Opinions on Greece?

I always thought that Jow Forums had mixed feelings about Greece.
What is the thing you love/hate most about this country and why?

Also what is your opinion on Greece's political ground and past? Do you think for example Cyprus belongs to the Greeks? Maybe granting FYROM the name Macedonia was a mistake?

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Modern Greece is in the sidelines of world interests. It's internal problems and external conflicts of minor consequence. All in all the reason for any interest towards it is connected to it's past. The said past left massive imprint in world history. It's notions still resonate across the globe. For that Greece have a reserved spot in any political discussion. All in all, I am not telling you something new.

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I'm a massive Philhellene personally and love Ancient Greece and Modern Greece. Modern Greece has a lot of problems in their society but they are still largely a great bunch of people and not uber faggots like Sweden or Germany.

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Good to see philellenes on this board. When did you started liking Greece and why? Do you have any friends from Diaspora or just admire the past?

I like them

Greece is the great experiment of the EU dictatorship on how to destroy a nation and a people identity, despite all the hardship and injustices you did not rebel.
Your politicians are the most despicable and corrupt scum possible, but greek people are OK.

Cyprus will be gifted to Turkey by Merkel, Greece is too weak to do anything about.
About FYROM, yes, it was a mistake to allow them the name Macedonia, but I don't really care.

fuck greece
jk im greek lol

That low profile likely draws bad actors wanting to hide

We had no ide

Scandis are hive mind
We should all take revenge on their behalf
All of us

I’m of Italian descent and married to a Turkish Cypriot, so you can assume what I think...

Nah, you can’t. I love Greeks and Greek culture. Mrs Roach and I have vacationed in Athens, where everyone thought we’re Greek (not even diaspora, just straight up Greek), and tried to speak to us in Greek (which she knows a fair amount of).

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modern greeks are a joke and pasok boomers are to blame

I like em

I wouldnt say we have lost our identity yet and I believe we are far from it.
Where I'm from there are plenty of traditional dance schools and courses you can have. Even Athenians, which I thought have lost their identity, know how to play the Bouzouki.

Great history shitty modern politics. I have nothing against Greeks at all


Thought we were friends...

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They are poor as fuck.
Also their streets are dirty

Greece. That’s that movie with John Travolta right?

Filthy backstabbers

By Allah you will see Recep Tayyip-bey take what is by God Turkish land

Why? As far as I'm concerned we have had rivalries way before we even met the Turks

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Greece is an absolute shithole.
modern greeks are on the top 5 most disgusting populations occupying European soil. Being the product of 400+ years of turkish breed, mixed with communistic and boomer way of thinking and trapped in past ideas where the image one shows is more important than what he does i.e. "he's a doctor, so he is always right and a good guy 100%" , "he is a worker, he is trash" kind of mentality. Most high percentages of animal-abuse in Europe, trashes being thrown everywhere with no consideration to nature.... Greeks are literaly a meme and an exemple of what not to become at this point.

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love: food
hate: traffic to beaches

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I went. It's disgusting, every block is covered in anarchy graffiti. They're lazy mostly. They want 6 hour workdays and to retire at 50.

Best Country in Balkans

Thanks Brazil. Been to Guaiba. Very chill place, I got robbed thought

Yea. We have that problem with hooligans and anarchists. Havent heard about the working hours and the reason we want to retire early is because the age of retirement keeps increasing.

B-but Serbia...

>t. Kraut

>Being the product of 400+ years of turkish breed
already debunked by DNA data.
>mixed with communistic and boomer way of thinking and trapped in past ideas where the image one shows is more important than what he does i.e. "he's a doctor, so he is always right and a good guy 100%" , "he is a worker, he is trash" kind of mentality.
>Most high percentages of animal-abuse in Europe,
citations needed. before that, I highly doubt this.
> trashes being thrown everywhere with no consideration to nature...
Again, doubtful. Citation needed.
> Greeks are literaly a meme and an exemple of what not to become at this point.
Indeed, there are lots of things foreigners can learn on what to not practice when looking in the history of modern Greece, with one of the most obvious is the effects of socialism. The 2nd would be to not trust any allies "on paper" (UK, USA, EU, etc).

I give you 3/10 since few of your points were legit.

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>trashes being thrown everywhere with no consideration to nature...
To be honest Greece has had major fines due to pollution, although memeflaggot clearly overexaggerated.
One example I recall is Kouroupitos in Chania

based burger

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Best country in the Balkans by far. Literally god tier history.Good Orthobros.

>having issue with the management of disposed garbage
>garbage are being thrown everywhere
I'm not trying to protect our incompetent governments but his statement is so exaggerated that it becomes retarded.

your debts will be forgiven when you finally take back anatolia

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I like that the Golden Dawn has activated people there to care about their nation.

I hate how much it acts like a spoiled brat who behaves like a slut taking dick for money and spending it carelessly and causing other nations to suffer because of it.

It's the government, not the people we hate Greece-kun.

based Kraut. You're welcome to join us in our kebab removal festival.

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>Anatolian dances
>Athenians beeing anything else than Albanians + other settlers

There are almost no real Hellenes left, life sucks and then you die.

