Spend credit and don't pay it back

The current economic system cannot continue for much longer. I wish more people understood how rigged the 'free market' is by now. The 1913 Federal Reserve Act, the Immigration Act, Nixon abandoning gold, Reaganomics, Obama's unprecedented bailouts, etc.

The working class is paying for all of this, and they are the ones getting fucked.

Watch 'The Money Masters' if you really want to understand; but my point is I don't think this system can go on.

Housing prices have gone up 10 fold since 2000 yet wages are relatively the same. Interest rates continue to go up, but people say "hey well I got back $50 extra on my taxes". Yeah, and that money is worth 2% less than last year. Will a loaf of bread eventually cost $100?

JP Morgan just BOUGHT Chase Bank, and in the process raised APR and interest rates to all of their customers.

Don't be a sheep, don't play into this rigged game.

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No, Johnny is not going to pay back that $80k poly sci degree.

No, Suzy isn't going to pay off that 300k mortage making $12 an hour at Texas Roadhouse.

Wages have been stagnent since the 1980's and purchasing power continues to go down.

Why would anyone need to take out loans (that can't be defaulted) to get educated for a better future, when they'll be paying off that debt for the next however many years.

Why buy a 200k house that you never own until you pay off that 30 year mortage.

The system is collapsing in slow motion.

It's usury.

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Visa and MasterCard.

A very obvious duopoly cartel.

How come there is no competition in this market?

Why can't other countries develop their own card service companies?

Literally, any country in the world can start an anti-trust, anti-cartel investigation into these two.

>get credit card
>buy a bunch of shit
>don't pay it back
>own no assets
>judgment proof

>get on le deep web
>purchase an identity
>take out loans and buy gold with credit cards
>use the loans to buy gold
I heard this is what the mafia does now

It's so much worse than you can imagine. The game does not end until Pax Americana ends. As long as America can maintain Empire, it can force everyone to use its currency and keep on issuing money until everyone but select Jews are running the show. Then, they get to rule forever.

The only major road block the system is going to hit is the White Boomer Die Off. This will be good for Jews and bad for Pax Americana. Jews can always relocate to Europe and Russia. Everyone else will get very poor.

>buy a bunch of shit
>no assets

This has been going on since the 60's. Goodfellas touches on it.

How long do we have? I know people in their 30's with kids that still live at home but work two jobs.

How badly can they fuck you over?
>get credit card
>eventually lose job
>government wont give me EI because of a fucking clerical error
>use credit card for expenses
>rack up 4k in debt before I find another job
>in the hole and playing catch up with q bunch of areas and credit card debt least of my concernes
>debt collectors calling me multiple times a day
>the interest has caused loan to balloon to $7000 over time
>have no assets in my name
What can they possibly do to me? They even called my mothers land line (a number I dont even fucking know, how did they get it?) And asked her a bunch of questions about me and her dumb ass actually answered them. What's my best course of action here? I just ignore the calls but they keep coming even 3 years later.


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Checked. I didn't repay it.

>What's my best course of action here? I just ignore the calls but they keep coming even 3 years later.
Can you change your number? Or buy a burner phone just for them. I think after 7 years they can't collect the debt anymore.

Haven't you done any research online?

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I get countless letters, emails, etc 'reminding' me that I am missing payments, as they tack on more and more fines. I don't even have a bank account at this point. Fuck em.

Thanks for the free money.

Hard to go to court with a bank.

>pictured OP

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>Why would anyone need to take out loans (that can't be defaulted) to get educated for a better future, when they'll be paying off that debt for the next however many years.
That is called an investment. To get a decent job you gotta invest something in it, and if you actually study something decent and not just gender studies, you will get a proper job and pay that debt back soon enough.
>Why buy a 200k house that you never own until you pay off that 30 year mortage.
This on the other hand, together with other useless credits for "3rd car", for "latest iphone", for "gender studies" and shit like that is retarded and the main issue.

Yeah, and where do you get the gold to get delivered? What prevents you from being scammed? What prevents you from being robbed on spot? What prevents you from being found out?
Do you think this is such an easy task?

I have but it's hard to find info on canada specifically. A lot of the stuff is ambiguous or just peoples opinions based on personal experience. And the 7 years thing I was aware of, it's just like filing bankruptcy. However, it seems its 7 years after no contact but does the conversation with my mom count as contact or does it have to be contact with me? Also I dont want to change my number because I have a lot of business contacts and it will be a pain in the ass having all of them not knowing my number. It's easier to just ignore their calls.


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This is true. Americans can't even revolt until the petrodollar is done away with.

I didnt have a bank account for years because of this and dealt on a cash only basis but you can only do that for so long before the government fucks you

As long as the US dollar is the worlds reserve currency, with dozens of currencies pegged to ours, the system will continue exactly as it is.

