I might get sued in germany for useing Honk.
Anything I should do in court to represent the Honk world. White Power symbol is on the List already.

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wtf explain

Nobody is going to take your picture or give a shit about some small fry goofing off in court. Go on a rampage first, then we can talk

Had a disscious with an female creature. As she defended Merkel. I explained what she did wrong and ended with the sentences. "If this offends you you should rethink your prioritys. " Then I said Honked

Have sex

Had it yesterday with ur mom.

you were molested by clowns as a child.
end of story.

no u

>doing this in a real conversation with a woman
they should throw you in jail for being that autistic

change it to HONG
they can't ban it because of Hong Kong

She defended Merkel. I mean c'mon man, she was already low and I just beated it.

that was the story for your court hearing you retard.
you honked because of your past trama.
it makes more sense than honk being a hate word.

also, I'm done posting in JIDF's slide thread.

Just say you thought her comments were funny, like a clown honking its nose. That should be entirely legal, even in a slave country.


Say that you have jewish heritage.

Look at Nope red-skin, bavarian, Irish and bohemian heritage

>Nope red-skin, bavarian, Irish and bohemian heritage
Doesnt matter, court should know that you are a jew.

Hilarious and honkpilled

Ayy sherlock did it again

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fake and gay
watch this: Jews need to be exterminated

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I call bs. There's alot of sheit wrong here but it's not that bad YET.

We are Americas Vassal, kinda. Everything have a start.

Giving a damn about the (((law))) makes you a Judenknecht.

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I won't and will never be on my knees user.

Threadly reminder that we still have no constitution

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Go dressed as a clown with a honk. When the judges asks you a question, just honk twice.

With an glory for vichy france stricker or not?

>censored pic

Did you skin her alive and milk her arteries?

If not you should rethink your priorities.


Based Reichsbürger.

I'm not because Reichsbürger think that because we're not a real state, it means that the Reich is still somehow legit. It's not, we're just an occupied zone with no real legitimacy and especially no sovereignity.
I intent to change that.

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Say "hong hong" instead of HONK. This calibrates the AI Jannie bots to censor the word "Hong Kong" instead of HONK HONK. Clever eh?

You might appreciate this meme.

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Make them think a new symbol of white power is something just as absurd. Like Yes Sir

that's pretty honked.

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Suomalainen perse

topkek thanks
reminder that Hitler was the first to employ the 40 hours week

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Ay, juicy right?

Do ‘beep-beep!’ instead. It’s 100% legal.

Admittedly, it’s 2 syllables, but these are desperate times, so the extra effort may be required.

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Kkong sormi ryppyyn

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>Everything's a meme
I fucking hate you newfags so much. Kill yourself Mohammed.

pic related

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>Honking irl

Lose the memeflag, faggot.

>Had a disscious with an female creature
>an female creature
epic troll OP

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Pretty funny, fuck roasties and show flag

Ofc I'm in the operation pull Jow Forums cultre to rl.
I always call these weird leftist creatures not humans.... They are something else.
If this happend in germany which flag do you think will apear?

>If this happend in germany which flag do you think will apear?
Israeli, because you're hiding behind a memeflag. Show flag

How did you know that?

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