What happens when the boomers die? Do things get better?

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Likely get worse. A lot worse. Look at Gen X. That's the left wing femnazi leadership that the millenials all follow.

Every generation is worse than the last. Except boomers. Boomers are the worst. Everything after that will just be equal.

new generatin of boomers will take over, cycle continues

What movie is that?

I hope that we all just take care of each other since we been through the same. Like as millenials we got each others back and make the world a better place for us, while also saying fucking you to the baby boomers and make sure their last years at retirement homes and what not are literally uncomfortable and they recieve no respect or dignity in their last years

A Perfect World

Going to get worse, the boomers are greedy, and criminals and have indoctrinated the Millenials into a belief system that is not their own. Gen X doesn't give a shit we adapted, and if you can't, that's on you.

If society doesn't collapse it will be hilarious when Gen X hits 60+ years of age and they see their hypocritical ways turned the following generations into absolute monsters.

We're apart of the most self serving selfish generation of all time, none of us have each others back and the majority of our generation is either pussy wiped betas or SJW faggots.
It only gets worse from here on

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You're living in a fantasy if you really think millenials "have eachothers back" instead of endlessly searching for their next temporary pleasure and gimme dats at the expense of everyone else.

Millenials are the generation than endlessly creates new fake email addresses so they can get free trials for doordash over and over again. Millenials dont only hate boomers and gen x, but also hate themselves. We're well and fucked.

Blindly hating the boomers when the majority of the bad things that happened under them was before the internet existed, do essentially you fucknuts are blaming a generation that couldn't know better than what they were told by the fucking government, before the internet people were told what to think through the newspaper, by the time TV finally rolled around it was heavily controlled already to push out the propaganda they'd need.
They tried the same shit on 9/11 but now that the internet is here it has become much harder for them to indoctrinate the population. The internet is the only reason you know half the shit you know.

Fuck no. Degenerates reign supreme.
Boomer caused this mess but at least they're voting, en masse, against it.
Once they're gone, we are a clear minority.
You don't have to like them but they're keeping trannies out of office.

>people stay the same as they grow up

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I think that will redpill a lot of the millenials.
It will only get worse as boomers die and their kids inherit all of their wealth. The Economy will explode, but there will be no way to fund any of the social programs that the boomers kept alive for themselves.

In short no.

For those interested in the long version: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Sloppy job Putin. dick

initially everything will probably crash

but after, we wont have the McDonaldized/ Disnified boomer paradise we call the suburbs, stripmalls and fast food. So all in all, a win.

White population goes drastically down. ON top of everything those fuckers are fucking up/masking the true numbers. Last generation of lots of kids.

Boomers really fucked up. I was talking to someone who's parents are boomers, and how the grand parents had skills that the boomers did not pick up and thus, those skills were lost to the generation.

Skills like: wine making, pasta making, red sauce making, canolli making, making your own home, car repair, wood working- hand tools only, home made furniture and other stuff that folks during the great depression had to do/learn. All that was lost to the generation because boomer mom and boomer dad lost interest in the old ways. Now instead of homemade pizza and homemade red wine served on your own homemade table and chairs, the chilrden of the boomer get a digiorno and some cheap beer and sit on Ikea furniture.

Boomers fucked everything.

This has got to be the dumbest fucking post I've read all day


cost of convienence right?

No, because the federal reserve exists and the money is more devalued than ever, and more hoarded, therefore most people are getting poor.

Instead of learning from the previous generation you're blind rage is gonna cause you to repeat history

>people stay the same as they grow up
They went from ABBA, to grunge, to leftwing nutjobs. The majority of people that are left leaning in their younger years eventually turn right, because they realize after time they've been lied to.
Gen-X is a class of their own. Millenials get shit on for not having kids or being married. It's the Gen-Xers that started this trend, and they have some of the highest marriage/divorce rates. Like multiple marriages/divorces. This makes them poor, with no wealth or property. Their last chance is to inherit something, or hope that their kids keep voting in more and more socialist leaning government plans which will protect them as they get older.


White America drops by 20% and everything goes to hell when shitskins start becoming the majority of politicians

it will get worse. Yes some boomers caused the problems we are in, but they are also holding back the tidal wave of dependant neets from the streets. As soon as they are gone millions of poorly equiped millenials who have soley relied on their parents to take care of them into their 20s/30s. Prepare for the real zombie apocalypse.

t. Boomer who had it good

we do not have opportunity of fucking up anything. They fucked up everything!

the eternal boomer never dies....


