Do they ever refute the argument though? Or do they all deflect like Ben SHAPIRO saying "da nefarious joooos"

Btw why does Jow Forums like Ben? He is a literal SJW when it comes to anything Israel

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It's just too horrible to discuss.

he's a jew, what did you expect? you cannot lose if you control both teams

>Btw why does Jow Forums like Ben?
Jow Forums isn't an individual. Anyone who is paying any attention at all doesn't like shapiro. He's a fake-right jew who's purpose is to lead young men into civic nationalism and away from actual nationalism.

We don't like Ben, zoomers like Ben

>Jow Forums
> like Ben manlet Shapirjew

This isn't reddit newfag.

gib link nigger i wanna see what the good goys are saying

And bonus, another retweeted post by Ben

based ty

they're practically naming themselves at this point


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i've been lurking around here for a while and never seen anyway liking (((Shaphiro)))
even the kike shills and meme flags hates him

Nobody here likes Ben except for the summerfags from r/t_d

This is disgusting.

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yes and he immediately apologized profusely which underlines the point, although unintentionally, that much more.

> Do they ever refute the argument though?
They never do it.

>Google him
>John Cusack: Actor apologises for anti-Semitic tweet
>1hr ago

Hahahaha they are just proving it's true hahaha

i think we liked the kyke shapiro a few years ago bc he "owned the libs" now hes exposed as the dual citizen lying kyke isreal loving war monger neocon that he is.

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>gentile privilege

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Police will not arrest you in most parts of the world if you criticize kids with Leukemia same can't be said for jews. Your post is cringe and gaypilled.

stand up comedians make fun of stuff like that all the time. if they criticized jewish power the same way they wouldnt find work.

to the best of my knowledge Jow Forums is not a fan of manlet shapiro


>gentile privilege
It's working. They're starting to panic and reveal their true colors.

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That is not true, you can make jokes about them and criticize them all you want.

check out this faggot boomer

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blessed trips

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How long until people start to notice that Jews get to use a specific word that means "not of our race". Insane, no one else has that, we just have non-____

“Openly share?!” First amendment!!! Where are we?! Clown world!

Oy Veeeey, why are you goys quoting a pedophile Nazi?

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why is this quote attributed to Voltaire?

The irony is that quote got proven right.

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I used to think the best way was to be covert and sneaky, not anymore. Keep spamming hatefacts and infographics at them, get them to panic. When they're anxious and intimidated they fuck up, they start saying what they really think.

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Questioning Jewish power is anti Semitic

It’s the same thing as denying the holocaust which is the same thing as murdering innocent Jews !!!!

>getting pretty tired of all these children with leukemia subverting and destabilizing our countries while shoving porn down the throats of our youth
Fuck off

Yes, lel. My guess is he was drunk while Tweeting, or on pills, or whatever. He's a good boi who has always played nice with the Hollywood in crowd. This tweet came out of nowhere. I'm interested to see if his career burns down because of one tweet that he retracted and apologized for. It will only go to show what a lovely "free" country we all live in these days.

Also no one on Jow Forums likes that slimy Jew, we only like his big titty sister that’s it.

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That's fucking hilarious.

he is a big Hunter S Thompson guy, so he probably has that rebellious streak in him.
wouldn't be surprised if he got red pilled on accident after Cville, and then decided to do something about it.

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What said. Ben is part of a stage show. He's just arguing for Jewish interests from the perspective of "the right". Ben himself has outright tweeted that he doesn't give a damn about "the browning of America". Don't think for an instant that he has your interests at heart.

Calm down some faggot on Twitter made that last night, thinking Jews and kids with leukemia are the same.

Disgusting to some, but still true.
Btw, their reactions to it completely prove the truth in it.

All they're doing is proving him right.


Eh, I don't know. His kind rarely learn. Something like this happens and you'd think SURELY after the relentless harassment and death threats from people on "their side" they'd learn, but they don't.

Trips of truth, I hate them along with normalfags who post this meme but don't properly think about it

Gentile privilege....
Holy fucking shit......

Arent these guys kinda proving his point though with regard to the quote? Lol.

he doesn't want anything to do with nationalism
he's a hardcore globalist who believes a borderless world because >muh freedoms


hahaha like clockwork

because he's a classical liberal. he is an idealistic free marketer and a globalist. He gives no shits about people being laid off or replaced, because he is hardcore about free movement of capital and labor, just like the (((econ textbooks))) tell us is superior. It doesn't matter if reality shows that laying off a 55 year old factory worker does not lead to that factory worker going back to school to retrain as a spacecraft technician

>he doesn't want anything to do with nationalism
except when it comes to israel

Too discusting to even think about or consider.

Ben Shapiro is a Jewish nationalist, nothing is more important to him than Israel. He does not want nationalism for gentiles however.

okay sure, but we call these people zionists, not nationalists. he is definitely not a nationalist when it comes to any other country but Israel

a zionist is a jewish nationalist

If a child with leukaemia said something anti-semitic would he be criticized?
Big think

>are right though? Fuck jews and the holocaust?

Disinfo to neuter the truth and power of that statement

>Btw why does Jow Forums like Ben?

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ok? how often do you hear the term 'jewish nationalist' vs. 'zionist'? What are you even trying to correct here, what is the purpose of your responses to me?

>He's a fake-right jew who's purpose is to lead young men into civic nationalism and away from actual nationalism.
So is Ben a civic nationalist with regard to Israel, or an actual nationalist?

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shut up kike

This is why they don't want you talking about Jews...... TIME TO GET REAL BITCHES.

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Why do Jews have laws in place in Europe prohibiting discussion of the so-called "Holocaust" or speaking negatively about Jews if their facts are true? Facts and evidence don't need protection.


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Ben would die sucking Israel's dick if his handler didn't remind him to take a breath every so often.

>pil, meet pul

He's an international kike just like the rest of you with no loyalty to any nation state which are fictions to begin with... a nation is a race of people and Jews just so happen to be this bizarre nation of people who subvert other ones... but we know that's all over now don't we.

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>the argument
It’s a dumb argument. Do children with leukemia rule over us?

except you can criticize children with leukemia and not get fired from your job, put on a watch list, socially ostracized, doxxed, etc, you fucking kike faggot.

they are going to try to unperson him. Ironically that will prove him right.

We need Hitler.


They both should be removed

THIS! Let them show their true intentions. Just like the slimes calling us kaffir. The use of the term gentile will expose them to us and the silent masses that we are not allies. Or we just tipped our hand too early and now they know to not use that word...

>Btw why does Jow Forums like Ben?
We do?


you probably will suffer those exact consequences, other than being “put on a watch list.”

I like ben garrison i thought everyone did

Are you in prison?

Voltaire was a known anti-semite, its not like they're attributing it to someone well liked lol

The point is to make you look foolish and thus have people discount the truth of the statement when someone calls you out for the misattribution of the quote.

>why does Jow Forums like ben
he's memeworthy, shitstain otherwise

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if a jew said something badd about a child with leukaemia would he be criticized?
big think

Mr. Cusack if you're lurking I'm a huge fan x3
>remember, you're here forever