Alex Jones the Pedo-King

How fucking expected that the king of the alt-right, the leader of conservative thought, and all around inbred half-wit shit head turned out to be a raging pedophile? Good lord these people are so predictable. Fucking scum - all of them.

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>king of alt right
>leader of conservative thought

Ha, sage

>resetera found to be a den of literal child molester
>go on internet war to call everyone else a pedo

lol you all sucked his cock religiously on here until...yesterday. Fucking clown.

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seems a bit suspect that they are all suddenly revealed to be kiddie diddlers..

Actors are all the same.

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not gonna work james, or skippy, or whichever of you faggots came here to demoralize. no one will buy your little story that alex jones sent all you elites and news organizations your cheesy pizza collections. you will be burned at the fucking stake while society watches and heals

Nice try pedo, Your character assassination won’t work

Right-wing icons are all the same. They despise women, so it's not surprising they spend their days fucking little boys. Look at every priest that's ever lived. lol

leftists are retarded
i might not like alex jones but they literally said cp was send to infowars emails so its not from alex kys stupid shill who need 60 dicks to live

I think it already worked since he's a.) broke and b.) soon to be spending the rest of his short life a jail cell, lol

>send AJ child porn he doesn't look at or touch
>Haha look at Alex Jones why does he have child porn? must be a pedo!

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so all priests are pedos


Defamation of character with a hint of gang stalking paranoia.

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leftists are gay and retarded

imagine being one

imagine being a low iq useful idiot

The fact that he spent all his time obsessing over whether or not other people were, was a red flag that he was. Now there just happens to be millions and millions of pieces of evidence. Jail is going to be super rough to his asshole, that's for sure.

Having lots of money and self-respect really isn't that bad. Try it sometime.

your posting reveals a deep, deep fear. enjoy your last hours of freedom, op is getting v&

The poor fucker.
He's already bipolar and mentally unstable. They didn't have to frame him like this.

lol he has a sad sack of shit, that's for sure. Bbbbbut he definitely asked for this. Dude didn't known his role or when to shut the fuck up. Now he get's to spend the rest of his life with giant black cocks tearing his ass apart in the penitentiary. Toooooo funny.

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Like I said, know your roles and we won't end you. Simple as that, minion.

nice try fbi

lol, lurk moar newfag

lol, suck little boy's dicks more pedofag

The projections is real. The guy that tried to set up some top GB establishment pedos is actually a convicted pedo, which is why the old bill were so convinced. He knew the details.
I'm not implying that the people he tried to bust were innocent by the way. They probably did it but he had no proofs.

is this a girl speaking because y sound like one


millions? There were like 12 emails that containd the encrypted pdfs



This. Bait for retards. Jones did nothing wrong.

>some retard sends pizza
>not through standard pictures but hidden in the metadata
>kikes want his emails and zero in on these hidden files nobody knew existed
Imagine my shock. You dumb faggots are going down.

How can a guy who claims himself to be of jewish descent and never ever mention Israel or (((them))) the leader of the alt-right, are you delusional or have you shills run out of scope, it has always been the shills that promoted this meme of a man, also stop projecting, pretty sure you frecuent in pizza places you Italian wannabe

Imagine using your limited time alive to make the world an objectively worse place and having low-level brain damage like this pitiful fed golem.

Imagine using your limited time alive to make the world an objectively worse place and having low-level brain damage like this pitiful fed golem.

FBI said Alex was sent CP attached in a few emails. Emails that he never even opened. How is he the pedo exactly? It just goes to show the left will go to any length and use CP for smear-tactics. This will go to court and there will be major revelations and backlash on the leftist group behind this.

It's a shame they pay so well to subvert us.

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Did you even read the story? It was sent to him. Had he been in on it I imagine he would delete before giving his PC to the fucking FBI....

At this point, what does it mean to be alt-right?

Pic is what pedo gate really is
They both must be judged for their pedophiliac acts

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the cp was embedded in a pdf file, which was never opened, and sent to infowars. dont be retarded this was a setup.

look at every news outlet blatantly spinning and only couching the truth in the end of their articles.

your kind will reap what you sow, OP

Dutroux affair, the franklin scandal. that is pedogate. AJ was one of the few to show what it truly was. you have not even read the character attacks by msm on AJ. in their articles they clearly exonerate AJ

Just bought 10 bags of infowars coffee, thx. Die of aids you faggots.

