I'm so envious of these countries

I'm so envious of these countries.

>literal ethnostates
>trad women
>not poor
>nordic genetics
>higher blue eye/blonde rate in Europe

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Not poor

"ethnostate" with 25% Russian population?

>complete shitholes that have never done anything
I don't think it's a coincidence that they're white as well

>Not poor
*Laughs in danish*

How fucking retarded are you? No, your utopia dosen't exist.

Russians are like 70-80% Nordic.

i literally would create america if it didn't exist. the white man needs freedom. no other country has freedom of defense or speech like we do.

What the fuck does "nordic" even mean? you have no fucking definition of it you retard, people are people.


I'm sure you would, person on Jow Forums.

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Northern European genetics. Russia was founded by Vikings.

Russians are mongol scum.

You are a retard.

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>literal ethnostates

>Estonia: 68.5% Estonian (2019)
>Latvia: 62.2% Latvian (2018)
>Lithuania: 84.2% Lithuanian (2011)

Anglos are so mongrelized that they can't grasp the concept of ethnicity.

t. Retard

what's Your monthly salary?

They’re the jews of the white race as well.

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Russia may have been founded by Nordic Vikings but they're mutts now. Slavs are a mix between whites and Orientals a result of Mongol invasion and mixing.

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thats like saying india is 80% ango-saxon and was founded by the brits

>What does Nordic mean?
>Northern European genetics


Do you think the genes have "Made in northern europe" printed on them and the scientists just read the label of them?

I refuse to believe that people are this fucking retarded and still cognisant enough to operate a keyboard.

Held more colonies trough history than leafistan, lmao.

>posting yakuts or buryats as an example of how Russians look
Nice bait, amerimutt. Here is me and my granny 15 years ago, and some ppl in the background, as you see- no mongols.

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>not poor


>trad women
Gold diggers and prostitutes unironically
>not poor
HA! good one
>nordic genetics
Maybe in the past, Latvia and Estonia are 25% Russian
>>higher blue eye/blonde rate in Europe
Finland and Sweden

>be amerimutt
>say that Russians are mongols
>post a pic with 2 blonde and blue-eyed northern european Russians

I have always known that amerimutts are kind of retarded, but I did not think that you are retarded to THAT degree.

Exactly. I was about to write that, but then I read your comment. Was in Estonia a couple of years ago. Full of Ruskies. I checked it back then, and I recall it to be as much as 27% Russian.

Latvia isn't too good either, and Riga is getting infested with shitskins. Lots of them when I was there. Don't know if they were tourists though. But they seem like a bunch of mainstream soiboi cucks in Riga.

And Lithuania is a boring and poor place, although only 5% Russians or so.. But they're kind of Russian in and of themselves - the way they behave and look. So I guess you could call Lithuania a "Russian" ethnostate.

The place you're looking for is Belarus. 100% white ethnostate full of blond people. Incredibly beautiful women.

Lithuanians have Belarusian genes, and Belarusians are literally Russians, actually all balts are close to Slavs genetically, they have about 30% of r1a.


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You are an englishman and therefore have won the lottery of life

This guy literally looks like a mongol, look at his eyes, is a mongol an authority for u?

Yeah, could imagine that. I'd like to go to Belarus and find myself a waifu.

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There's this Lithuanian "schizo" on Jow Forums that literally talks about how Lithuania was ethnically replaced with Russians and Central Asians in the Soviet era that started LARPing as Lithuanians, and nobody even talks about it.

The term clearly refers to a distinct groups of phenotypes.

Not sure what your problem is. Do you have problems understanding what an East Asian or a sub-saharan African is?

Just ignore the fucking amerimutt. Hes still seeting about his 20% Nigerian ancestry.

Lithuania is draining population due it's lack of anything but swamps, one of my longest term internet friends live there. I heard real estate is a steal there though!

You don't know about the less known slavics such as Romania (laughing stock of Euro) and Bolivia (drunkest country in the world) Do you?

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modern day russians are a mixture of slavic tribes, uralic peoples, indo-iranian scythians.

Mongols and other central asian/uralic tribes are predominantly haplotype N.

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Russia was conquered by Vikings*

Yeah, but frozened shitholes.

I think you'll find that Mongolians are overwhelmingly C3.

Russia was never conquered as that enormous landmass is, still, logistically impossible to occupy.

That guy use to post on my threads all the time. Hes probably dead by now.

No, he's still around on LiveLeak. He was posting on Jow Forums since at least 2015.

And Central Asians are mostly R1a/R1b.

Muslims are C4.

Mongols and other asians are usually C-haplo and Q-haplo, even Finns have 0% of those happlogroups, so actually there is almost zero mongolian ancestry in the whole Europe. But Mongols have some r1a, which really makes you think.

Either C4 or AA (Allahu Akbar).

>>trad women
>>not poor
Is this unironically what MI5 niggers believe?

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Russian empire was a colonizer just like brits or french or dutch etc. The difference is they kept their clay and others had to gove it away "willingly". So by your logic a guy from Cogo is Belgian and indians are britts etc. Just because Russia said FU Im not givig back any clay doesnt mean those people are russian colonizres, they are the colonized.

Because they were raped by Scythians, who were European.

Haplogroups are useless bro. A nigger can have r1b haplogroup if his father fucked a nigger mom, it wont make him european but 50% nigger.
Also if russia has so many colonized ethnicities and your map averages it all into one piechart ofcourse they will be there but it does not make and average russian mixed or some siberian villager either.


Now we're talking myths...

Hey, can you make a purple flag with a white unicorn head silhouette on it? Name it ''Intelligent Democracy'' PLEASE.

