What’s with the left’s obsession of comparing everything to Nazis?

What’s with the left’s obsession of comparing everything to Nazis?

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If nazis are bad
And blumf is bad
Drumf is nazi

They literally get off on the thought of being persecuted. They’re masochists. Cortez is probably extremely submissive in bed

They are crying wolf so much, when it eventually arrives nobody will believe them.

(and that's a good thing)

Truth hurts doesn't it, Nazis

Well then why doesn't this uppity little cunt let all of these complete strangers move in to her house?

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Stop getting my hopes up. I fap to the thought of ovens filled with burning spics.


She is a corrupt latina

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The left views WW2 as the forces of global communism defeating the forces of nationalism. The commies were our allies if you remember. They have no problem perpetuating the holocaust gas chamber lie because it advances their agenda of defaming their one true enemy which is nationalism. Can’t have the Star Trek one world work optional future so long as the nation state still exists.

its foreshadowing
but be honest, its just the strategie paint everything beside them as the boogeyman they created

Women want to be thrown into a concentration camp and hang raped by men in uniform then when they are huddled bleeding pussy dripping cum they are offered a shower to clean up. The door are shut only and gas gets released. Women want to be dominated

As a Jew, this shit should offend me.

It's the only card they have in their deck and it isn't even comparable in the slightest. You remember all the Jews that were coming in migrant caravans trying to cross the border fences to get into Auschwitz and Dachau for government gimme dats and improved quality of life? Me neither

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Where's the truth?

When people think nazi they think of holocaust . Keeping the holohaox alive as well as giving jew victim points when any sign of united family bonds , nationalism etc arises they get labeled a nazi to keep the left fighting the right d&c .

concentration camps are not death camps.

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Because generations of Americans starting with the boomers have been completely indoctrinated to believe that anything associated with Nazi Germany is inherently evil. They are hoping that by comparing Trump to Hitler and Ice facilities as concentration camps, All those years of History Channel propaganda will kick in and people will say "fuck the constitution and borders!" Little do they realize that as boomers die off, so does faith in the holocaust being real. The jews are about 20 years behind when it comes to censoring the internet. For 20+ years now, the truth about the alleged holocaust has been spread all over the world.

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What is a foundation myth?

It fulfills three functions.

1) It explains the origin and structure of the world (and society).

2) It defines ultimate good and evil (and from those definitions are derived the values that are used to justify the holding of power).

3) It determines what is held sacred in that society.

For modern Westerners the story of WWII has become their foundation myth. It fulfils all three functions.

1) We live in the ‘Post-War World’. The lines on the map, the institutions, the sense of what era we live in, all arise from the starting point of WWII.

2) "Ultimate evil" is Nazis. "Ultimate good" is opposing Nazis. The values derived from these definitions are anti-racism, equality, diversity, anti-nationalism and so on.

3) The only thing that is held sacred, that cannot be denied or mocked in the contemporary West, is the Holocaust.

The problem is that all three functions are backwards or negative.

Instead of the origin event being one of fertility and new life, it was a conflagration of death and destruction.

Instead of ultimate good taking the central position in the story that slot is occupied by ultimate evil. Everyone knows that Adolf Hitler, the "personification of evil", holds the center point of the WWII story.

Instead of that which is held sacred being something mysterious and sublime it (the Holocaust) is an obscenity.

**Having a negative foundation myth means the tree of life for Westerners is poisoned**

omg is she denying the holocaust?

I believe so. It's quite likely she is a GOP plant, to make the left look even more retarded and to occasionally cortex some red medication.

>detention of civilians without a trial
God she's fucking dumb. They aren't "civilians" they are illegal foreign nationals.

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but thats actually what that is though
it is a concentration camp

concentration camps arent unique to nazi germany. You have the shallow understanding of history here.

>they are illegal foreign nationals.
they have a heartbeat and can thus be aborted.
Our Country, Our Choice.

thats why shes one of the most popular politicians in america, right? because shes a plant to make republicans look good, right?



They were their biggest opposition and they've spent almost a century brainwashing the world to make them think the NSDAP was the greatest evil ever.

Treblinka was a concentration camp
Does the US have one at its southern border ?

>"President trump is going to commit anodda shoah!"
Anyone else think its a tad ironic that she litterally has jew blood.

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she is popular. I don't think there is another elected official more widely mocked.

Yeah, it's a shame all those wetbacks are still alive.

are you stupid?
do you know how many people mock trump on a daily basis? Do you just ignore that on purpose?

not all concentration camps are death camps
but all death camps are concentration camps

If she is the most popular politician in America, then the Democrats "road" back to the White House is in catastrophic shape.

Not all subhumans are commies
But all commies are subhumans

funny thing is she thinks we have or would have a problem with this.

how does that make any fucking sense?
AOC is one of the most popular politicians in america and her policy platform is wildly popular and most of her proposals like medicare for all have over 75% approval


They secretly admire the Nazis for being such effective authoritarians and wish that they could do the same thing Nazis did, except targeted at Conservatives.

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Civilians /=/ citizens ya dope


Everything that isn't them is a nazi.

you have popular confused with recognizable, you retarded commie pole smoker.


>do you know how many people mock trump on a daily basis
Trump has over 100,000 people waiting right now to get into an event that will hold 20,000.
AOC has what?
Trump is mocked, but in comparison, has a shit ton more supporters than the lowly barmaid roastie from NY.


