There are 1.6 BILLION Dravidians in India. Let that sync in

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dravidian girls are cute though dark skin + straight hair is gorgeous

India will be the first country to build a space station by 2030.


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>dravidians girls are cute + straight hair
Pic related is middle aged dravidian bhabi milf, if you want to settle for that be my guest.

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>father of all Dravidians

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Kek, what is this LARP you've posted as your picture?

Pic related comes from the most recent look into genomic foundation of south and central asia, seen here:


Judging by the pic you've posted, I'm going to guess you're a sinhala kike with a sephardic jew last name. How right am I?

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Dravidian to aryan transitioning

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Your claim in the form of abstract is not solid enough. Dravidians are at the bottom of the caste system for a reason.

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>thinks academic paper is abstract
>doesn't deny he has a sephardic jew last name
>meme flag

keep at your d&c, kike

Sri Lankans are just pure form of dravidoidz as the whole of south India.

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Okay, what are you trying to show with your genetics map?

Dravidian woman smeared her car with poop because they have high iq.

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Read the paper and learn something about all the races involved in the area. I'm not looking for an argument, though it certainly seems like you are. Your OP pic is also wrong, buddhism did not come out of IVC.

Furthermore current consensus is that IVC spoke proto-Dravidian. Read up on IVC before you post such inane garbage.

Although I'm more than sure you won't, because this is a d&c post. There is only one enemy and you know (((who))) it is.

Let me guess. You're a Paki. This constant battle between pakis and indians is just laughable.

>this is a d&c post
no its not you filthy poo. you are not caucasian, weve been through this before.

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Any attempt to refocus our will and energy on useless shitskins is d&c, fuck off kike

>now he pretends like hes white
why are poos so pathetic?

>lost argument so tries to call me a poo
A kike is a kike is a kike

>most recent
Any paper on racial anthropology published past WW2 isn't even worth to wipe your ass with.

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here is your argument poo. you are part of the jewish plan. if you hate the kikes and dont want them to succeed then leave canada and go back to your shithole.

>I believe whatever I want

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It just looks like a regular Persian.

>everyone who disagrees with my d&c thread is a poo

Durka durka, poojeet

False claim. And doesn't chsnge the fact that Dravidians are lowest in the caste system

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Can you explain what is being divided exactly? White unity with Indians? Whites and Indians were never "United" in the first place nor is there any reason for Whites to unite with pooniggers (or any other variety of shitskin for that matter)

You do sound like a poo.

Say goodbye to the paint

> I'm going to guess you're a sinhala kike
like any white person would know or care what sinhala is. listen here poo, we dont give a fuck about your people, youre not one of us and will never be. we dont care how high your caste is or how european you look or what InDo-EuRoPeAn language you speak. so GTFO and move back to your shithole.

>1.6billion Dravidians in India
I thought they were all killed at Waco

they wanna be white so bad, they pretend like they are fighting jews while they are directly helping the jews destroy the white race and identity

>1.6 billion pajeets and only 2 medals gained in the olympics.


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They don't realize that the Mudslimes hate the Joos too, but that doesn't make them our "allies".

This is just genetic inferiority at clear display here.