>Tory leadership hopefuls to face second vote

>Gulf crisis: US sends more troops amid tanker tension with Iran

No matter who you are, you can improve your life. Take control. Move forward. Dreams keep us alive, fighting for them makes us feel alive.
Self Improvement information here

>The official British army fitness programme

>Information On Legally Owning Firearms In The UK

>Oswald Mosley - Europeans

>History With Hilbert - Languages of the British Isles

>(((The London Question))): Britain's Second Empire & The Secret City

>Survive The Jive - What does it mean to be English ?

>An introduction to off grid living in the UK

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Reminder to not fall for the Soldier F virtue signalling, and that if we can't just Nuke Northern Ireland we should sell it to Dublin to save us all the trouble it keeps causing us

First niggers

you all disappoint me

Reminder that Labour and Tories are pro-EU and anti-UK. Don't trust them, they have already betrayed you.

Gove is a CHAD

>The aim? To undermine and collapse civilization, which the group deemed a necessary forerunner to the creation of a Nazi warrior society.

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I'd rather be shot dead than stabbed dead
Give us back our guns

only if we sell Scotland off too. Too long has this 99% white nation muddied our proud punjab bloodlines.

Can you use a brap o meter to read for parps or do you have use different equipment.

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who's the deranged nutjob on here that keeps posting "why are you so mad i won?" someone give me a rundown

I always find it weird that the biggest supporters of ulster loyalism in england are middle class right wing londeners half the time with an irish catholic background.
My dad is one of them and ranted on about the IRA while wearing an ireland rugby shirt.

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Take them back bro

Scotland's going nowhere. The pendulum will swing back and the SNP will bit it.
Northern Ireland however is only going to become more micked and more pro-EU. Loyalists/Unionists in NI are on shill overdrive to convince us all that they are the last based and redpilled bastion of britishness when the truth is that they've been behind every single chimpout in NI for the last several decades.
Ulster Protestant chimpouts are the reason we lost Ireland in the first place, and the reason we surrendered to the IRA.
There is NOTHING in NI for us, they are not based, they are not nationalists, they are drooling nigger-tier LARPers who have fucked us over for 100 years.
They likely harken back to Catholic Unionists who left Ireland after/during the Revolution. The IRA wouldn't exist if not for Ulster Protestants who threatened to stage an armed rebellion against us just before WW1 started, and that lead to the Irish Volunteers forming.

Every single aspect of the Ulster Unionist/Loyalist Identity is just screeching about micks and taking handouts from us. We gain nothing from keeping NI, but have so far lost so much.
NI ruined brexit. No NI, no EU border with anyone. No NI, no cucked Brexit deal that doesn't let us actually negotiate because NI spergs don't want to be treated differently.
Fuck Northern Ireland. Dublin can have the faggots

some poof who lives in a car called pube or eddie or some gay name, i don't pay much attention to tripfags

>i don't pay much attention to tripfags
oh, and neither should you

its some virgin pretending to be me

>small chin
>mooches off David Cameron
>got in trouble for sniffing coke decades ago

lol why are you so mad that your thoughts of me cannot escape your brain???

its as if you envy him and me for sniffing coke???

>just abandon one of the most pro-british communities in the country

>tfw Celtic fan

I don't envy him, I meant that Michael Gove is obviously not going to make it to the final 2 contenders.

You all depress me

It's pupes he doesn't have any material so he posts the same thing over and over he'll go back his BRRRRRR DING posting soon you watch.

The british goverment has treated them like shit really, i dont get why they have been so loyal

but you still envy me right???

>Northern Ireland
It's paper thin, retard. The two biggest cities in Northern Ireland have an Irish Catholic majority. The city councils? Irish. The population as a whole will be Irish Catholic majority in an estimated 4-5 years.
The BASED BRITISH people of Northern are also responsible for losing the British Empire Ireland and making the UK surrender to the IRA through the retarded conflict they kicked off.
Stop LARPing that NI is some hyper-nationalist British Paradise. It's a shithole, increasingly full of micks.

