Trump curse strikes again, Merkel near to death

>Merkel vibrates uncontrollably in the video, her body fat jiggling around as German national anthem plays. Speculation on what incurable disease she has?

Trump curse strikes again, its clearly over for her. Calls for her to step aside will now increase.

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Aids from a migrant. Digits confirm.

>Speculation on what incurable disease she has?

Look at her go!

its her turn

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>Im LITERALLY shaking right now OMG

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Kek, this has dub potential.
Also, vibrating panties.

Russia poison her

Perhaps she has a Lovense and the music is activating it.

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It’s not the trump curse, it’s the curse from God for being unredeemable. A punishment when his followers no longer comply with his will, he acts upon it.

Dozens of genetic diseases due to inbreeding

ah man im laughking so fuckin much this is literaly funniest shit ive seen ll year

Lol someone turned on her lush

Merkel has blamed "dehydration" for her uncontrolled shaking spasm which persisted throughout the event. But then she is a well known liar.

potential diseases
Multiple Sclerosis

>Multiple sclerosis- the person’s immune system attacks the covering over the nerves. As these coverings diminish, the person’s brain has less direct communication with the nerves all over the body, meaning the brain cannot control muscle movement effectively.
>Parkinsons- most often exhibit tremors and shaking as early signs of the malady.
>Huntington’s- classified as degenerative, gradually destroys brain nerve cells. Can cause a deterioration of the person’s mind, problems with emotional stability and uncontrollable body movements. These body motions get worse as the disease progresses. The disease can cause bodily jerking motions as well as tremors throughout the body.

I'm going with Huntington’s Disease

Will the grim reaper get to her before my sock does?

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when you haven't taken in a migrant for 5 minutes


she claimed she wont run again before this. its not a major concern

She was just trying to hold in the peepee poopoo. Either that or show was using one of those sex toys that link to someone's phone, and Makembe was pushing the "vibrate" button non-stop.


a few fresh foreskin will cure her

Why are Germans so weird?

Is there any frontal recording? I want to make gifs, and the arsehole beside her ruins view.

She's a witch. Probably ate some diseased African brain.

it was obviously just her natural reaction to the anthem


its called Kuru
Clinton had it too.

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Was she in Dominican lately?

she said 8 months ago that this is her last term and gave away leadership over her party, this is irrelevant.

You're pretty quick to jump on the worst case scenario.
MS is a persistent state, if it were bad enough to have involuntary spasms like that she would have noticeable muscle weakness.
Parkinson's is also linked to diminished mental capacity, so is Huntington's.
It could be she's cold (admittedly unlikely given the weather), or she's heard some news which has emotionally shocked her.
If it is a disease state it looks like epilepsy to me.

Did she caught Junkers disease too?

Why are spasms so funny? It's the only thing that gets my sides launching an apollo mission


Why are you happy? Fehrtreter

You're my hero Hans.

She must know what's coming. I thought it was just a coincidence until I saw that the Ukrainian president was arriving.

>comments disabled

Kek. Fuck these cocksuckers


rattling to the drums KEK

>Speculation on what incurable disease she has?
Being a female.

Holy fuck. It took everything she had to remain standing.

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Why not reach to a simple conclusion like alcoholism?

The cunt can drop dead right now and Europe would be better for it

Its Germany. She's prolly freezing.

just saying.

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Isnt she alittle old to start showing signs of huntingtons? I know the disease can begin showing symptoms as late as age 80 but that is rare. Does she have family history with the disease?

Dehydration sounds like bullshit though.

Shes struggling to keep in her human form.

Finns have a lot of good bants today, it's nice to see.

yeh, shes fucked. look at that jaw tighten. probably missed her meds this morning. BILD (or whoever) better release the rest of the frontal video

yeah merkel haha

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> oh mein gott, there is fresh batch of BBC at home and I have to fucking stand here

its 95F in the sun where im at, south of Berlin


>Uhhh, an earthquake?
>A-An earthquake? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely under her feet?

She blamed it on dehydration. KYS

"Angela Merkel blames dehydration for shakes"

>German national anthem plays
>Merkel convulses

Peak Globalist.

It's either that or another one with kuru

>Trump curse
OP is a retarded yid


But user, you are the grim reaper.

We need MEMES


Made in china and xi is fucking with her.

Enjoy chink 5G

I think its called judaism

Nah is guess its low blood sugar

You don't think it's relevant that your leader has been making decisions that affect you while their brain is disintegrating?

Its fitting this happened during the anthem
Long live sacred Germany


She couldnt stand the patriotism

Kuru like Hillary

damn she's a hot bitch

here, I've simulated what her panty discharge looks like, after a hard day at work

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fuck off faggots

Weak knees. Fat liver. Too much fat.

>crossthread posting over mere doubles

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She just trembles at the idea of France invading Germany very soon.

Like I care what you think

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It is Assad curse. Mutts can steal everything.

So she can be killed by an anthem. Is nationalism kryptonite to her?

> too much fat

There are still others within and outside of Europe she is working with.


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I may be ignorant to potatoniggers culture but what does it mean that your sock is going to get her?

Patriotic music disturbed the demon in her

yeah, nah. Still the most powerful woman in Europe. If trump had a seizure you would call it propaganda or say he was poisioned. Too bad niggs. She stays and you keep losing.

The fucking demon shit is real

It looks like Parkinson's. I saw a guy at a restaurant once, and he was at a drink fountain shaking for a bit, then he stopped.

more of her cunt discharge stains

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The globohomo demonic host inside her detest nations so much the anthem nearly performed an exorcism.

>hears german anthem
>acts like a devil encountering holy water

Sasuga merkel

sounds like you've lived quite the exciting life. I bet you have a million stories.


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she's does up to her eyeballs on and antidepressants - and since she's an alcoholic the side effects of that combination kick in full speed

Based Leaf bringing the bants.


If you don't care what others think, why do you beg for their attention?

I wish she would do that while sitting on my cock

she seems to be alergic to the national anthem,
how many loudspeakers can we transport in front of the Kanzleramt?

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was that her activation signal or sth?

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Reminds me of myself after a very long drinking binge

Rolling for her death this week