I hope you have a plan for when the collection agencies come

>just go to prison and get your real estate seized, goy
I appreciate the thought, but bombing banks would send a stronger message.
just a joke fbi lmao.


We have until money gets very hard to borrow. While that could be as soon as the next time the Fed raises rates, my guess is in the late 2030's for sure, but perhaps as soon as the end of Trump's second term.

I've heard the year 2037 as the beginning of the collapse as the white Boomers die off but realistically as soon as the Boomers are too old to rebel against their government, in the mid 2020's, the rug can be pulled out from under the economic system.

Housing prices are artificial. They could fall by 90% during the white Boomer die off. Darkies are violent and stupid, thus they can't maintain Pax Americana. They are smart enough to rob rich white self haters though.

So a few possible paths. Trump plays hard ball and a few more over seas countries submit to Pax Americana. The good times continue well into the 2040's, maybe all the way to 2100. Our future is secure thanks to some good old fashioned ass whoopin on the disobedient countries overseas.

Or, Trump leaves office in 2024 and is replaced by a virulently anti white Democrat. Taxes are jacked through the roof and nobody but the rich can afford to live easy. Pax Americana has run out of enough white murderers to maintain over seas dominance. Southwest USA splits off and forms a Hispanic Empire. The Jew News stops reporting on crime from that country because the first act was to strip rights from niggers. White men were killed and white women were turned into breeding slaves. (A Jew's wet dream.) Europe descends into Civil War and the Soviet Union is reformed with a new name but the same agenda. Just like in the Southwest USA, Darkies are stripped of rights, white men are killed off and white women are turned into breeding slaves. The Era of Jewish Kings begins. The Chinks submit eagerly to their Jewish Overlords and serve them faithfully for the rest of time.

At a PO box you got by using the ID you bought. Then make 3 medium gold purchases (nothing to draw suspicion) have them sent there. close the PO box get new ID repeat at a different post office and different card holder.

This is pretty much on topic. I have a $250 debt for 'overpayment' from the unemployment office from 2014.

Whether I can pay it is beyond the point. I don't want to becuase its bullshit. See I worked for the federal govt as a college student where they would force us to draw unemployment for 10 weeks a year or so to make the state pay for STEP employees (google it, I'm not retarded or anything I was lucky to have this job) but I was on unemployment for a few weeks and I took a job as a delivery driver. I filed my unemployment on Monday or Tuesday and was hired at an open interview on Thursday. I worked two shifts over the course of three days before quitting because there was 0 deliveries and company policy was that I worked in store and stayed busy when I wasn't out on delivery. Told boss I wouldn't do shit for 2.25 an hour and he wouldn't let me clock in for minimum wage and told me to quit if I didn't like it, so I did. I didn't file unemployment again after that week and had I kept the job through the. NExt unemployment cycle I wouldn't owe them money but because I took the money and a job and quit that same job within a week I owe them money back. I never knew about this they called me literally last week, 5 years later and complained that I never returned letter from 2015 that I didn't get.

I filed a report with the BBB when I quit because it's illegal but I don't know if it's worth fighting or how to even do it.

Block their numbers

It's probably not an easy task and it's definitely criminal but that's what the mob does. I'm sure they mitigate the risk the best way they can. Look at the gas scam that Michael Franzese ran for years. He was eventually caught.

Who is going to come?

^we don't have debtors prisons

Thank you for this.

Banks loan out 10x as much money as they have. You don't have to spoonfeed me the definition of investment, dad. I don't even have a smart phone, and regardless if people have one or two splurge purchases I don't see how that negates that the system is broken.

That sounds like terrible fucking advice. Do not use credit cards. I am debt free and not a slave like the rest of society. Credit cards are how you end up working for the Jews the rest of your life.

Credit is generally bad but you have no idea what you're talking about

Bump for Money Masters and anti-usura.

That doc helped me wake up.

>Wages have been stagnent since the 1980's and purchasing power continues to go down.

Whats the purpose of this argument? Wages go up every few years as you rise within your company.

Median wages have not gone up, while prices of homes have gone from 1 year median salary in 1979 to 4x the median salary today, also inflation is at a ridiculous level since 2008.

Nice counter-arguement. Just keep working goy.
Don't forget your property taxes, income tax, sales tax, death tax...

It's a scam to get money out of you. I have EBT try to give me a $30 fine for overpayment on food stamps. Never paid it.

Does this work in Sweden?

Your company? This isn't 1962. I work in a right to work state. I know people who gave 15 yeas to their employer, only to be let go because someone else was willing to work for less.

