This cuck represents all of you

This cuck represents all of you.

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he was literally autistic

he represents all of America

same here

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>represents all of you
>Didn't ram a kike baby onto the end of his rifle mouth first and fire bullets out of the ass
Nigger please

Romania... enough said.

Cuck please

Holy BASED, AmeriMUTTS irrevocably BTFO

Tarrant was smart enough to ambush an enclosed space. Like the inside of a mosque full of cowering dead muslims

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I see you are also a gentleman of cuckery.

chad Jow Forums shooter Tarrant vs virgin rddt shooter Clyde

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I see you are also a gentlemutt of Muttery

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Even me?

Thanks for playing.

You get an asterisk.

Seethe more jafar

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dont take everything to the heart mutt.
we know you're a teenager.

Gypsy scum calling an American a mutt. The irony.

>instead of learning from the dallas shooters mistakes Im going to double down on my autistic nazi LARP.
what could go wrong, right?

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6'5 220 lbs come at me subhuman


You are very badass.

also you do realize that i go outside I dont see muslims nor blacks but people that speak my language and hungarians that are friendly and make kurtos kalacs and from time to time a filthy gypsy

but when you go out. What do you see?

But you're still Romanian.

I can close my eyes...all you can do is kill yourself.

That guy clearly was an antifa r3dditnigger
I think you're on the wrong website.

>but you're still a Romanian

and what are you? An American? What does that even mean? It means that you don't look at race and see the American in people.
You're as American as Mahmoud, Muhammed and Jamal is.

also I'm half Hungarian.

I've been here longer than you've been able to use a mouse child.

So ashamed to be Romanian you need to bring up your other half?

Shut up!

>i can close my eyes
that solves everything user

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He was a QAnon faggot.

Where I live we don't have subhumans like yourself. 99% white and wealthy.

You need to go back
There's no upboats to be had here.
I'm sorry your speddit shooter was a complete failure.
Don't get mad at me over it.


Old ass hippie boomer faggot
Id steal your walker and beat you with it
Im absolutely certain the government sends you a check too, right nigger

Fucking fossil

Why delete your posts you fucking nigger

You're trying way too hard.

The d and c jew strikes again

good for you user good for you

now stop being butthurt

Cuck confirmed

sure, some of them fail, it happens

go back

Deal with it

fuck off little shit

>101st Airborne patch
Was he an army brat?

Lurk for 2 years before posting, nigger

Get fucked. Dude can't even lace his own boots!

I like hiw theu use a 40 year old guy in a mask to play a 22 year old shooter. What did he shoot? A bunch of glass so now the courthouse gets to remodel like theyve wanted.

He was in the army for 2 years.

Based skeleton

Never mind. He's a disillusioned veteran. It's the VA's fault for letting this happen
>22-year-old Army veteran Brian Isaack Clyde of Fort Worth.
He should've called for air support as well lmao

fuck i missed another happening

That fucker looks like he just shit himself. That is a false flag if there ever was one

Look I'm the mirror. This is you.

What's your endgame here redditfag?

That's his Situational Awareness face, but he's definitely looking like he's got second thoughts

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Helping you realize home much of a cuck you are.

literally who? what have I missed?

>Samefagging this hard....


>Wait a second why isn't that guy running away?
>Isn't he afraid of me?
>Oh god, is he taking out his phone?
>I bet he's going to snap this to all his friends
>Why didn't I wear contacts? I'm going to look like a nerd
>Goddamn this vest is heavy, at least it should protect my chest
>These boots aren't worn in yet, my feet hurt

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Who was I trying to fool? I'm just responding to you being a huge cuck.

Did I reply to myself? No...try harder.

hahaha you wish.

Fedora faggot confirmed

should've gone lightweight

Go back, you don't belong here.

Solid strategy.

christ is the only way you presumptuous loser.

is he wearing a SNES cartridge belt? why so many SNES cartridges?

Did you too your fedora while posting that?

the photo was taken by a professional who just so happened to have his camera stuff ready on location.

>uses an AR
No he doesn't

the face of Jow Forums

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look at this seething 16 year old mutt

Conspiracy Theory (1997) - Mel Gibson as Jerry Fletcher - IMDb
Jerry : Serial killers. Serial killers only have two names. You ever notice that?
But lone gunmen assassins, they always have three names. John Wilkes Booth ...

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Aren't you a 56% yourself? You said you're half Hungarian you mystery meatoid

No I can actually tie my shoes

Embarrassed by his county.

Uses the EU flag to compensate.

sloppy job fbi

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Yea I know, I was just saying phone for the sake of the snapchat joke.

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All Velcro shoes in Poland.

Guys they're making fun of us on reddit. I think it's her turn now :(

>This cuck represents all of you.

This cuck ended the way all of these right-wing classcucks will end sooner or later.

literally if technology didn't allow it these autists would never see the light of day. imagine a türbobeta coward like tarrant who was unironically like 1.60 tall and ran away from a guy holding a credit card machine try anything with a shield and sword.

Slide some more, faggot

It's funny because you think I care.

Post body pics or you lie

Learning from past shooters would be not becoming the next shooter at all. But this guy was clearly deranged. Does he even have real motivation other than loving guns and hating his life? Here in France we have a lot of deranged people, when one of them snaps, there's no shooting because it's impossible to by arms, let alone if you're mentally unstable. At worse some crazy does a knife attack and that's the only thing he can do.

>Implying i would shoot up a place and not collapse the whole country through "accidents".

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Or drive a truck into a crowd.

Literally unironically and 100% objectively this. I'd even say this dude managed more than any Jow Forumscuck incel could do.

France just use bio-warfare im sure you could kill a couple million.


Theoretical origami forum has nothing to do with this

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that guy is Antifa fuckup and (you) know it, stop shilling so hard.

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