Pol humor thread - the holahoax edition

get em boyos

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>denying the most documented event in human history...
hitler killed 6million and that's a good thing

Gonna trigger the libs with this one

sorry but what is funny about your graphic?

A young woman dragged from her home in Holland, transported across europe to Auschwitz, where because she was fifteen - a young woman, not counted as a child by the Nazis for slave labour purposes - she was mad e a slave. the 79 children on her train, under fifteen, were murdered that day, along with 500 other people, mostly the old and the majority of the women.

She was then sent as a slave to another slave labour camp, on starvation diet, where she got a disease that she would never have got at home, and died ina squalor, in a room set aside for the slaves to die, to keep them away from teh others to stop the spread of disease. A few of course survived.

Typhus kills about 20% of people who get it if they have decent nursing care, and decent food. That she died is indicative of her weakened condition and the negligence of the Nazis who let her die.

If you find the murder by deliberate neglect of a young woman, and her sister, to be funny then you should probably go fuck yourself with barbed wire, just for a laugh.

So documented that even denying it is a criminal offense in Eurostan


get a job bro and have sex.
How are you always here with these long arssed ready made responses in every thread on this?

yes lying about the criminal activity of the Nazis is seen as acessory to the crime in some places. In others it is seen as incitement to murder.

I oppose those laws, but you can see why they came into force. Liars should be punished, especially if they lie for political ends, and do so to harm others.

but this is supposed to be a humor thread so...

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I write them on the fly. And it isn't hard to find a thread that makes stupid remarks about the holocaust - just look at the catalogue there is always one on the go..

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this this this
lmfao filename

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>not jew
>not french
>horse pussy
A German

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but they do have the cavalry on their side at least..

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If you look really close at this picture of Donald Trump you can see it looks a bit like the Virgin Mary.

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This apple, was cut in two to reveal a startlingly lifelike image of Donald Trump.

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I dont get it. I thought you faggots worshipped pussies and put them all on a pedestal, yet Donald Trump is one? Besides that fact, isn't it a good thing Trump is a pussy for you and your cause of turning everyone on Earth into a brown skinned mongrel? If he wasn't a pussy, he'd kill every nigger on earth and we can't have that right? So which is it?

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pooh is wrong...

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>Not French Not Jewish
Gotta make sure them goyim don't figure you out.

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>inb4 adhom
>inb4 kafka trap
This is just based on your performance. You revel in double standards where you doing it is somehow different than when anyone else does it.

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I am not a faggot. and you have no idea what my cause is.

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You must be blind, I see hillary.

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is there that much difference?

No, it looks exactly like her.

not really racist but I used to live beside a family of Sri Lankans and one time they came across some elderly Asian lady standing on the street all day and asked to stop in for a cup of coffee. As soon as I noticed her I took to the coffee shop and sat next to it for a while. It wasn't until I mentioned it to a couple of my friends that I realised it wasn't all bad. She wasn't a racist because they were looking for people with skin colour, just because she was disabled didn't mean she was bad of a person. The next day one of her friends mentioned "What have white people done for minorities? They don't help them at all" when I tried to defend myself. After she said this I thought that was it. It would be rude if she wasn't even bothered by it.
On the other hand, a friend of hers who was in love with one of my female coworkers at my job has been racist towards her recently. He has been saying racist things and once she mentioned this, he just let his face drop. At first she wasn't mad, then she started yelling at him and said "Shut the hell up please!" and at a point she started hitting her arm. So what? My black boss wants me to be a good employee, that isn't the problem. It's about the fact that she won't love me like she loves Nebraska

Are your french and/or jewish?

lets laugh boys!

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pffffttt hahaha

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Fair enough, but how are you always here. Don't you work or have other stuff to do, you have become a character ?

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There is no logical reason for elimating conversion and debate over any historical information, except for the implementation of fascist mind control. Yaaaaay fascism!

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What in the fuck is this word salad supposed to mean?

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faggot spreading faggotry cuntfirmed

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>In 10 seconds
>In 20 seconds
>Eric Hunt: Majdanek
>Eric Hunt: Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor
>David Cole
>David Irving
>Gerd Shulze-Ronhoff
>Steven Anderson
>The Haavara Agreement
>The 6 million
“You shall return minus 6 million"

>Redpills of Zion
>The Jews
>The Truth of Races
>Holocaust Revisionism
>Negroid facts
>Hitler was not a Jew
>Christianity is not Jewish

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better than a leftist roastie at least

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no. neither. I just live in france.
Irish, protestant background

pic related - a road near where I used to live for a short time...

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The official narrative is also full of lies and inconsistencies. Yeah, jews died but it wasn't a genocide

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Jews post some weird stuff.

yes he would. he knows that a nice oak door with two layers of thick wood and a layer of felt in the middle, with big iron bolts and hinges, with felt seals or rubber seals around the edges would be easy to make, and work very well indeed.

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oh you can converse adn debate. But you have to do so honestly. Dneiers are liars, spreading lies, relying on lies. they may not know they are lies, but they are lies. Every single demier has been shown tobe lying, or (and this is really sad) unknowingly spreading lies.

every single one.

Fyi, none of your jewtube links work. Accounts deleted etc.

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ah someone who has heard of the Havaara agreement but does nt actually know anything about it...

how sad. You choose to be ignorant and deceptive.

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Every. Single. Thread.

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The punishment for posting such an image should be severe.

Right now I’m shadowbanned from posting images again. I’m beginning to think Moot sold Jow Forums to (((Google))).

>jews died but it wasn't a genocide
98% of german jews
98% of Polish Jews,
99-100% of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian jews who had not fled the country.

not genocide

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only 2 of those videos work. Looks like Youtube is cracking down on dangerous responses to the "well-documented" Holocaust

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So they really gassed 6 gorrillian? Fuck off, the official narrative is built on just as many lies as people who claim its all lies

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This is from a goddamn movie not even joking.

This one is my favourite

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Based Bibi dropping redpills

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>Can't argue, so I'll have to make some shit up.

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what the actual fuck lmao
this fucking jew defender on every thread, how much do they pay you?

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You're a faggy as they get my Frenchmen Jewish friend

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I u nas?