Enough is Enough

I've finally had it with the damn Jews.

If I became the new Hitler, would you guys support me?

You cry you want a new Hitler, but if your governments decided to stop me again, like the last time, could you really help me? See and this is why there is no new Hitler.

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I would support you killing yourself in a dank Berlin bunker.

unironically kys

Hitler did ask

I guess I should wait an hour after waking up before posting.

Why ask on POL if they would support you?
When you would rise to the stand they will obviously. And you couldve known this if you actually were the next Hitler. So you aplly his comment

>Hitler didn't help them gain Israel....
Derp derp!

Kys kikes.

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>they will obviously.
lol sure
a bunch of fat neckbeards is going to help me to bring about a white ethnostate - dream on

Then dont make the thread

After you’ve proved yourself during war, shown unyielding love for your folk, and proved you weren’t a glow nigger. Maybe.

I reported you to your own government. Expect a friendly knock on your door.
You're welcome faggot. Hope you get raped to death by some shitskin.

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I'd support you


No, you're probably skinny and not based like Hitler.

>If I became the new Hitler, would you guys support me?

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>If I became the new Hitler, would you guys support me?
Adolf never asked. He just led. You are a follower. Don't feel bad, I am too.

Jow Forums isn't regarded as social media you god damn fucking faggot. Everything here is deleted automatically after like 3 days.

Nice try filthy Polack

Some potential policies:
State corporatist economics
Mass industrialization to compete with China
New German/whatever man
New German/whatever woman
Environmental protection
Nuclear power
Intergration of all ethnically similar nations

Depends on how exactly like Hitler you become. Metaxas who was also a fascist, didn't support Hitler because he bet on Britain to win. If you are going to move against France again, I'm betting on France.

Could I be in they ethnostate despite being half Jewish(askenazi)? 100,000 Jews fought for Hitler

How old are you? We won't rally behind some young guy in his twenties who's policies and views on topics are going to flip flop.

I will. But you have to do what Hitler did. Form a political organization with like minded individuals, and hold meetings wherever you can. Distribute flyers and propaganda, and speak passionately at rallies. Read Mein Kampf.

Well he could just take the ideas of old fascist leaders + a few from Stalin
He’ll be arrested and possibly killed in jail

Of course, There were plentyof half jews who fought bravely for the 3rd reich and even won the iron cross.

We don't want a new Hitler.

We just want you to shut up and be quiet

Nothing good can come from Stalin.

Eh. You could do something like this en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Soviet_man but fascistic instead of communist.

Prove yourself worthy of being Hitler first


I am coward, so I wouldn't join you outright. But I would speak well of you in everyday conversations around town.

If you had the same passion,charisma and strategies as this mad lad then yes

>Another German wants to kill off more Europeans and their culture.

>If I became the new Hitler, would you guys support me?


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I know your just shitposting OP.... but if a person came along, who espoused ideals like that of Hitler..... I would support them, I think many people would. Sadly nothing ever happens and if it does it's a false flag mossad operation.
I just wish the world made sense again

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>I wish the world would make sense again.
That's anti-semetic.

I would unironically help you. Where are startin' bois?

Broke: being the new LITERALLY HITLER
Woke: being a legionnaire

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It all starts with the symbol faggot.
No symbol = no movement

It must be simple and elegant like the swastika, but obviously not the swastika. It's not good to recycle old stuff. We must come up with new stuff on our own.

I propose pic related

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pure cringe

Yeah pal, I'll be your infrastructure and transportation minister

Use the hashtag.

Then what the fuck are you doing asking for approval here? Go do something.
>white ethnostate
That's an American meme. Keep your bloodline German. Muddying it with 40 different ethnicities doesn't work.

>reddit spacing

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Hitler great man. Swashtika still flown in Japan

Only if your name is cool


sieg heil

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>muh hotler
Hitler killed more then 60 million innocent White People because of WW2.
>i wanna b next hotler durrrrr
Yeah fuck off, you're nothing with the way you're typing you might be lucky to suicide easily but even that you'd fuck up.

What are German glowies called anyway?

You guys already have a new Hitler according the news. And he is supported by some.

MOSSAD I think

Mein Fuhrer part 2 Electric Boogaloo time to erase the Jew

Speaking of Electric Boogaloo, can we make the electrified floors real this time?

Look at this faggot. They are defeatists. We will have to deal with MANY of this type. It will be a hard struggle indeed, but it's not impossible. People have enough of multikulti they just don't know it yet. Are job is to tell them that it's ok to feel that way and that we're the only ones willing to save our culture and heritage.

Lets not waste anything user. Bullets and eugenics work fine

Yeah I would support you and die for you. But only if you become literally Hitler and fight the jews like he did.

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The symbol needs to be new, but invoke an identity. Maybe for you something similar to an iron cross, but slightly tweaked to make it your own.

If you became a new Hitler I would devote my time to fully learning German and then I'd try to move there and volunteer for the new SS or whatever you make.

If you turn it a certain way it kind of looks like the iron cross.

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3 headed eagle? It’s not simple but it is nice.

