FBI confirms files planted on AJ's servers

Also reveals how files came from FBI, DNC, and DOJ servers.


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Stfu, no one cares.
AJ Is a PEDO just like all these alt-right nazi types.
Have sex faggot, I just reported YOUR post to the FBI for defending a pedo.

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Everyone here is glad they're not you. Can't wait till Trump starts deportations.

You're underage. REPORTED

are you all 3 this retarded?
he is an obvious troll.. why are you people so hopeless??

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today the feds are based

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Yeah, you can't make this shit up.

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Must be real proud of where you're from to hide that flag.

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So someone else is actually at fault and Alex Jones was framed?

this scenario is what's happening

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typical leftist advocating violence instead of thought or reason.

it's in their fascist blood

>Also reveals how files came from FBI, DNC, and DOJ servers

no it doesnt
you just lied
I dont see that anywhere

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you have to read between the lines

just like the sandy hook lawyers did when they fabricated the term 'metadata cp' for Disney news to kill Trump's #1 media supporter.

news wars bro

haven't you heard?

Europe is a fascist place. You fags need to grow some fucking balls and take your fucking pride back from the people who stole it from you and convinced you to loathe yourselves.

Look at the open tabs kek

$10 bets those files were on a Weiner or Clinton computer as well.

All in all you could make the case that Alex did it to them when he implicated Hillary in Pizzagate without a lot of evidence.

The best evidence available was Jimmy Comet running FTP passcoded file servers out of his businesses and his flagrant advertisement for pedophilia on his social media accounts, all while hosting campaign events for Hillary and Obama through the association of his faggot boyfriend David Brock.

Now we don't doubt Hillary drinks blood of children but Alex basically said that.

So they got him back with 'metadata cp" bullshit and used the media to lie.

Same fucking playbook got used against Alex

This is the war we live in now.

Still Alex Jones is one of the biggest pedophilia provider on the internet

>without a lot of evidence
Ehh, not so sure. It wasn't just Comet Ping Pong. Alex has covered the Haiti connection, and to be fair, CPP's website had download links...

Ugh Alex jones is Jewish and has married two Jewish girlfriends pieceznik HOA jew bronfman lawyers his close relationship on the record with bibi and many many Jewish talmudics

Are you a retard or just another failed mental midget shill trying to cope as neutered goy slave?

I'm putting my rake away.

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can you teach me how to spot all these jews?
that's a good skill to have these days.
Especially when there are ready made concentration camps down on the southern border.

Please post screencaps, I can't access without VPN and i'm not on my desktop.

what screencaps?

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Yeah the deportation of hamburgers