If you were reincarnated what would you choose to be and why?

If you were reincarnated what would you choose to be and why?

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A Jew so I could gas myself and be reincarnated again. Rinse and repeat until I'm a straight white male again.
>Implying you were the first time

why do women hate themselves so much ?

asian women(and men) in the USA absolutely hate white people while at the same time wish they were white

>be asian qt
>have so shitty personality you manage to ruin the game you started in super easy mode and regret even being born that way
The hair color is a dead giveaway.

a cat

a billionaire

A bird that soars really high, like an eagle or an albatross, or a sea creature that swims really fast like a dolphin.

I’d choose to be @lucylucylucy

>what would you choose to be
A straight white man who isn't a loser.

can I fuck you?

Jewish woman, you have an over 50% chance of being born into the elite class, and nearly a 0% chance of being born inti actual poverty. If you keep from getting fat and maintain your looks you can easily marry up within your tribe, you'll never have to work a day in your life and your friends and family will celebrate and support every full blooded Jewish child you have. You are also protected from any criticism and are able to reside in either the U.S or Israel, both of which are protected by the blood sacrifice of the goyim born to serve you.

If you get bored you can become a feminist professor at college using your free-ride ivy league education that will be gutted to you, then you can spend your later years telling white women to hate themselves and not start families even though everything that was given to you in life was through your family and tribal connections. The best part is you can do this all without any sense if guilt or shame.

a blue whale. so big no one fucks with me. protected from whaling internationally. solitude, peace of mind, and freedom.

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Any time, any place? Probably as a Roman emperor, hopefully as the guy who succeeded Marcus Aurelius so I can continue on with his excellent reign and make sure the Empire doesn't descend into shit.

If it has to be in the future, then I would like to reincarnate as a whitey in the Pacific Northwest.

One of those Golden Eagles would be cool. That, or some other flying creature at the top of the food chain that lives far away from people.

Killer whale, on top of the food chain with the exceptions of humans, no animals dares to fuck with me and my boys, strong as hell can basically hunt anything I want if I am with the boys

I'd like to be a poliovirus cell and kill millions of people.

I want to be a giant space rock that hits america and israel, maybe britain too

dont hate me bigots

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a black woman, so I can be BASED and get bleached

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I would be the bullet that went into that shitty Voice singer's face in Orlando a couple days before Pulse.

Why did we even wake up if this guy is just gonna post everything for us?

Good choice, Faisal. Being a killer whale would be great.

Asians don't hate White people. Well, it may be because Greeks are not White, but they love us here. Both the ones who live here and the tourists.

You could be Franco and join Hitler.


born to be dissatisfied

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A Hindu so i can be reincarnated infinity