My dudes, like it or not this system isn’t going anywhere for a loooooong time. I highly recommend paying down credit cards, building your credit scores and only using credit cards for prepping or self defense. I know it sucks, but as other anons have pointed out we’re still the worlds reserve currency. Until that change, it’ll be nothing but a slow decline.

Go ahead and rack up your credit then faggot. I don't care what you do. Dont forget to make that credit payment cuck.

>just work for Shekelberg for 30 years while barely getting by, lol, thats just how it is!

inflation is higher than wage rises = real wages actually decrease instead of increasing

>it seems its 7 years after no contact but does the conversation with my mom count as contact or does it have to be contact with me?

In the USA iiirc if you do not acknowledge the debt for 7 years it is waived r sold off to a collections company. As long as you don't make a payment in that time you're ok.


that was posted from phone, im at computer now.

i was one of 4 drivers that left this store (it had just opened) at the same time for the same reason.

ive called the unemployment office like 6 times now trying to deal with this, the office is literally one lady and shes a huge bitch, according to her she is the final authority and unless i personally take the place to court there is no way to appeal this debt. it makes literally no sense that had i waited another 2-3 days before quitting i wouldnt owe them any money. she doesnt even have an answer for this, its just "how it works" according to her.

Im afraid to push to hard over such a small amount of money because even though we were guided through unemployment by the federal government there were questions i answered that i knew i was lying about and i feel like if they dig too far they are gonna say i owe them more money

it hasnt gained any interest in over 5 years now, what can they really do. the letter i had them send me threatens to garnish wages, but im to believe thats its such a nominal amount of money that they wont do that and worst case is its take out of my tax return one year, or written off

anyone ever deal with anything like this?


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have actually done this repeatedly since I was 18. Built up stellar credit and 4 cards with max 10000 limits by 21. Maxed them out and stopped making all payments, Year later filed bankruptcy at 22. Started to Rebuild credit at 24 and once bk dropped off at 29 had about 60000 credit line. Repeated and declared bankruptcy once again. Now in the process of doing it once more.
Used initial 40k to place 2 different downpayments of separate condo units under another name. Rented them out and owned both units outright by 30. Used the 60k and bought two separate 4-bedroom homes and am currently renting those out. Currently live in one of the condos while the rent from the other three properties fund all of my expenses. Life is good outjewing the jews.

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This is exactly how my parents think. The conditioning is deep and likely irreversible.

As an Attorney, I recall in law school a thing they abandoned a long time ago called "debtor's jail" basically you're sentenced to a literal jail sentence to do labour until the loan amount is paid off. I suspect they would bring this back (not for you specifically, but if OPs idea became mainstream).

My parents, my wifes parents, etc. They all just put up with it. My grandmother is still working for tips. I don't understand what it would take for people to take action. I am not a worker ant.

The BBB is literally a scam organization founded by a jew. They have no legal authority to do shit.

ONLY the IRS can jail you for debt

How did you get away with it though?

Baller as fuck

This is my favorite glitch in minecraft. Make sure to stock up on free camping gear and fishing poles.

actually it is pretty easy once you understand how bankruptcies work. Learned it all when I use to volunteer at a senior citizens home when i was 16-17 by an old couple that I helped a lot. Just took their advice and now at 32 I never have to be a wage slave. First thing they taught me was what credit was and that it should only ever to be used to buy appreciating assets. Then they taught me about bankruptcy and how to take advantage of it. Almost every rich person has used bankruptcy to their advantage.

this is all i can find about what i should do for unemployment overpayment

something called a fact-finder interview, which sounds painful.

According to the only lady i cant get on the phone this isnt an option but i can get like a case # and email someone else maybe?

eitherway i dont feel like ill come out of this interview on top,

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Is there anywhere we can go to to escape this, seeing as how many countries are under America's influence? Will there be any escape?

>Wages go up every few years as you rise within your company.
Median wages you retard.

You didn't answer the question, come on

You can't default more than 3 times or you goes in jail. I guess you know that.

>Almost every rich person has used bankruptcy to their advantage.
you could take out the almost

two wrongs doesnt make a right

take the higher path

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You sound like a Jew user.

I am now at the stage of llc's and working on building up business credit.

Kill the bankers?


Yeah just throw your money away paying off interest.

/ t h r e a d

So I've heard credit card companies will deny services to famous racists/homophobes etc. What happens to your debts if they cancel your card? I wonder if we could weaponize this.


Bad idea. Better idea:
Use Credit card for everything:
Internet Access
phone bill
electirc bill
propane and propane related stuff.
EVery purchase on one card.

THen at the end of the month use, AUTO pay to pay off the entire amount. Mine is usually $1500, then get the cash back rewards.

Of course you have to have enough capital input to do this.

