Get out of FL Jow Forums - stop moving here idiots

Why is FLORIDA the absolute worst state?? It has the absolute worst people and worst politics in all of the US besides Los Angeles and San Francisco. The whole state makes up for that because its so terrible. The degeneracy is just TOO FUCKING MUCH. NOWHERE NEAR AS BAD AS CALIFORNIA

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Born and raised Florida man here, after 40 years I had to leave. Sad. It really used to be one of the best places on Earth, unfortunately now it's a spic filled shithole.

White people dude

They ruin everything they touch from homes, to towns, cities and even entire continents

Don't worry, there is a plan in place to fix it

No we love spics here

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The food is great though and the women can be hot.
Some parts of Miami look like Southern American towns, it's sad. Lots of people get by not speaking English.

Its not just Miami area but the gulf coast is turning to fucking shit before everyones eyes. Was a safe sanctuary at one time, now its becoming nigger/spicville full of faggot liberals and trannys.

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anyone ever noticed, that Florid looks like korea?

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South florida today is what the rest of the us will look like in the not so distant future. White people are fucked ahahahahahahahaha fuck you peckerwoods

the east coast is fucking garbage

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Stop living in shitholes like Orlando and Miami and saying the whole place is bad. This is the case for almost every state in the US, with the exception of California which just has too corrupt of a government that blankets the whole thing.

nah FLs gov is just as corrupt. Fuck this shithole state

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Go to good parts like Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Fort Luaderdale

white people will move away. we’ll let the lesser-thans eat one-another. this has happened throughout history. the white tribe is very nomadic.

side note - FL’s awesome if you’re not poor.

theyre all nigger infested. They all suck and are garbage. Shows what you idiots know


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>FL’s awesome if you’re not poor.
people keep saying that. Wtf is so special about it even if you have money? Wow.. the weather and swimming. Who gives a fuck. Get a life you fucking pathetic narcissist money laundering piece of shits

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You just named the nigger cities of the state

I walked out to my car to get something. Humidity today is gross. Made me laugh thinking about the boomers standing in line in this shit weather for the Trumo rally.

Jerseyfag here. Went to school down there. I'm moving back down in a few months and no one can stop me.

why do you fags keep coming here? I don't get it.. wtf do you possibly find here you dont find in better places? You're better off staying in fucking Jersey bro.. my old hometown in NJ was way more white and quiet and safe than this garbage piece of shit (charlotte county)

The job market here is fucking garbage. The gun laws are fucking garbage. Believe it or not the people who still live here are fucking garbage. The taxes are fucking garbage. Also I don't mind Hispanics and most of my family lives down there.


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touche', jersey is garbage for sure. I will say you must be a real cuck to WANT to stay there willingly like 90% of my family. I don't have any senpai down here except parents. I disowned them anyways

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Everything west of and including Panama City Beach, is rightful Alabama clay

Just for that I'm going to vote dem to spite you.
Yeah you're right about cucks being the only ones wanting to stay.

Sup Chris.

Soon zika will cleanse the land and the sun will shine again

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FL native here. Thid state is shit, but still better than some other states I've lived in. It's full of people from all walks of life. It's one big melting pot. We have people from all of the Caribbean countries, S. America, Central America, and Mexico. Not to mention all the nigs that populate the coasts. Florida use to be a beautiful, somewhat white, place to live and raise a family. Now its crime ridden and drug infested thanks to all the junkies coming here for rehab. This place is fucked.

>thanks to all the junkies coming here for rehab

Rampant pain prescriptions made it even worse. “Doctors” only care to line their pockets and will prescribe without batting an eye.

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not anymore. not even true. they wont prescribe ANYTHING now. Its a total opposite situation

Now people cant even get treatment properly unless theyre old boomers

Coral Springs here, this city is rapidly changing and becoming less white. It’s amazing the change in just 5 years. I was just went in chipotle and I was the only white guy. Way too many rental properties here. I’m looking to get the fuck out within the next few years.

how did school/mass shootings make people MOVE HERE MORE (parkland, Pulse, and others.. those places are growing majorly)? WTF is wrong with this shithole country

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I just don’t get it either. The traffic here in Coral Springs has become absurd, I almost don’t even recognize this place anymore and I’ve lived here my whole life.

Port Charlotte?


yup.. its better than other areas but turning to garbage

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I live on the treasure coast, its still pretty nice up here. But yesterday I was down in pompano looking at a car and wow, south florida is way too crowded and congested for me. And everyone is hispanic, black or arab. No thanks.

its spilling all over sadly and theres more shit skins where that came from from up north

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cucks obsessed with guns.. Im pro gun too but just shut the fuck up please

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sweet but psycho

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How's Cape Coral now? I know Fort Myers is stilI a shit hole. I lived there until I was 15. Left in 2007.

hispanics aren't the problem, more niggers = more crime. broward county is close to 50% black now

Why leave FL? I actually left and have been considering moving back. People seem friendlier in FL. More likely to want to hang out. Where would someone want to go instead?

I see a lot of people bringing up race, but FL is 18th for crime in the US so pretty middle of the road there. I feel like most race arguments come down to crime worries and that doesn't apply here.

