Is there a more faggy music genre than metal?

Is there a more faggy music genre than metal?

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define faggy

Why do jews make dumb threads?

like rap music?


>Meme flag
opinion discarded. Metal is high-test music. Show me one basedboy who doesn't say "it just sounds like noise!" before linking you some generic indie rock band with some dumb ass ironic name like "Super Mario's Jogging Shoes"

Rap, EDM, Trap, Electronica, etc.

Metal is for introverted incels

Stratovarius is great, I also love melodeath

Yes all of them. Working out to screamo is kino.

>texas in july - sweetest poison
>fit for a king - bitter end
>make them suffer - ether

Take the edgepill and you will be blessed with gains.

>he doesn't listen to Dissection or Meshuggah
Why even live

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>t. Super Mario's Jogging Shoes #1 fan

Says the russian offspring.

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i prefer the slower, heavier stuff

Poles are an inferior race

if we are going by meme popularity vs reality

bob dylan stinks like old feet and vineger as well as being faggy

david bowie is literally only famous for being an old timey tranny

pretty much everything punk rock ever did was a gay fashion show


I hate that growling shit they do but it's not nearly as homo as the prancing and consumerism in hiphop/rap.

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Poles are Vandals and therefore Germanic master race

t. turk

this is the gayest shit Ive ever heard.

>watch death metal, black metal
>bunch of dudes with makeup and tight leather S&M outfits
>growling as loud as they can lyrics about death and combat and uber-masculine topics
>audience all young men trying to mash up against each other
>watch "power metal" band Blind Guardian
>a few dudes in regular shirts and pants
>singing about elves and bards
>everyone having a good time

yeah most of metal is irredeemable
a few bands are worth it though

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more of a stoner doom kind of guy but i'm just starting to discover black metal
this should be right up Jow Forums's alley:

quintessential numale/normalfag band
might aswell just look into a different genre pal

Metal appeals to the "akshualy" type of holier than thou faggots. They are the opposite of their manly idols. Some are bros tho.
Its allright to listen to it when you are a young moody teen but everybody who preaches metal well into their 30ties deserves to be shot.

If you don't enjoy metal you're not white. Scientific fact.

>"it just sounds like noise!"
That's how you know you're dealing with a fag, alright.

Country music. Also classical music not in the minor key. Minor key classical is lit though.

i still love metal ballads well past 30.

just some straight trash whose only goal is to cram as many notes into a bar as possible i stopped being able to get into after the puberty years.

jews cant understand metal because they dont feel anger or hopelessness

>Hearing a thread

Is metal is faggy call me captain turbofag!

my nigga

We call you a tourist, aka faggot.
(((you))) hate metal because its jew filter

old country, and stuff like southern gothic is really good. pop country is shit

>ray-gay (i dont give two shits to spell check that nigger shit)
>dance music
>glam rock
>alternative music
>hipster shit
>fusion genres

I guess there is only one genre of music that isn't pozzed and faggy and that genre is METAL

>suck a dick op

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anthrax guy is a kike

also, Matt Pike sees it all
he's like a soothsayer, he might not understand half of what he says but all of it is true

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cody jinks is better than literally anything on the pop charts

You take it up the shitter.

Anything pop

Metal is high t music and most of the older bands are redpilled into oblivion which is how the genre really evolved to begin with. Most metal bands to come out in the last 10 years however have to cover their asses with leftist bullshit and it gets worse every year.

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>White man came across the sea
>He brought us pain and misery
>He killed our tribes killed our creed
>He took our game for his own need
M-metal is b-based

Electric Wizard is dude lmao 420 weedbro meme music.
This is the slower heavier stuff

>grow up listening to def leppard, motley crue, skid row
>long haired guys trying to look glam, pretty faggy I guess
>tons of chicks at the concerts
>everyone is actually pretty normal
>talk about getting some booze and going to a party


>extreme metal becomes the rage
>long haired guys trying to look tough
>barely any women at the concert
>ones that are there are fatjobs or psychopaths
>ghaal talks about what its like to be homo and black metal
>talk about incel shit and how crap faggy LA metal was

>Metal appeals to the "akshualy" type of holier than thou faggots.
do you think you're not doing the exact same thing right now?
most metalheads are over 18, there's a huge variety of subgenres and perhaps you'd be right if the only thing that existed was nu-metal, power metal and -core trash.
do you have any alternative that isn't pretentious hipster garbage? people like to have fun.

>Most metal bands to come out in the last 10 years however have to cover their asses with leftist bullshit and it gets worse every year.
Pic related is singer of EHG just trying to "cover his ass with leftist bullshit."

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>Being over 18 and listen to Metal

Grow up

that second one is pretty amazing

hell yeah we did

post your playlist

I have a feeling this jew fag shill assumed all the "Alt Right" nazis listened to Burzum and thought he was gonna trigger everyone with this tread...these shills are fucking idiots...they're really getting it all wrong

>He listened to metal purely for the teen edge factor and to fit in, and not because he liked it
>Tells others to grow up
That's going to be [1] yike from me

>not listening to power metal
>not listening to high energy and positive music

Black metal is the only metal i find actually has any intelligence and soul to it, death metal is aids and just about sounding aggressive


What's the nigger percentage in metal, compared to other genres?

>extreme metal
Know the difference

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>Metal appeals to the "akshualy" type of holier than thou faggots.
There is a communist metalhead around here in his 30's that forces his rich parents to pay all his bills and then brags about the rare death metal vinyl he buys that cost anywhere from $500-$2,000.

almost none
ive never heard of minorities who are into metal and if I did I'd shun them.

Theres onlh Adam Warren and a couple others. Its like hockey.

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Nu metal(limp Bizkit,korn,deftones,body court ice t's group,LinkIn park...)

There is nothing faggy about Immortal crabwalking

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Blackmetal also tends to be more right wing whereas deathmetal is leftist fags


well there are literall gayfag tranny music genres out there, so yes. Look up jeffree star

First 4 Metallica Albums....Based...Cliff Burton extra Bass-ed. After that Metallica goes into a whole nother universe of suck-ass-ness

i don't give a fuck about the left/right paradigm, it's not us vs them, its us vs (((them)))

You guys might be interested in Black Magic SS

They do a strange fusion between black metal and psychedelic rock that actually comes out really good


Black Metal is and was always incel tier. Metal peaked and died with Thrash.

the whole south American continent is into Iron Maiden
not to mention Asia

Oh look its a boomer

Metal is for people who give zero fucks if you like something or not. Speed metal was created to make children like you cry.

lol i posted black magick ss on here the other day,might have been you i was talking to

Thrash was the shittiest....Haardcore punk took a sit for that shit

i think its pretty much this
there is legitimate criticism possible, like all the commie grindshit or famous jew guitarists, emo corecrap or other faggot shit you can think of
but most people i see shitting on metal in general are completely oblivious to the genre and have no real taste of their own or briefly listened to limp bizkit and link park at 13 years old and now think they "grew out of metal"

dudes post pretty much confirms it except hes one of the big 4 shitters

Last good Metal band

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