How many of you here are FBI agents?

We all know you’re here en masse. Show yourselves glowfags.

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i am not FBI agent
post your gats

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As a Special Agent for the FBI assigned to monitor this board I can assure you that the FBI does not monitor this board.

Only you

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slobby job Putin. dick

As an FSB Agent assigned to monitor FBI agents assigned to monitor this board I can assure you that the above poster is an FBI agent monitoring this board.

Schizo you need jesus

I can prove I'm not a fed. They don't take feds guns away. At least I got mine back lol.

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I meant jebus

top kek meme magic

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No gats for me. I'm a pussy faggot no gunz Australian

It's not the FBI monitoring Jow Forums. its the Capitol Police

Sgt. 1st class, Cyber Command, OSi division, Corpus Christi TX, checking in.
Not FBI though.

Dear FBI,
Are you interested in hiring me?
I'd like to be paid "Competitive wages" and "mediocre benefits" to larp as a Nazi...

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totally not FBI from berlin reporting in

They legally have to tell you if they are CIA if you ask them.

Can you get arrested for impersonating a federal officer if you larp as on one here?

Yes. I would know. I'm FBI.

I'm a professional lawyer of law, and no you can't.

NSA here, it's fine if you impersonate us

How many feds do you think we've radicalized?

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Nope, I was just forcibly "hired" as an unpaid human experimentation subject by USAF.

NSA agent reporting in. In the building where I work, we have an entire floor of us just using Jow Forums all day every day

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what boring gats you have.

also, just because we are from Jow Forums does not mean that there could not be Jow Forumsomando feds no? I don't get your post gats point.

not fed btw.

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We should all start calling ourselves agents instead of anons.

That carpet type is used in govt/corp office buildings.

jokes aside, IIRC you can only be arrested if you larp as an officer and use that to gain something or do something with it. like you could walk around town with a FBI jacket and as long as you don't try to get a store to let you in the backroom because you say your fbi, your ok.

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I am from KGB. Fight me, FBI glowniggs.

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In all honesty the FBI sounds boring and irritating to work for. I think being in the NSA would be pretty awesome.

No one cared who I was untill I put on the mask...

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Don't arrest me Mr. CIA pls

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>you can only be arrested if you larp as an officer and use that to gain something or do something with it.
By gain something, do (you)s count?
I think one could make a case for this.

This was before the boating incident.
Fuck, I miss them so much guys :(

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Good eye. I've never seen this cheap carpet anywhere other than federal buildings and school libraries...

Those sweet sweet (you)'s are definitely gaining something

haha, I would not be surprised if they could twist (you)s into gains.