Also see people mentioning LGBTQ; but that's like 4% of the population. If LGBTQ people bother you then they're super easy to avoid.

Also much better male:female ratio

I've lived in Key West as an illegal immigrant AMA

It’s America’s penis.

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it's politicians sell the people out by keeping them uneducated.

(Coming from a tourist....)

• friendly locals
• I personally find southern accents appealing, charming, and poetic at times
• Good food
• Beautiful Nature
• Lots of activities

• Swamp smell & humidity
• Toll roads
• Hispanics spitting everywhere
• Hispanics not being mindful of their children
• General sketchiness

>Wtf is so special about it
beautiful women, and fantastic beaches. also, i doubt there’s a single black that lives on my barrier island. only mystery meats out here leave when done working. nobody cares about my money laundering ops since they’re also laundering money. not a bad life!

>hispanics aren't the problem

t. Pablo Rosado Gonzalez

The toll roads really piss me off. I actually got stuck going on one and I couldn't turn around so I had no choice but to go through it. 1 hour out of my way, plus gas wasted, plus the toll fee.

Florida is a Boomer containment zone

I'm in North Fort Myers and so only really see east Cape Coral frequently, but good lord is this area getting overpopulated. All of the arterial roads (Pine Island, the 41s, Del Prado etc) are way over capacity during the day, even outside of tourist season. I'm pretty sure most of the new residents are spics, especially over the last 5 years or so. I'm getting pretty sick of all of it.

How's the Crystal River area? Possibly moving that way in the future.

why the fuck are spics moving here.. there's even spic flight going on, thats how bad they and niggers are.

Yea if you love trashy scumbags and niggers..

Drug addicts all over.. people are NOT fucking nicer at all, unless you're talking about north Florida

being stuck in a bubble is not living my friend. But go ahead and go ogle disgusting whores and go to the same boring ass beaches over and over as thats all to do in life but do the same bullshit over and over. Thats pathetic

quieter and not as congested there.. But people INSIST on fucking moving on top of each other like fucking roaches

The Space Coast area is cool.

Im trying to leave too, but tampa bay area is pretty good in the wealthier areas

anything below Tampa and Sarasota is garbage suburban bullshit turning into niggerville

either that or all old ass boomers. depressing

I live here. In Miami, Iam not Hispanic. It doesnt bother me honestly. Idk though I'm what you would consider upper class. Live in nice part of town. If I was middle class I would definitely live else where. The truth is if you have money. You can live most places away from most issues. I've also noticed Hispanics arent as brainwashed as white liberals. In Hispanic culture it's a shame on your family to be an open faggot. Honestly traveling to Atlanta this winter was a real eye opener at how are white liberals have gone down the rabbit whole. I'd honestly rather live around Hispanics than white liberals. They are the only ones pushing this home transgenderism shit schools. Would never fly with the Hispanics here.

You have a point, a huge point... White liberals are the absolute fucking worst, up there with niggers as far as im concerned

theres not enough racist whites here. When hispanics are the most traditional and racist you know something is seriously wrong with your state

Every white person i meet is such a fucking faggot.. so serious about racism and Trump and the same bullshit talking points. Might as well be in NY or Cali

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Honestly dont mind it. Liberal whites make me cringe. Pink haired feminists, basedboy looking men. These type of people are the only ones trying to.push their bullshit ideology on others. Other white people bitch about non whites. The real problem is the brainwashed 50% of liberal whites allowing this bullshit to happen and push this non realistic egalitarian bullshit. Whatever though, Iam out this country one day. Live on an island in the Bahamas or a farm in Argentina. The state of this country makes me sad. To see what it went from when I was growing up to now. People cucking out and being brainwashed so easily in one generation. I just wanna be away from it all.

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We literally have a governor who sucks kike dick at taxpayers expense..

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wasnt Rick Scott even kikeyer?

This is true

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I live in Polk county and I swear there are so many niggers and mutts here

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Yup, and he'll probably run for president one day.

That's because Orlando fags are getting priced out thanks to general kikery.

>bunch of faggots that never lived in Florida bitching about Florida
Ive lived in 4 parts of the state and all of them have been boring suburbs
Its a pretty boring state on the whole

this, me too. i live on intercostal and love fishing here. the only reason stay

nah degeneracy got 1000x worse in 5 years.. its out of hand unless you live in boomerland or middle of nowhere

Florida is not as bad as Cali though


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im a hispanic male 24 yo conservative/alt right living in miami. I agree that most of the people here are shit, but the women and the fishing here is the best in the world and ill never leave. i got my guns locked n loaded in case shit hits the fan, other than that im living in paradise

Being a National Socialist is based

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Do us a favor and fuck off from Miami and take your family with you back to your Latin American shithole

nice bait

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>herp derp gotten so worse
Literally everywhere ive lived in this state has been the same for years
And ive never lived in the middle of nowhere

>Its a pretty boring state on the whole

ah yes so true, its very boring here. nothing to see here. dont bother coming

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>im a hispanic male
>conservative/alt right

you have to go back