Jewish Millionaire Built Tunnel System Under Washington DC Home?

>pizzagate is not real goy.
A millionaire stock trader, Daniel Beckwitt (jewish), was sentenced to nine years in prison Monday in the death of a worker he'd hired to dig tunnels beneath his house in suburban Washington, DC.
The tunnels branched out some 200 feet and two-stories beneath the basement of the house, the document read.

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as a tradesman where can i find wealthy people to build bunkers for ? this sounds like an untapped market

Jews and Muzzies both condone raping children as part of their beliefs so... Mostly yours crackers!

Kek I remember talking with that guy on discord. His name was 3alarmlampscooter and he used to appear on shkreli Livestream in 2015/2016.

Very high IQ guy, surprised he was dumb enough to get himself into that situation.

Either he wanted to become batman or he was looking to do some shady shit in his secret underground complex.

New Zealand

>satan worshippers are the biggest hypocrites
got any more revelations Mosche?

>home within 50 miles of dc
>hurr durr lets build a bunker

No, you put that shit in a pennsylvania dirt farm, under a barn that you torch a little to make it look like it was struck by lightning and abandoned since.

Another one of his defcon talks

I think he truly believed some sort of cataclysmic event was going to happen in US. He just wanted to build bunker so he had possibility of surviving.

>Very high IQ guy, surprised he was dumb enough to get himself into that situation.
pretty sure he hired a nigger to dig his tunnels. nigger was probably being careless and got himself killed lighting fires in the tunnel

Isn’t dc a literal old swamp? The water table is probably way to high for tunnels.

2 stories underground wouldn't do much.
Say some shit happens, the first thing they will do is burn down your mansion and block the vents on the surface.

not very bright

>Daniel Beckwitt, 28, had been found guilty in April of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in the death of Askia Khafra, 21, who was found "naked" and "charred" in the burnt-out basement of the Bethesda, Maryland, residence.
mmmm, naked and charred
>prosecutors described how Beckwitt hired Khafra to build the complex of bunker-like tunnels in case of an attack by North Korea,
>Beckwitt would pick up Khafra from his home in Silver Spring, Maryland, outside of Washington, and require Khafra to wear darkened, blackout glasses that prevented Khafra from seeing where he was being driven to
perfectly normal
>A detective described "hoarder" conditions at Beckwitt's house.
>"Immense piles of garbage and discarded items (were) strewn throughout the entire home" and "narrow maze-like pathways... significantly prevented normal ease of movement within the home," the document read. It said the clutter prevented "normal ease" of exiting the home.
>We continue to maintain that the guilty verdicts are not supported by the evidence in this matter as this was a purely accidental fire -- not a criminal act," Bonsib said in an email to CNN. "Mr. Beckwitt has appealed and is hopeful that the appellate court will grant him a new trial in this matter."
yeah it's nbd really

pizzagate is real

>complex of bunker-like tunnels in case of an attack by North Korea,
alright, now im suspicious. as some other user posted, this dude was genius level. building tunnels because of north korea is total bullshit and a cover for the real purpose of the tunnels.

HIS 'HIGH IQ" CLEARLY WASN'T SHOWING HERE. the only cataclysmic event that is next ive age cause by MASSIVE sun eruption that will cause oceans to temporarily enter atmosphere and in some place create subsequently ice sheet ( as thick as 5000 ft in area of NY last time). if he was smart, he is buying properties in NZ where the rest of the NWO is building bunkers, dumb asss...LMAO

they'll kill you after it's finished

Your not my only fan so shut it before I stomp your balls... Figuratively...

yeah but i heard cost of living is extremely high and i will be discriminated against by the asian population. also the whole cuck thing you guys got going on

>Askia Khafra

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>he discovered the pizza room

This. That's why dude died.


>who was found "naked" and "charred" in the burnt-out basement
He killed him

do property rights extend to the earths core or what???
or does ownership stop at a certain point under the ground??

That would last like 2-3 months tops
>That'll be $40 for a burger and fries

>The tunnels branched out some 200 feet and two-stories beneath the basement of the house, the document read.

Jews from Heavy breathing like to play at mansions

checkout the tunnels in the pic

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This is perfectly normal, goy.


yeah but burger and fries are the only things in DC that are price inflated. everything else is cheaper than the national average.

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>this sounds like an untapped market
You can buy pre-made bunkers already.

rent in DC is over double the national average.

asa akira?

only if you're renting a burger and fries. (like we all do, right fellas?)

You'll be very accident prone upon completion.