So what does Jow Forums think of HBOs Chernobyl miniseries?

So what does Jow Forums think of HBOs Chernobyl miniseries?

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fuck russia

Best character.

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Anti commie propaganda made the show hard to watch.

People seems to be tired of the political agenda, at least here, yet I haven't see any bad comment about this one, well only 2 or 3 commies attacking the serie

Fuck communists, but most of the show is leftist exaggeration of the dangers of clean, cheap nuclear energy. This DOCUDRAMA (and that word enough out to be enough to dispel this) has created a whole new generation of TV-zombies who now think they are experts on Chernobyl and nuclear physics.

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It wasn't good, but wasn't terrible.

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>HBOs Chernobyl miniseries
I think the Washington post and ultimately your advertisers should know how heavily you viral market this shit to internet racists

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You said it. I bet none of them even play S.T.A.L.K.E.R

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Generation Kill was better.

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>smart woman has perfect idea
>dumb man doesn't listen
>everything goes to shit
every fucking scene

Anti-nuke propaganda by tumblrcommunists.

I don't watch HBO nigger shit

i disagree, i think it actually showed what a ridiculously specific set of unfortunate circumstances and negligence led to the disaster. though to your point, brainlets like you won't be able to see past the burn victims.

not good not terrible

Based. Fuck commies.

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you know it's good because /tv/ had a field day with it

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Objective as Jews talking about holocaust

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I fucking hate people like this.

>Smart woman
Wtf is that?

It's the only show made lately without niggers, stupid eurobeaner.

fuck HBO, people were finally beginning to stop screeching "muh Chernobyl" whenever nuclear power is discussed and they had to go and dig it back up so people will keep screeching "muh chernobyl" for at least another 10 years. the fossil fuel cartel is unironically afraid of nuclear power because of how clean and efficient it is, and they love bullshit like this which helps rally idiots against nuclear power

>projection: the post

Joker more like FUCKING JOBBER.

>watching television

>So what does Jow Forums think
Jow Forums thinks you should fuck off back to /tv/ until you can come up with a better thread topic

making dinner

it's good

not perfect, but good

>using internet
you can talk shit when you are reading old books in a cave

It was not great but not terrible either

Im all for the clean efficient nuclear power, my only concern is the waste that has to be dealt with for 5000-10000 years. IMO once we can reliably start shooting that waste into the sun or something maybe it shouldnt be the only answer. also, ffs, stop building them over earthquake faults.

>Not great, not terrible

I really liked it but this isn't my blog
Also this

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Actually I am, in fact, an expert on nuclear physics. Not even joking. Physics is my field.


Would give it 3.9

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors are the way to go, user. Vastly more abundant than uranium. CANNOT have a meltdown. Radioactive byproducts decay in much shorter times.
But you can't make bombs with them, so they were never put into use.


stupid inferior commie slavs fucking did everything wrong and now nuclear energy has a bad rep

The producers just have this nice moat and bailey going on where they slightly exaggerate outrageous claims by "scientists" of the time in the "documentary", stay silent when faggots freak out about nuke energy due to said outrageous claim, but then when someone calls out that outrageous claim frantically point to their shitty podcast.

The message of Chernobyl is that nuclear energy is safe when done right and horrible when done wrong. Which is the truth. The climatic resolution of the edutainment is that actually I don't care I'm wasting my time here fuck this gay ass thread

Out of 100

Agreed, I fought for Isreal in the middle east and can vouch that GK is the most realistic modern war depiction.

Cried every episode. It is a personal tragedy for me

I heard one bitch complaining about the lack of niggers in the series

Tell us about it please, radioactive Ivan.

My father was drafted to Chernobyl. He wasn't cleaning up graphite on the roof or something, but still died 7 years after because of cancer.

>my only concern is the waste that has to be dealt with for 5000-10000 years
it actually doesn't if we reprocess it. i believe after reuse the final waste products are only radioactive for 100ish years. not great, not terrible.

This commie nigger may be on to something

What was he doing there? Did he conceive you before or after the incident?

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> What was he doing there?
He maintained the building of dome above Chernobyl station
> Did he conceive you before or after the incident?
Two years after in 88 and died a week before my birthday

how long have you been a story teller for?

except nothing you said is true even a bit

In what way do they exaggerate the dangers of nuclear energy?

The way I see it is that ridiculous management can lead to ridiculous consequences.

Fuck mainstream panem and circences

Dyatlov did nothing wrong and the director of the show is a lying jew.

Why was only the first one good and the others were a broken mess?

>watching television programming

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garbage propaganda just like everything hbo does

Call of Pripyat is the best imo. Misery meme mods all day baby

The show portrayed the accident itself, ironically, more in line with the original soviet report, which tried to shift all blame on the operators, especially Dyatlov, and which is obviously a lie. BTW Legasov covered up for Kurchatov institute, which was responsible for design of RBMK. And he suicided a bit for different reason. Also Shcherbina was a die hard commie to the end, he was critical about Yeltsin and co and said that if they take over, the country is going to end, and that's exactly what happened.
And of course the kike had to push some MUH ANTISEMITISM moment in the show.


Disgraceful, you dishonor him by crying because of some kike show.

Pretty good vid calling the Chernobyl documentary makers out on bad science.

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Fake and gay. HBO as a historical reference, lol.


Well he reached 88 years thats pretty good if you aks me and what was he doing working on chernobly if he was like 60yrs old?This just proves radiation is fake.

That's the gayest meme I've ever seen,,,the left truly can't much so, it looks as if they're getting their moms to do it for them

Theres good proverb: Circus is gone but clowns stay. Zion golem (Jewnited States of Jewmurica) built huge machanism of propaganda against
our holy USSR during coldwar. USSR is no more but JewSA military complex stays and it still needs goyim dollars.

I thought it was fuckin awesome

Not bad.
But too much propaganda and low quality memes make show not a Tragedy but Tragicomedy
It would be much more realistic without propaganda cliche

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All they had to do was create a theatrical version of the facts. But nope can't do that lets invent a whole bunch of retarded shit to add because this story wasn't compelling enough without extra crap.

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Not great, not terrible

I'll try playing the sequels again. I remember them being unplayable for whatever reason.

Hope he wore his egg basket or you may not live past 50

Your retarded



Ver good and kino, especially the soundtrack, gave me good old stalker vibes.
The ani-communism agenda was done very well and based.