Secrecy_Act.

The Nation Reconnaissance Office really has been launching humans into space in secret. They have secret propulsion systems and the free energy is actually laser aerospike tech that relies on satellites.

The aircraft are actually propelled by satellites. They can't operate under cloud cover for long, they have optical cloaking but the reason why people see the craft is they've switched to auxillary power when the satellite is not in LOS or blocked by weather.

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>unidentified flying objects
yes i believe they are many things that whizz by our heads that we do not recognize
>ufos are aliens
this is brainlet tier logic and anyone who makes this conflation should be sent into orbit to become their very own UFO
seriously, the government admitting that there are flying objects that have yet to be identified is news? and retards are like " hurr durr see i told ya, cletus, dares extra TEErestrials flyin up yonder!"

I don’t even care. Jews have to be removed from power then we will talk about if UFOs are real and what shape the earth is.

some of the launches aren't totally secret though, like the US anti-satellite space warfare program.

They put this X-37B on a massive rocket and launch it into space, then the plane lands on it's own.

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