It looks good that way, it may need to be evened out so it's symmetrical and it should be color inverted

Fukkin gay ass newfags.

Use a symbol with meaning, and you get a head start.

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Okay, but even bullets are an expense. What about a large walled in area with no shelter or food that we could herd them into to die of exposure, disease, and starvation? I think the notion of feral Jews eating one another to survive and wearing each other's skins while attempting to craft makeshift tents out of the dead could make for a pretty epic timeline, and would absolutely serve the fuckers right.

One to the heart will kill

Oh, I even have a name for it... "Zimbabwitz"

Whaddya think?

>Would you guys support me?
Well yeah, unless your some lazy fat fuck

Same. The only problem is that it is now impossible for someone with ideas like that to organize people without the government shutting them down as an anti-semetic terrorist organization.

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And why should anyone care about what envious little diaper wearing parasites think? Honest question.

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These are good

If you are just like him, then yes.

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I'd support you, kraut.

Iron cross version

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higher res version

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why are you here

Saved. Nice.

use the black sun, but still needs to be incorporated into a flag

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Sure , WannaBeHitlerAnon . Are ya gonna grow the gastache ?

i will not accept this symbol.

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If you're trying to stay away from the swastika, why use the black sun? Same with a red background flag with white circle. Either go all out or don't go there at all. Hitler used red to trick the marxists to join their meetings and convert them, Rockwell used the swastika to find loyal and devoted idealists. You're going to be called a nazi either way so there is no point in holding back.

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As long as you don't Genocide slavs like hitler wanted to.

I'll give my real name if you guyz promise to follow me on my political conquests.

nothing will do besides the original. all these offshoots are just coward larper tier. muh optics. no one cares. use the original.

Only if you reject abrahamic religions

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Maybe something less hard looking . Maybe flowers or something . I know its not cool but it brings down peoples guard . Something like pic related . Im sure someone can make the petals swirl more swastika-y .

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I will drop everything to join you. I've been planning a return of Silesia and Prussia to Germany a la Stresemann in the late 1920s, but I need a German to rally the support of the people

Enough is enough, this needs to end. The German empire was the bastion of civilization and the allies snuffed it out without thinking twice. They must pay with blood and bodies

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We also need a new name.
What about "National Realists?"

It's simple, easy to remember and it kind of sounds like National Socialists, but socialism is outdated and it is not realistic. Importing millions of shitskins is not realistic.

With that name people can't accuse us of being extremist, fanatic retards. After all all we want is have a nation which is realistic and which has a future.

Now all we need is a party program and a sponsor. Like I said, I am willing to be the new Hitler. But even Hitler had powerful friends and sponsors.

But in order to attract those we need a nice and juicy program.

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>socialism is outdated
Neomarxist and marxist conceptions of socialism have never been in date. The glory of national socialism is that it is precisely FOR the people whilst allowing for a reasonable amount of individual autonomy and freedom. What we need is an ideology that promotes societal cohesion but also one that can harness the inborn drive of the German people. We need to reactualize the "production" of the NIetzsches, the Wagners, the Kants, and the Bachs. Our fundamental basis will be one that returns societal freedom to the people while generating sociocultural progression rather than the illusion of definitive individual progression. In essence, one models the state in a manner similar to Prussia and the German Empire from 1815 to roughly 1914. The basic tenant of it will be a strong, but not absolute, sovereign that is able to guide sociocultural progress without infringing on the ability to create profound contribution to society. The problem with Nazi Germany was that it was too totalitarian. Incorporating EVERY aspect of civilian life to the state ideology prevents those contributions that we consider conducive to societal progress. A manifesto is easy to compile, in any case.

We win the masses over by detailing the dangers of democracy, a topic I have written extensively on

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>be jew. Hide behind meme fag
>think you can con the goyim into the 0.25% degenerate "folk".
>oy vey! I'm a Nazi just like you! I'll join if you don't be Christian.
Just stop, Rabbi. I'm laughing too hard.

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Stop comparing yourself to a great man like Hitler, you delusional idiot. This is embarassing beyond comprehension.

I'm a National Socialist myself. Right now I'm studying political science, philosophy and German philology while I work on my own party programm and book. This is the way to go.

You don't seem to have a real plan and will only hurt upcoming real NS/Nationalist movements. Half of the things you wrote just prove how inexperienced you are. I advise you to read Hitler, Jünger, Schmitt and Spengler first, before you sperg out.

>Be (((Marxist)))
>LARP as national Socialist. .

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That's because you aren't hitler material. Hitler was truly exceptional, and went about doing exceptional things in order to achieve what he did. If you can't think outside the box and figure that out in your own way, then you can't be hitler.

Frig off chaim, the Nationalist Socialists wanted Germans to return to their Aryan roots. Christianity is not white.

yes, goy, i would support you. heil hitler!
no white ethnostate, no blonde shiksas to fuck. it's in my best interests.

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How do you know he isn't then right guy?
Ok is there any six foot clean shaven good build and healthy guys here maybe not but id say we can find somebody