Merkel in bad health condition

So apparently she had a seizure during the national anthem. Doesnt look healthy at all. Bye bye wont miss u.

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leaders of the free world

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And that’s a good thing

She's just dehydrated from all the heavy campaigning and also caught pneumonia. Tomorrow she'll be back to 110% and you nazis will stay upset. Yasssssss.


Doesn't seem like a seizure to me, more like she is frickin terrified, maybe someone told her that her time is up...


indeed. hell awaits.

Sieg heil

She is a strong woman, she deserves another 4 terms

maybe she's a meth head like Hitler was

Who's the mad man filming in suite?

She's just "literally shaking" because she's experiencing an oppressive display of nationalism.

Haha she hates her country so much that hearing the anthem cause her to have seizures

Wtf is wrong with her? I hope she’s okay! She’s a strong woman and has always been a role model for me and my sister.

alcohol withdrawal

must chap the asses of these rich oligarch fucks that they can't cheat the reaper. die, bitch.

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The national anthem is killing her

His handlers want proof that the tailored virus he slipped into her food works.

It's just that Merkel's genetic memory worked and she was shaken by a Jew.

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this traitor bitch can feel all her ancestors hate when she hears that anthem

Trump Curse Strikes AGAIN.
Give her a couple yellow StarBurst that'll help.

she is having an orgasm you incels

>national anthem plays
>kike starts to shiver

how it should be

That isn't a seizure, it looks like 'rigors' the trembling you experience in severe infections like pneumonia, sepsis, pyelonephritis etc...


She is struggling not to scale-out. See how the cunt next to her doesn't react at all, he knows what's up.

Based leaf

And I understand Merkel, I would be shaken in the same way if this Jew stood nearby.

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Stfu whore, post tits or gtfo


I'd shake too if I destroyed my country.

What the Jesus fucking Christ is going on with her?

That's just pure rage at having to listen to the German national anthem

nah she just saw someone walking a dog

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Another strong female leader.

Lmao someone post the video of Hitler shaking like this at the Olympics

Whats with all women in high positions of power shuddering uncontrollably.

tfw deutschland uber alles

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That's just sped up footage of her fidgeting

Who gives a shit? Another fucking nigger lover will take her place

She has what Hitler had in his last years. Except she's not even remotely close to being like him.

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That video is sped up, hes just excited about the race

Damn, you beat me to it. Best of lucks.

She's just jonesing for some nig-dick

The merkel must sheds its skin every july. June is a very itchy month for the merkel.

She's scared because thats how much power Trump has over people. We've seen people go crazy, die, and publicly embarrass themselves because he lives in their heads 24/7.

There are literally thousands of politicians that are ready to take up the agenda where Merkel will have left off. Her death will change nothing for Germany.

Corpse queen in decay.


No she was just seething

god damn is the adrenochrome meme real?
all these politicians are suddenly experiencing neurological problems

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let her suffer an die

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Her replacement is basically just a younger version of Merkel so i dont think her death would mean much

Zelensky is full of Novichok.

>*has seizure*
lmao karma's a bitch, angela

She wa wearing one of those remote vibrators. But who was holding the remote?

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new national anthem is the funky chicken

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Sex haben

women shouldnt be in politics, this is just nother reason. the stress of having to put up a front and compete in that world is too much for them to physically handle, even if they are mentally competant and good statesmen their biology doesnt allow it.

If she were to die now it would be a terrible injustice. She must continue to live until one of two things happen.

1: Muslim caliphate in which her pets behead her.
2: Fourth Reich where she is tried for her crimes.

Fucking love that movie. Also checked

Time to Die

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Why do they all insist on being a bunch of fucking cannibals?

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No offense, I'm usually a big fan of Merkel, but what she did here during the anthem was very rude.



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Maybe she's just cold

> Kuru is a very rare, incurable and invariably fatal neurodegenerative disorder that was formerly common among the Fore people of Papua New Guinea. Kuru is caused by the transmission of abnormally folded proteins (prion proteins), which leads to symptoms such as tremors, loss of coordination, and neurodegeneration.
Becoming less rare

>during the national anthem

Obviously its just her physical revulsion at hearing the anthem of Germany, even if its the neutered and sanitized version without "Deutschland Deutschland über Alles"

Even if she dropped dead on the spot what will come after her will be much worse : Karrenbauer or even a Green-SPD-Linke (communist) regime. The german roasties and Sojaboys will vote left and even wider open borders than before.Germany is fuckin hopeless

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> Kuru is a very rare disease. It is caused by an infectious protein (prion) found in contaminated human brain tissue.

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it is her turn after all

that could just be uncontrollable hatred of germany

Rest in piss you old commie, hurry up and expire.

maybe it's one one of those mk ultra trigger words doing that to her or something


Kirfu from eating baby goys

they orgasam when they see a white man stabbed to death

Post video link for phone fags

Fucking dreckswaben!

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5 seconds of research:

She hasn't drunken water the entire day, happened before a few years ago.

kek, we need the old anthem.

she's clearly cold and shivering. you can even see her nipples through her jacket

>Even if she dropped dead on the spot what will come after her will be much worse : Karrenbauer or even a Green-SPD-Linke (communist) regime. The german roasties and Sojaboys will vote left and even wider open borders than before.Germany is fuckin hopeless

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She has parkinssons

Maybe she's being offed by her own side to bring that very scenario about before an ebin Nadsi shoots her, thus snatching the initiative for his side.

She just had to shit, all the children's blood she was drinking gave her diarrhea.

I'd totally TEUTON that Jewess on the far left.

She’s dancing, you fools. It’s a female power thing.

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>Wtf is wrong with her?

Duubbs she dies

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Worse: German normies actually consider Kramp-Karrenbauer to already be far too nazi.

the only hopeless one is yourself
shit can always be made better. i know polls don't mean shit, but when virtually every single poll in europe is showing an increase in far right popularity, that means something.
so fuck off you dumb fucking kike shill and an hero

oh ok. so nothing to worry about then?

>we need the old anthem
I tell you what you need, you little kraut scumbag.

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