*Blocks your path*

*Blocks your path*
Wat do?

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imagine thinking as a woman that if real violence breaks out you could something about it.

ignore women, they have no power. they can only scream at you but when discourse is impossible and all that remains is violence, then men win.

show bepis

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Lol shes smoking?

Unblock it

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I had a girl screaming at me at an eco-rally, I turned in my heel and left after that she sucker punched me in the back of the head, I turned around grabbed her arm and within a blink of an eye she knew she fucked up and I could have beat her to death before her beta-orbiters knew what was going on

I didn't because I'm a decent human-being who doesn't murder randos, but all women know this deep down, protesting is a hobby for these people they know the cops aren't going to go full CCP on them and crush them with tanks, they know the "alt right nazis" aren't going to fight them because it will only make them a martyr to (((journalists))) but actual fighting is not something they will do


Fuck them up.

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should have given her a free nose job still.

Call it a faggot and keep walking as it cries to the other faggots.

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Pull down my pants, piss a line across and dare them to cross

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Those are some elite hoglites, where are their spears tho?

Throw powdered donuts in the middle of their circle and watch the hungry, hungry hippos gorge.

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smile and vote trump.

They have utility as infiltrators, spies and assassins. Sure they'd get rekt in a conventional fight, but they are definitely a potential threat in some 2nd civil war shitshow scenario.

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>*Blocks your path*
>Wat do?

(…of laughter.)

Throw a twinky as a diversion and continue along my path

O shit is that the old navy antifa branch?

>the macelet

Will they ever learn?

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Go aroung the block because if they touch me I'll end in jail

It's like a little dog starting a fight with a big dog, or a small child testing their parent until they fuck up too hard and get smacked for it. They think they're invincible because they've never been properly punished for it. Girls grow up constantly hearing about how boys aren't allowed to hit girls, and now ontop of that they get to grow up hearing about how even looking at a girl wrong makes you a rapist or a sexist or some shit. So women feel free to just assault men for whatever fucking reason until they get their clock cleaned.

*clears path*
What now libtards

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I don't know what these people are thinking, I could knock all of them unconcious by myself

pretty sure these are pastelbloc

Imagine kicking the fatty square in the knee

what do the arrows signify? Antifa argentina has them aswell

pull their bandanna down off their face and keep walking

Die from laughter

Call upon my legoins of based civic nationalist kekistanis of course

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Pepper spray their masks? Cry out in pain as you strike them? Idk, I don’t even leave the house anymore.

Nothing can stop the power of based civic nationalist emperor trump!

TRUMP 2020

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*blocks ur path*


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I put on my robe and wizard hat

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Where my meme war veterans at, kekistan is still cool right guys.... right? Guys?

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This is why I browse Jow Forums


Violence is the Gold standard of human interaction. You shouldn’t have political opinions if you aren’t capable of real violence.

>Dark Souls Online

>inform them that the 3 arrows are associated with the fash*
>beat the shit out of them
>get off because I bashed the fash, and they're white

*read this on an antifa board

Hey man, not cool, we're civic nationalists here, we don't do that racist nazi shit, gtfo SHILL

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Laugh and continue on my way. I've been waiting for them to throw the first punch for so, so long now. Its basically the only reason I even go to the gym.

Probably keel over laughing.

What even are they?

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Can someone tell me why Jow Forums even uses the term 'Based'? Isn't that a derivative term from the nigger Lil B? Why use nigger language for any purpose?

Yank out my cock and flog them with it. Send them home crying with dick welts upside their noggins.

Cyrus is such a dick.

Jog at a leisurely pace right around them as they are all massively obese or emaciated weaklings

All English words belong to the White man.

Fuck off, I got work to do.


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shut the fuck up bitch

Walk by them, plant drugs in their bags and then send cops there way.

Good explanation, nigger.


Running drop kick to the fucking chest.

powdered donuts are fucking disgusting

You can put that whales thigh on a gyro stick and make some wraps

>fat wrap dripping grease
Fuck you for putting that image in my head

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>hoes not mad anymore

>Show ankles, m'lady

Imagine the smell

It's the closest thing to white marbles I could think of. Don't like them either.

>*Blocks your path*
>Wat do?

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Uncontrolled vomiting.

whats with the arrows? isnt arrows kinda phallic symbols?

Day of the roast.

Jesus Christ hecking narcos man.

Dost thou tempt the fair maiden? Thou hast met their doom, knave!

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Yeah sure you did lmao, I’ve seen you cucks lose to girls

I'll tell them I'm Dustin, their leader, and they need to stand the fuck down.

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Take my dick out.
Go, "abububbubububuuuuu"
while i'm spinning it around in my hand
and pushing my tounge in and out

>walk around them to get to the chick fil-a down the street

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do a 360° and walk away

hory shet, it's the teletubby army