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Not a fan of GD. Only because they praise a man who executed many of our people. The cause is alright... although I still find them lacking in execution. The actions they take and the way they speak, is that of a caveman. Greeks are proud of their ancestry and if GD utilized that combined with more appealing speeches and actions, they could have gotten many votes.

There is so much wrong in this picture, every time I see this I cry. Good effort though.

Even if we have dances inspired by Anatolians they are still part of our traditions. Also consider that Greek traditional dances are distinct from that of Turkey.

As for Athenians, yes, there are many foreigners living in Athens, but majority of Greek citizens are still ethnic Greeks

Gibs more we need infrastructure

Forgive the debts germoney

>Gibs more we need infrastructure

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I really like greece. Had a vacation there once. Amazing food and lansdcape. Hope you guys sort your problems out.

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Greeks practice the purest mpst unadultered form of christianity. They are our natural allies against the cockroack t*rkish menace.

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Always liked Greece but i'v been academically intrested in Greek history while I've been in college and am learning Attic Greek I plan on getting my masters then a PH.D. with the goal of becoming a professor.

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Based.. umm... jew

Do you really think there is a Connection between Hellenes and us?

You're not Greek, T*rk living in Germany

Μην μου μιλάς παλιό Μαρδαιτη k πανε πισω στην Συρία



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Greek diaspora is usually great, how did you become such a fag idk

I guess it depends on what you mean by "connection" and "us". If you mean in a genetic sense then it's beyond any doubt that there is genetic continuation between the ancient and modern Greeks. Also all Europeans share a common Indo-European heritage. In a culture sense Greek philosophy and culture are incredibly important to western culture.

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Dont get me wrong, but some people of the Greek diaspora think they are the only pure Hellenes left

What is wrong with you? Stay in Germany please

I doubt there is any genetic connection between them and us.
You are aware of the low fertility of Greeks in late antiquity and the subsequent migrations of non Greeks into Greece in the Middle Ages?

Well some of them are, living abroad makes you cling to your identity and traditions even more.

Here just two basic examples I know of.



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love: history, food, and even today I feel like greeks are smarter than you're average white

hate: girl i love is greek and is dating a jew aside from girl I think greek people are really ugly

Greece should be treated like Israel. Greece should looked after.

God not the genetic BS again... this has been debunked countless time already.

>You are aware of the low fertility of Greeks in late antiquity

Dont like those studies. They merely show that all peoples have neolithic ancestors. Furthermore that same study says that subsequent migrations changed the genetic make um (slightly?)

Polybius speaks how Greek men had almost nochildren, apart from that we have accounts from R*mans like Cicero, Sulla and others who talked about the wasteland Greece has become. (Witz obvious exaggarations)

nowadays all over Greece such a diminution in natality and in general manner such depopulation that the towns are deserted and the fields lie fallow. Although this country has not been ravaged by wars or epidemics, the cause of the harm is evident: by avarice or cowardice the people, if they marry, will not bring up the children they ought to have. At most they bring up one or two. It is in this way that the scourge before it is noticed is rapidly developed.”
From Polybius, im sure you read it once

Feel like chipping in with this. Archaeogenetics attempting to determine the average IQ of ancient Mycenaean Greeks: youtube.com/watch?v=UES_tpDxz9A

Also, Edward Dutton's channel is based in general.

basil the bulgarslayer did nothing wrong

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Your largely correct in your assessment that it shows Neolithic farmer DNA but I am not sure exactly what kinda of proof your looking for. The ancient and modern Greeks have largely the same genetic make up and I find no evidence that the Greeks of antiquity were simply genetically replaced. It is possible that Ancient Greece may have had a Northern European component from the Dorian invasion given the physical description we have of the time period.
However it would have simply mixed into the larger Greek genome. The idea that the ancient Greeks were Nordic is simply counter factual nonsense. The reason modern Greece fails to live up to the expectations of Ancient Greece is largely one of culture baggage from the ottomans, changed global trade patterns, and lack of control over their own currency.

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greek chicks are pretty hot desu

Greece totally kicks ass.


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Thats why all DNA studies are highly dubious to me, especially considering that Spartan and Athenian skeletons have not been analysed.

I will further stay with my obssrvation that we have no connection to them, until more reading reveals otherwise.
As for the problems of Greece. I suggest low IQ and Greece beeing like dating all other nations created as a proxy power by the Great nations is at fault

It's defiantly fair to reserve judgment until more reserch is done. However I would call the Greeks low IQ, they are probably around the 100 average for whites once you factor in for the fact that the most high IQ Greeks are in the Diaspora. It's the same process that can be seen in states like West Virginia.

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holy shit, is this true? what a fucking joke of a law (if true).

Gun laws here are just a cosmetic to say we ban gunz n shiet. In many households where I live owning an illegal gun is common.

I love you this kind of burger. Keep up the good work, hope your studies go well and end up becoming a professor

Thank you I will try

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Greek women were made for BBC

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when did the meme about Turks being Africans started?
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Roots of Evropean civilization, historically huge and politically somehow based, Golden dawn:


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Truly revolting.
Will you ever get bored posting these retarded posts on all boards?

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notice the memeflag pattern

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