This map actually counts only Slav Russians as Russians, because there is no J-haplo or E1b-haplo or Q-haplo, although North Caucasus is E1b and J1-J2, and Siberians are Q and C, and all of them combined are 4-5% of the population, but the chart doesn't show it.

My fault, I saw J2. Then yes, it counts not only Slav Russians, if we count only Slavs then there will be only R1a, I1a and N1c left(with some insignificant amount of R1b)

Isn't Siberia like Northrend? You even got the frozen corpses everywhere. I wonder who the Lich King far North would be?

what?? you are saying finns are NOT mongols?? the finnish meme industry is going to come crashing down.

that R1A though, maybe it could be explained by the mongol conquests and them taking brides/slaves back to mongolia?

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Kek, nice fantasy. I am a Latvian by nationality.
haha what the fuck, have you ever been to Riga? Half the population are slavic golems. They have zero in common with Latvians and only seek to further undermine the nation.

>that R1A though, maybe it could be explained by the mongol conquests and them taking brides/slaves back to mongolia?
Yes, but that breaks the meme illusion that everyone in Eastern Europe is a mongoloid.

He’s just old as fuck in that pic. This is how he looked when he was younger.

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Haplos are inherited through Y-chromosome, so there were Russian boys brought to Mongolia, probably the same stuff as yanichars in Turkey.

>not poor


Looks inbred, no wonder he talked shit about non-inbred Europeans out of jealousy.

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>through Y

so that means if a man gets a daughter the information is lost? women can only produce X afterall.

>trad women
lmao ,we are litterally mini usa ,similar divorce rates,similar consumerist-whore culture,u aint know shit kiddo .

Women are not tested for Y-happlogroups, lul. They have their own genetic markers.

Bolivia? You mean Bulgaria?

You forgot hermorrhaging people to emigration like an African AIDS child to Ebola.

Obviously, you can't test on Y, but, is information on the Y chromosome lost if a male gets a daughter? i saw pics of the Y and it's a fucking manlet compared to X.

Probably yes, because women literally do not have y-chromosome.

Northern Siberia is a place where you can meet no single person during a 2-hour drive, Oymyakon is the coldest place on the whole planet, your breath literally falls to the ground as ice.

good,less squatting slavniggers roaming streets at night .

+300.000-500.000 lithuanians live outside country,u are correct .

>Latvia was more Latvian when their capital was majority German
Lmao,so much for saving them from Germanisation,the Russian truley olaywd the long game. But srsly,how are going to stop the Balts from killing themselves.

The Russians in those countries are lowlife morons.

>literal ethnostate
>50% russian

This is totally true, all worthy Russians from Baltic states either returned to Moscow or moved to the West, only retards were left in Baltics.

>not poor

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Meanwhile in the Baltic ethnostate



Faggot is envious of literal European countries. Cope.

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None of the things you listed about them are true.

Ahhh fuck this shit again. So im Lithuanian and tell you this. Yes we are ethnostate. Women are fucking tragic here. We are poor. We are not of nordic genetics. Blue eyes and blonde hair is stereotype.

Also in Lithuania we have a diaspora of Russians or people who sympatize to Russia or ex SSRS but the thing is that patriotism is on the rise and be Russian sympatizer could get you in trouble. Economy is growing but salaries not. Women are pretty dull and looking for golden fish. Most of them are NPCs if you open tinder here 80% of accounts of girls looks the same.

People that leave due economical reasons are the first to come back, when Germany will push the EU off the cliff, you'll see a resurgence. I'll guarantee you fren.

>Baltic states
Also they got populations of like 3 million people max. With fertility rates below replacement there's an actual chance of going extinct soon
Take Lithuania, from 3.7 million in 1990 to 2.9 million in 2016. With about natural change of minus 10.000 each year at the moment

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Lithuanians are just weird.

What OP says is actually true for Estonia except for the ethnostate part. Sadly we have ~25% Russians, but other than that Estonia is great.

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I don't know much about Estonia, so can't really comment on how great it is
But still problem of now max 1.350,000 inhabitants (of which only 907,000 Estionians) with a fertility rate of 1.6.
Don't get me wrong, all European countries have low fertility rates. But the more people you have to begin with, the more time to raise them before you're basically extinct

These things can change rather quickly. I don't believe Estonians going extinct.

As someone that has visited Estonia I can assure you they definitely are not an ethnostate, their women are faaaaaaaar from being trad,nordic genes are a meme and being poor is stil a thing.

>Poorest country in Euro

the pot....

We are not part of the euro currency and we arent the poorest nation in Europe either.

Estonians climbed back after being down to 150k after Great Northern War.

I mean like Europe, I got taught this shit in 2008 so you may be right, what is the poorest then?

In Europe I guess Moldova in the EU I think Bulgaria.

is this why Moldova is the drunkest country in the world too then? I googled it as I didn't know what the country was, landscape looks comfy enough.

It's actually true dumbasses the first Rus' were vikings indeed.

BTW founded doesn't mean developed into what is today.

> People are people

...said the retarded marxist who likes to flood his countries with subhumans from Africa that are incompatible with any form of civilization...

Been there its what my country was in the early 90s, but I am sure with their newest jewish PM that did a coup last week and took power that she will sell everything to join the EU.

>not poor

ahahahahahahahhaha no.

they are subhuman level of poor

And by the way all slavs and nordic people, as celts too are Indo-European. All of them.
Some developed in a certain way instead of another, but we all come from the same source.




I doubt the EU is long for this world honestly, atleast in it's current configuration. We'll get something equally as bad in place but with more support because it's new.

This is closeminded as fuck, even for Jow Forums.

Get some dick faggot!