Most of the items sold (they zoomed past the critical 50% mark a few years ago) on Amazon are sold by independent, small businesses. You do understand that Amazon.com retail operates more like eBay, not Walmart, right? You wouldn't casually shout dumb shit putting the largest and most profitable/useful marketplace for American capitalists in jeopardy, right? You mean to say Wal-Mart?

>Why buy a 200k house that you never own until you pay off that 30 year mortage.
You own the house as soon as you buy it - the bank has a security interest but not ownership.

Usury was far worse thirty years ago, with mortgage rates where credit card rates now are. But interest rates have permanently fallen, so many people can afford to borrow more and do.

As long as we have productivity improvements, or interest rate cuts, or inflation, the system can go on indefinitely.

Its a perfectly valid point OP. I would like to see people just quit their taxes and debt also. But I dont know how we would do in such a crash even if its better for us in the long run. I do really wish it were possible though. I figure it will happen as the result of some disaster inevitably anyways, which is unfortunate. Because the chaos *IS* coming, and its a lot easier to leverage and navigate chaos when youre the one causing it to disrupt a system that cannot be brought down otherwise that is such poison to the people, than it is to when it is foisted upon you.

Better to drop the system now while we dont have to simultaneously worry about famine from a solar mass ejection frying our satellites than to deal with it when every freight truck sits with food rotting in its trailer while people storm markets for food that isnt coming.

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not understanding how to use credit. at least you know how to grow credit.

Except for those property taxes you pay forever.

i like it when someone jew the jews

Underrated idea

Who did you get to put their name on the properties? Has to be someone you trust fully because they could fuck you

Your debt still most likely exists and can be enforced by the law that you pay back what you must.

>I think after 7 years they can't collect the debt anymore.
Haha sure

The video posted with hyde is accurate. They even offered for me to make a lump sum payment of half of what I owe in a letter they sent me. If they're willing to go for half now I bet they'd take even less down the road. My understanding is the banks sell the debt to collectors for less than what is owed because at least they get some of it back.. If one collector is unsuccessful they sell the debt to another collector at a reduced rate. Rinse and repeat.

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>Why would anyone need to take out loans (that can't be defaulted) to get educated for a better future, when they'll be paying off that debt for the next however many years.

This is a personal choice though. Nobody has to do this despite social pressure. Most degrees are bullshit and most trades have paid apprentices.

I admit i made this mistake but i spent 12 years paying off my loan, i dont expect to be bailed out when i took on the loan, it was my choice.

Kids do need to be educated on the danger of usury, but we also need a culture of accountability not handouts. The jew loses power when you stop taking the loans, stop fapping to the free porn, stop drinking and taking drugs, stop gambling.

The jew doesnt force us to degenerate they just offer tempting vices at a high cost. Like the devil who makes you sign a contract before he fucks you over. This characature was likely cuilt upon Jewish Sysnagogue of satan memes from the earlier times.

Just stop playing their stupid games and they lose all power over you.

7K isnt that much dude you can pay it off and fix your future.
I did the same thing when I was younger, 24K in studen loans and 10K credit cars.
Its all paid off now, and Im free. You have to live cheaply hough and stop fucking around. Take it as a huge life lesson to not spend money you dont have.

>personal choice
>told from age 5 to age 16 that i have to go to college
>take out massive loans at 17 for school because i can only make 10/hr at my part time jobs
>go into debt
>get offered maybe 15/hr
>stay in debt for 10 years

>personal choice

the system is broken

What are you suggesting here? Ghosts trying to get my money?

The reason I say you should get your shit together is because just to rent an apartment now they do credit checks and failing to make payments makes you looks untrustworthy.
Youre going to make your own life very difficult in the future.

Just referencing colleciton agencies and their methods.

>told from age 5 to age 16 that i have to go to college
You were given bad advice, thats not the banks fault you were ignorant.

>take out massive loans at 17 for school because i can only make 10/hr at my part time jobs
If you cant afford school dont go.

Yes it is a personal choice.

you truly are a good goy

My credit is already fucked. I know someone that works for a bank and they suggested I dont pay it back as it's not gonna help my credit at this point. They just want their money and say it will help your credit to convince you to get your shekels and ride out the 7 years as it's essentially the same as filing for bankruptcy

Why? because I think you retards should STOP taking the free money bait?
Youre the good goy for taking loans you cant afford then acting like a nigger on welfare begging for your debt to be pardoned.

Yeah, if youre already into it that deep then do what you have to.

credit gouging is my 2nd job

>This is a personal choice though. Nobody has to do this despite social pressure
And yet we bailed out the banks for making poor decisions based on personal choice. Really makes you think.

Debt are for retards. You should purchase what is absolutely necessary not useless shit you won't use