You can support the Ireland rugby team without being a commie faggot or a terrorist nutjob, it's not that weird lad

Red squirrels are being dealt a death blow by disease

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Why do British people continue to claim that Snatch is a good film?

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We are the Red Squirrel now.

I don't see how it's possible when the majority of people know that taking away peoples guns only disarms the good people who can in turn protect other good people against bad people, who will have the guns even when they're banned, yet they're still against them
It's over, we're dead


whomst are you quoting?

I don't.


Do we?

It is.

taig terrorist music it top tier tbf
the peak of loyalist music is " do ya want cheeseburger bobby sands"

thats such a blatant lie

square go ya fanny

>Nicola Sturgeon is expected to warn that the next Tory prime minister will cause more economic damage to Scotland in their first 18 weeks in power than Margaret Thatcher and John Major caused in 18 years in government.

30 years on muh Fatcher still sets the jocks seething

Salty proddies, hahahaha

Rest easy wee fella

Delete this please

>Teenage neo-Nazis jailed over terror offences
No-one talking about this? Some of the stuff in this article is very strange but then again it's the BBC, what else can we expect?

i just dont understand why you're so afraid of confrontation you shut in spastic???

daily reminder that for the price of a irn bru and a bag of chips you can ram your superior english shaft up this flower of scotlands arse and stirr up last nights haggis

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Would prefer the chips tbqh

What I found interesting was the journos running up to the lads shoving microphones in their face and making snide comments when they'd never to do that to the other "extremists"

Anyone else here been on this brexit ride from the very beginning, with David Cameron's speech at Bloomberg in 2013?

Why do you require the envy of anons to feel validated?

you're so fucking terrified lmfao

Prince Harry is NOT a race traitor and definitely should NOT be shot

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its not to feel validated its to remind you losers of who you are

shut in spastic virgins who envy me

i bet you've been lonely for so many years that you started believing that you're funny

But why do you need to remind anyone of anything if not for your own validation?

I noticed that too. I’d have spat in the slimy cunts face desu.

*fat black guy has trouble getting out of a car*
comedy gold

who hurt you?

Take the bane pill.

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because you losers love to forget the facts if not kept in check

just look at the posts whenever i stop posting for a couple of days and suddenly half the posters on this board become massive online celebrity multi millionaires 7ft tall male pornstars lmfao

ur mum when she bounced on my face the fat cow

BIG STRONG AMERICAN bringing the (You)s
Thank you my BIG STRONG friend, good luck in your latest war for Israel. I look forward to consuming American entertainment media and giving my personal information freely to American social media websites.
Please visit our small island soon and diversify our population with your BIG STRONG genes

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>migration of new populations/species into an ecosystem causes extinction events and massive trophic disruption
>but not when it's people
why are biologists often the most cucked and liberal of all scientists? Only physicists and archaeologists ever seem to be redpilled.

have sex, incel

You only had to listen

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Now you're getting it lad

lmao they are so lazy

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This is definitely grass changing colour after being hydrated and no way is it a mug painting dead grass green

why are they covered in white supremacist insignias? Fuck off, nazi.

Err I don't think we need daily reminders thanks

Polak Siege-posters arrested. Careful with your shitposts, lads.

ive probably been on it since way before that, ive always voted and always been a eurosceptic since leaving school and understanding the migrant problems in my area, probably been on it since about 2008

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I've actually seen this before and people were defending it saying it was indeed just water. Fat bastards drink so much sugary crap that they don't know what fucking water looks like.

Nobody cares, they were dumb enough to fall for an obvious government honeytrap, prives what hitler was saying about poles being untermensch

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Oi mate, im tellin' you roight now, if beggzit doesn't happen I'm going to don khaki, pick up my rifle and head to dae front

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thoughts on nick fuentes

> "they're racist"
> "they're violent"
> "they're misogynists"
> "they're paedos"
> "they're rapists"
> "they have crazy religious beliefs"
> "they worship psychopaths"
The BBC article is fucking huge. They simply do not list off all this information when it comes to Islamist terrorism. Discovering people saying right wing things causes a moral panic but Islamic terrorism doesn't. Really activates my almonds.

ava whiff ov me bellend ya cocksniffers