Things become much darker.

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Hahaha. no

Lol the blacks aren't even increasing that much it's mainly the spics

Yeah, but I don’t intend for Muttmerica to survive. You guys across the pond need to survive because you are the homelands for the white race. We’re just a failed experiment.

Niggers, at the very least, have the decency to abort themselves.

>We're apart of the most self serving selfish generation of all time
We're not Boomers.

i hope i die before the millinials are in charge.

Thats going to be a shit show

Gen X will be worse, they will end it for sure. Millenials don't even have kids.

Take your nigger dick sucking bitch ass back to redd.it right now you worthless faggot

>Boomerposting unironically

We're allegedly the most academically prepared generation.

Boomer here, about to go up on the shelf and break out some China, sip a beer and laugh that you young lazy fucks wont get social security

It all honestly revolves on who win's this deep state secret war that's going on behind the curtains and whether or not our current leadership is truly the best goy as it seems so in the media. If (((they))) lose control of the reins during the struggle then who's to say how the future gets fixed. We could have to struggle and suck for awhile before we get some more good times, but during the suck we'll need to ensure gender roles are implemented again, Jews are banned from positions of power and the white western world becomes supreme to avoid the faults for the generations after us. Africa must be controlled and depopulated, Israel must vanish from existence and the Jews placed alone somewhere in Siberia, Islam must have a reformation, India and China should be culled and all men should be the best they can be.

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No, it's just easy to spot you nigger cum guzzlers that spam up this board like shit smeared twats 24/7 these day. I fucking hope your death is long and painful.

this, the 30 year old boomer is accurate as it catalogs how Gen X is taking on boomer traits as they grow older.
Gen X will absolutely be super boomer but even MORE desperate for government gibs than their cancerous boomer counterparts

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It will be a LONG time before we die.

Then you’re the boomer, dipshit.
You haven’t thought this though, have you?

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people start blaming gen X for everything

Better or not, more RADICAL for sure.

No because zoomed are here

The horrible reality of the true demographic shift hits you like a sledgehammer.

I bet your parents are proud that they raised such a shithead.

>hypocritical ways of gen x

There are people who still keep the skills alive, I'd suggest learning at least some.

Personally, I want to get into a little bit of blacksmithing, and a lot of woodworking.

haha faggot you retards have like 20-30 years left, all of you retards are literally cancerous from never taking care of your health.
You actually believed GENETICS and RADIATION gave you cancer, not just living such a degenerate an unhealthy lifestyle that your immune system couldn't fight the naturally occurring cancer cells anymore
Now go off and reminisce about how your generation "went to the moon" or whatever else boomers do to cope with their existential dread.

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...blame it on Gen X... Fucking millennial retards, grow the fuck up

>boomers ruined everything, and they didn't save or plan for the next generation...
>...we should totally open our borders, being giant degenerate butt humping faggots and be as socialist as humanly possible!!!!

they were always worse, and as they grow older they will become even more ravenous for gibs and their political way

i loved that movie i watched it only once. Mel Gibson is truly based.

here's another example

Blaming everything on the 20 somethings of today, but not blaming the reason why they are the way they are

This. All the whites decided that they can't have more than 3 children. A lot of these died from opiates, and some of the families got divorced. That's why the US is below replacement rates, along with "encouraged" miscegenation.

>pic related
I remember watching that film.

Gen X just doesn't have the numbers to politically powerful.

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The disastrous legacy of the boomer won't be the life they lived, or the world they created, but it will be the world they left behind and the forces they set in motion

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Gen X traits vs others.

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Boomers are the only ones preventing annihilation of the white race. When they are gone, we are gone.


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I'm not sure about the rest of the world -- nor do I care, in all honesty -- but in Italy, things will definetly improve.
Our boomers are literally the biggest source of votes for the Left.

>being this fucking retarded.
Just Fuck!

Nope, just worse.

Boomers may be smug narcissists, but they actually know how to run shit.

Millenials and Gen-X are complete useless morons who will drive society into the ground.

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Gen X and zoomers will abuse millennials relentlessly.

>their kids inherit all of their wealth
You know Boomers will outlive any wealth they manage to accumulate, right? The majority of them actually reject the idea of leaving inheritence for a number of retarded reasons.

>Millenials are the generation than endlessly creates new fake email addresses so they can get free trials for doordash over and over again. Millenials dont only hate boomers and gen x, but also hate themselves. We're well and fucked.

