Angela Merkel "Dehydration"

What do you think about this, Jow Forums? Is it true ?

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She's just allergic to humanity, to nationalism.

She's only 65? So much for the baby diet.

uncontrollable physical manifestation of disgust upon hearing the german national anthem.

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adrenochrome withdrawal perhaps, she needs more walnut sauce in her diet

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Its always dehydration with these people.. all that money and they cant have a bottle of water handy?

looks like dehydration to me lol

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Lmao that fat hasnt been dehydrated a day in her life

It's like she is allergic to Germany.

Sounds like "pneumonia"

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Is this shillary?

What a foul woman.

>dehydrated out of muslim semen*

Old bitch burns about 20 calories from all the "work" she does and gets dehydrated. Like how? Drink water ya stupid cunt.

It's kuru.

Lmao why is she so big in that picture

The guy is standing closer to the camera but her head is still so much bigger than his

Lurk more,newfag!

She hates Germany.

Tremors is literally none of the symptoms of dehydration.

Genuinely surprised she didn't blame Putin.

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>why is she so big in that picture

Big for you

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>Almost collapses in 82 degree heat
And they mock us for the Hydration meme

She's gonna blow!! Seriously though, how could German men allow THAT to be your nation's leader.

As a medfag if I had to make an educated guess from the clip I'd venture that those are the symptoms of a prion disease mostly seen in the congo and caused by cannibalism. Not a surprise we know the (((elite))) are eating babies imported from that region of the world anyway.

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Nigga, how new are you here?

Germany is being under Mossad/CIA occupation since after WW2.

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>Hillary, a halfdead witch kept alive by blood sacrifice getting over half of the votes
Lmao, mutt

she needed more pineal gland/foreskin juice

All too real.

Most german men in top positions are members of sadomasochism

Drugs, illness, flu or error in her programming.(more likely of course)

However, she would have fallen out in a few seconds if she shook like that.
More likely it was due to lack of oxygen to her brain.

>when your readily accessible access to walnut sauce suddenly dries up

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Umm... We let a half nigger run ours for 8.


big if true

Yeah, WTF America?

kek, the kike demon started to shake when hearing a cucked version of the german anthem! Imagine what would happen if someone waved a nazi flag, I bet that kike would rupture it's human skin and show the whole world her true form.

thats a classical mk ultra glitch - she might have heard a freqeuncy from her puppetmasters


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It sounds ridiculous, but I ran into this as well. Was in London with a German friend of mine and it creeped up to 80 for a couple of hours while we were wandering around and I literally thought she was going to die and this was a reasonably in shape "I walk everywhere" dusseldorf woman, not some hambeast. It was alarming.

>this fucking gif

My condolences krautbros

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Not our finest moment. I have no rebuttal.

Yes, it happened during her disastrous campaign. Huge turning point!


dehydration would simply cause her to faint.
that is something else.

>how could German men allow THAT to be your nation's leader.

I literally voted for her coalition partner so she'd stay in power.

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someone turn it into a gif pls

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why? are you jewish or turkish?

maybe she has a really strong vibrator inside her

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yeah probably, she would feel light headed and dizzy maybe lose a bit of balance like she was drunk but not shake like that. Thats something more serious than dehydration she has

Sven nailed it! that gif, wtf!

wow just get a paper back and that's some good fucking

*paper bag

President of Ukraine: "Fuck muslims and jews"
Merkel: "I'm literally shaking right now"

I'm Bavaryan.

>maybe she has a really strong vibrator inside her

His is stronger.

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could be parkinson's or cerebellar ataxy, dont jump into retard conclusions

The president of Hoholia is a Jew

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>President of Ukraine: "Fuck muslims and jews"

The president of Ukraine is Jewish.

Why are Jow Forumsniggers so retarded and uninformed? lmao

she was orgasming just from the presence of the magnificent leader of Ukrayna

Sounds about as legit as Clinton's pneumonia. Also this

lmao just like when Clinton suffered "dehydration" and was stuffed into the back of a car, right?
fucking reptilians, i swear to god

>women "leaders"

remember according to CNN this is "lightly stumbling"

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Many politicians are midgets. This one is a Jewish midget.

Nationalism bad!

Hitler only had shaking hands near the end... Must be some form of "bunker disease"

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More likely she took too much.

You are a bit naive.

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I'm Bavaryan.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

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he's a brainlet and a manlet

Jerry Nadler was supposedly dehydrated recently too.

Yeah I imagine that's a pretty dry cunt KEK


Not even memeing, these “””people”””” are MKULTRA Satanic monsters

The patriotic anthem is probably causing her programmed hatred and rage of Europe to freak out and her cause her intense pain and anger

They are literal fucking demons


Just Like Her Father Hitlelr. Video Proof

While the fat terd thought she was flying high in 2016
Angela Merkel disgusted by German Flag - Throws it away at Victory Celebration of own Party

I believe her, she's just leaving out the crucial detail that she only drinks the blood of children. Someone get this woman something to drink before she passes out.

Brain damage. Too fat to be dehydrated.



Look at this fuk
Defectives....They did it all with language twisting.
EU leader Juncker stumbles, loses balance several times ahead of NATO dinner

What do you think the "hot sauce" Hillary keep in her purse really was?

Maybe Ebola?

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