It really is good coffee

Aj is not king of the alright you stupid kikes he is a Jewish shill your discredited juden nonsense has been slaughtered plainly in your gay little child fucking talmud thumping face

True statement and how these FBI glownigs try to cope with their smelly baph zog agenda blown wife open


I'll have to get some

>trolls spammed his email with CP
>those emails were bundled in the server when he turned it over as evidence
>this means he's a pedo
sure thing, lad

>The FBI has informed Alex Jones someone planted child pornography on the servers for his Infowars website and on Friday the controversial radio host offered a $1 million reward for any information leading to an arrest.

>Federal authorities have been conducting a child pornography investigation for several weeks after they reviewed emailed threats made against Jones that contained links to child pornography websites, according to his attorney Norm Pattis.

>Pattis appeared on Jones’ show late Friday afternoon to discuss the incident. But before he did Jones went on a five-minute, profanity-laced rant announcing the reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of whoever infiltrated the his company’s servers.

>“Someone is trying to set me up with child pornography and we’re going to find you,” Jones said.

>the king of the alt-right
>the leader of conservative thought
>and all around inbred half-wit shit head
lol agreed

why is supporting a fascist acceptable?

>all those trolls were leftists
really makes you think how they got their hands on the cp they sent to Jones

It was supposed to be her turn. :(

So Jones was the fat pot belly goblin hiding in plain site this whole time?

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>be alex jones
>Get child porn sent to you in a hostile email years ago, without even opening it
>sandy hook lawyers beg for your emails to be handed over
>send them over
>they say you distributed child porn
>tfw if you get sent child porn unawares then your a mass child pornography dealer

This is an insane new low for the media. Its outright libel and Jones would be wise to sue them.

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>king of the alt-right
nigga wut

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Alt right loves Jews and shills for Jews, he's not wrong.

Alex Jones yells at trumpet player on the street

Remember to edit out the (You)s from your next print out, glow nigger

too true

get a fucking life you dork

>We need to prove Alex is a lunatic that goes off on insane conspiracy theorys
How about we conspire in secret to have numerous news outlets print blatant lies about him all with in hours of each other
>Excellent that will teach him for saying theres a secret society that controls the media

I'd bet those retards still don't get it and are getting sent to a class on how to learn to shitpost.
Diversity is their strength!

It’s really better than anything we can find even at the hippie stores.


he was set up, you stupid faggot.

the redpills are eating themselves at this point.
John Cusak posts the
To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to critisize
quote and is so overwhelmed by jews that he has to delet it.
fucking priceless.
quote is from Kevin Alfred Strom btw, not Votaire, although Voltaire did have some choice words for Satans chosen.

fpbp pedshitera eternally btfo

i pray you get divorce raped and suicide someday.

there were literally TWELVE emails out of 9 fucking million you stupid shill, and they were SENT TO Alex Jones from a 3rd party, the FBI already said they are treating Alex as the victim





>libs still bumping this garbage even after it's disproven
"facts won't stop us!"
disgusting filthy trash

based. gas all pinko commie faggots.

Wait what? Sources?

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not buying it

>Alex is a lunatic that says outrageous things about all businesses being controlled by one central group
We should have Facebook, Youtube and Apple all ban him within 20 minutes of each other for spouting one world government controlling big business fringe conspiracies

>expose the globalists, redpill millions of people
>be presented as a crazy loony villain in a jewish owned tv show "Homeland"
>now suddenly it is discovered that he got child pornography on his email

Anyone who does not believe that he was framed by the jews is a fucking idiot. Shit couldnt be more obvious.

Someone anti-Jones sent Jones a child porn e-mail.
An e-mail that was unread among thousands.
Pretty lame blackmail attempt.
Are the Dems out of ideas?

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Thing is though that even though he's reacting with a strategy that typically does work, he's continuing to get played by going spastic with his own ego instead of maintaining enough balance to spend due time on fighting the information war.

Hes talking out his ass, read the thread

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Anyone that talks about the alt right actually being a thing is a glow nigger.
The word was invented by jewish glow niggers.

Hes not a pedophile

>He loves JEWESSES with big tits and big assholes to kiss

there are exactly 6 million jews in the United States.

The time is now.

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> e-celeb thread


Idiot the FBI said that he is innocent, he was the victim of an e-mail scam with CP on it but he didn't open it.

Who doesnt?

>king of the altright

you have to go back

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kek the 5d chess. ben shapiro was the figurehead of the altright after all. honestly the 'altright' is just a bunch of neocons and zionist israelis at this point

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It's amazing how many kikes flocked in to become leaders of some next revolutionary force that didn't even really exist until hillary was like
It's almost like it's something subversive in their blood.

Which outfit are you working for to smear more of your non-sense?
Three letter agency?
Dem's little private back room CP party?
Oh, Soros?

oy vey delet this blatant antisemetism

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