This. Your average millennial is entitled as fuck, why do you think so many of them took out massive loans for stupid fucking degrees while slacking off in college and binge drinking and doing drugs, then made massive protests over having to pay them off? They're also the one generation that is constantly "joking" about how much they wish they would just die, how depressed and mentally ill they are, and how much they literally hate everyone including themselves, but somehow they're still better than everyone else. Your average millennial is completely unhinged.

At least boomers have the excuse of being lied to their entire lives. Millennials are just self absorbed nihilists.

Yes and no. It'll brother good that the economy will crash and white people will side with ethno nationalist or a white identity without the republican/conservative shit. Bad because its going to cause lots and lots of pain and loss to whites. Hopefully that will help with waking them up

one thing im looking forward to, the massive influx of muscle cars. boomers have all been holding on to them because they all watch that barret jackson auction. these cars have become part of their nest egg.

except theyre going to flood the market with them, and theyre going to be so cheap.

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yes, keep bashing the generation of people that were convinced to take on 50-100k dollars of student loan debt and an unpayable interest

How old are you?

They own things. Gen-X owes things. Gen-Y owns nothing.
Out of the three, Gen-X is the most fucked. They have the highest divorce rates, many of them multiple divorces with multiple kids. They're in debt and can't save, while pushing the idea that we need larger social safety nets. Just look at all the leaders of the current leftist movements i.e. feminism. It's people like Madonna, and people that grew up listening to her bullshit.

Lol most of those muscle cars are just sitting in there garage broken. They won't fix them they just let me them sit.

>It's the Gen-Xers that started this trend, and they have some of the highest marriage/divorce rates
High divorce rates started with boomers. Gen X was a product of it.

as long as we don't go back to christianity it won't get better

You are wrong. Generation X has the lowest divorce rates of any living generation.

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Boomers are christkike and christkikerynis the core issue so go fuck yourself Jew worshiper.

You mean all those institutions with all the Women/Gender Studies departments requiring every other major to include a [insert major here] and diversity class? I took a Gender and Economics class and students were guaranteed a B- if they just attended regularly. This was over a decade ago and they have only gotten worse. "Academically prepared" = indoctrinated. And it shows with millennials.

Boomers like being ignorant, they don't know so don't need to act.
Boomers live in a world that no longer exists. They believe in nation, community and family.
But there is no nation only tyranny.
There is no community only voices.
There is no family only resources.
This world has all ready gone to the dogs, traitors and savages.
Boomers are negligent in their obligations to nation, community and family.
The next gens will never know what a nation is outside tyranny or a community outside of twitter posts or a family outside of theft.
What comes after is a nation of hate and theft like every other savage land.

Nobody gives you shit for free, at least here in europe, you can be the blackest of the refugees and shit will be the same for you.

Boomers are only Christian in name. They worship the god of this world, and it shows in their actions and in their words. They are satanists who call themselves Christians.

>High divorce rates started with boomers. Gen X was a product of it.
>You are wrong. Generation X has the lowest divorce rates of any living generation.
The reports are skewed. They Boomers have a higher divorce rate, but they are getting divorced later in life, after they have already been successful.
Gen-X, during the same time frame in history, is lower. They are also 20 years younger. This is 20 years of alimony, whereas the Boomer's don't have to pay that, their kids are grown.
Millenials aren't even getting married. They don't bother saving money for a family, they spend everything they make on themselves.

The Zoomers are worse. More leftist, more degenerates. We are doomed

i know! and look forward to finding those. but they still think there work 50-60k sitting there; they're in for such a rude awakening.

>Nobody gives you shit for free, at least here in europe
Aren't employers forced to give employees like 3 months vacation? Besides, European universities have the same bullshit Women/Gender Studies departments, so I'm not sure what you're even talking about.

Boomers vote based on lies. Boomers want to be liked as if voted had anything to do with pride.
Boomers are about teams and so vote for their team. As if they were playing a game.
The next gens will not be team players, they will not vote in near the numbers that will be expected.
The next gens are not political because they have been kept out of politics by the boomers.
So when they do get into power it will be war, theft and chaos.

It's in your post: they had to. Generations after that didn't need to do it.

Just like we have no need to hunt for our food or build our houses.

>but they are getting divorced later in life
WTF are you even talking about? The whole mass divorce thing started with young adult boomers in the late 60's, 70's, and into the 80's. No fault divorce was invented by boomers.

Milliennials will have a hard time living without their parents emotional support.

Things are going to get rough.

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