>hes still romanian

no i dont.

AOC and her policies are incredibly popular and the more boomers that die off she'll get more and more popular. She isnt even a fucking radical. Shes a moderate

has she passed any legislation at all?
so popular, surely she has passed some meaningful law right?

why would you lie about something so easily verifiable?

>american government
>passing anything

When will she be going?

If these camps don't have ovens then they aren't concentration camps. I demand that we get those camps some ovens and a big gas chamber. We can finally solve the Immigrant Question.

They were self proclaimed Socialists

Have an updoot

funny coming from AOC
who's almost as much a socialist as Hitler

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which is why they put union leaders in concentration camps and started a war with the soviet union. Because they loved socialism.

She has such shills in the media they all but covered up the entire green new deal bullshit with bans on all social media at the very discussion of it in its original format because, "it was just a joke."

supporters have been camped out since yesterday for the event. some of them interviewed are from the Walk Away (from Democrats) movement. easily verifiable.
AOC probably has some homeless people camped out in her district.

that's a no then? ok.

Which is why it was literally called The National Socialist German Workers' Party

nobody fell for the walk away shit dude
you sound like a clown

Niggers hate wetbacks
Larp better s0yb0i

names dont mean anything

haha. being this deluded. you filthy commie rat brains are going to have all your illegal pets deported here anyways and then we'll move to literal hitler stage.

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I, myself was a Dem voter. A lifelong union member I voted mostly Democrat until the 2016 election. Seeing my union endorse Hilary woke me the fuck up and I have been a Trump supporter ever since.
I guess we'll see who honks last at the polls.

It’s the programmed word that short circuits the Goyim and makes boomers and common core retards get real butthurt about a topic


kek the boomers so easily programmed

>Shes a moron
She spews out even more retarded shit than trump. If clinton could lose to that cheeto, aoc would lose to a shoe made in vietnam

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Too many jews in your government

lol is it me or is she getting darker by the day? all that seething mad seems to be coming up to her skin.

Lets turn them into death camps

we are at the proper number. I'd be thinking seriously about aliyah if I was one.

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I missed the part where Jews willingly traveled to camps en masse.

Dont want to be in cages, stay your ass at home. I feel no sympathy for these people.

When newson wants american tax payers who pay for no healthcare to pay for the healthcare of illegals, why should i really care? Execute them by firing squad.

They want to bluepill as many people as possible so they don't even try considering any other point of view.

Jew media can't help it either.

I was hoping (((DC))) was a bit different. They aren't.

Wait, you want to lower our IQ (immigrant quota)

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you seem like an absolute rube

Why are you lying about something that never happened? The National Socialists didn't put union leaders into camps.

The Soviet Union did put union leaders into the gulags and had some of them murdered. Maybe the same case happened in National Socialist Germany? Now, are you anti-fascists saying the USSR wasn't socialism? Is socialism to you just to praise ugly inferior brown people? After all, real socialism doesn't mean antagonistic anti-nationalist union leaders? The working class would gladly have those type of people arrested if they threatened the interest of the states.

But concentration camps weren't death camps. The US had concentration camps for the Japs in WW2 and Britain had them for Germans. The entire point of the camps is to concentrate the alien population in as few places as possible so they are easy to manage and police and to prevent disruption.

is that it? all you've got? where's the liquid/solid *meme*?

Your a commie defending a brown internationalist socialists, while denying that National Socialist Germany were socialists, in fact, they were a superior type of socialists, National Socialists.

We must take from the right, nationalism without capitalism, and from the left, socialism without internationalism or anti-whitism.

Why does it hurt for me? You’re the weak faggots getting locked up.
Also it’s completely untrue, nigger.

live in Orlando for the AOC rally

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And this is a bad thing how?

Don't want to get locked up? Don't come to the fucking border.

She is low IQ so in her mind, all shock tactics are good tactics. "If everyone knows me, they're vote for me".
I can not fucking wait to see her behind a bar serving drinks after the next election...I'll fly over just to troll her.


"get your tubes tied" is the new "have sex"


Nazis bad, americans dumb, call political opponents nazis, easy win.

>Under the Insurrection Act of 1807, the president has the authority to use the National Guard and military in order to combat “unlawful obstruction or rebellion” within U.S. borders. The act was last invoked in 1992 by George H.W. Bush to quell the Los Angeles riots, and was also used by Eisenhower in 1957 to enforce school desegregation in the south.

>An official expressed concerns that Trump’s use of the act’s powers would face legal challenges, pointing to the lawsuits against the president’s travel ban from majority-Muslim countries. However, as the official noted, the travel ban ultimately prevailed in the Supreme Court.

>In addition to the Insurrection Act, the president is also considering declaring the country full and insisting that the U.S. can no longer handle the massive influx of illegal immigrants. 2019 is currently on pace to reach the highest levels of illegal immigration in a decade.

It seems more like she’s normalizing nazis than anything else. It’s like overusing anything, if you do it long enough people will just stop caring.

Is this a bait post? Concentration camps in nazi germany (which she is obviously alluding to) were sites of execution, human experimentation, and straight up torture. Sure "death camps" were created in order to speed up the process of genocide, but people were being tortured and executed in the camps too.

being overly emotional + having no arguments + having been raised under a glass bell = everyone is literally hitler

Because they know white nationalism is rising, mostly due to their anti-white policies, and they're terrified.

permission to punch?