This is Caroline Konstnar

She has garnered a mega fuck load of attention for her edgy and humorous shitpostings

See example here

She is a rising star, with a 90's aesthetic, edgy humor that could put pol to shame, attractive to zoomers, and she is also jewish

She admits it in this video

All her content is about what the jews do best, push for a hedonistic lifestyle that promulgates degeneracy.

While she seems to be just another zoomer with internet access and manages to maintain this "down to earth" atmosphere in her videos, she is actually an actress in that has done real work in Hollywood.

How is pol going to step up to a young, hip, liberal, jewish girl that is reaching into the minds of her fellow zoomers. Reaching into their minds and placing in all that hedonistic degeneracy that we fight hard to detour.

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she is also a self admitted bisexual and talks about sex toys often, and also talks about her desire to live like a thot, and never settle down and never have kids

She is going to undo a lot of our hardwork by pushing this degeneracy down the throats of zoomers and they will just eat it up because
ooooo she cute
oooooo she funny

humor ALWAYS wins

Why did she stop acting?

Soph will gas the kike and roast the corpse in an oven.

who knows, but she is growing at a rapid rate
she barely has any content, yet she has a very engaging audience that sits at almost 250k subs
some of her vids have already received over a million views
she barely has any content
yet what she does post is getting her subs and views
at this rate, she will be the next pewdiepie
>a hedonistic, jewish, zoomer, liberal, bisexual pewdiepie

she is growing faster than soph
go to social blade and compare
uploads to audience growth rate
Caroline here is growing at a faster rate with less content
in other words
she can post at the rate that soph does, and give her enough time she'll fucking surpass soph and beyond
she has the potential to become the next pewdiepie
and with her being a degenerate jew, jewtube just might help her achieve such a goal

Her vids only go back 2 months and she's only at 237k subs, give her a decade and then maybe but I don't see this channel getting anywhere near Pewds sub count

"Look at me! Look at me!"

the siren of woman

Neat, I have no idea who soph is. She could also go down the same path as many other ecelebs and end up obscure.

What is this, another LARPer?

>uploads to audience growth rate
>Caroline here is growing at a faster rate with less content

Kosher content gets sponsorships, features, "Artist on the Rise" or "Creator on the Rise" tags, while our good content gets blacklisted and demonetized. Sure seems like they have nothing to hide, right?

Smells like another leftist astroturf operation. Many such cases.

Her fanbase is probably 30 year old boomer pedos

She'll fade into nothing in a month or so

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I meant she is the next pewds in terms of society icon, notary...etc.

She has gained 237k subs, in two months
let that sink in
so in 8 months she could very well be were soph is with less time, less content, shorter content, and content that pushes for jewish degeneracy

>awesome /s

Give her the Anne Frank treatment

hur dur, no
they are all zoomers
read through her comments

the words being written in her comment section are not written by fucking boomers

ignore her and she'll go away.

exactly, that is why I looked into things
because it just simply didn't make sense
that she would have such a massive audience in little time with little content, yet the engagement and views are still there
she "accidently" slipped up and revealed her last name
I looked into who she was, and then BOOM
I found her Imbd page
and seen that she has indeed done some acting in the past
she is a jewish plant

kill it, burn it with fire

yeah, it doesn't work like that
jews are a cancer
you can't just ignore cancer
and hope it goes away
you have to fight the cancer, treat it, acknowledge that it is there and it is a problem

Post nudes

Oh look, a new one. We survived the original.

It's another opinionated, liberal , "sexually liberated" American Jewess. Dime a dozen, honey.

all these snarkey feminazis are all the same. When does she smear period blood on herself?

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you should be scared goyim
she is a super star rising
and she has connections in hollywood
and jewish connections in the synagogue
and zoomers are eating her up on youtube, they love her
they think she is cute, funny, smart edgy and superduper cool yo

>green isn't jewish
she is just a dipshit must be missing the point
humor is effective
and this degenerate little jewish whore is pretty fucking funny and is reaching the minds of zoomers

why do you think she's growing faster in the first place

My yid sense is tingling. "Muh vagina" is not funny. Not only is it not funny, it's the opposite of funny.

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>only 2 months on youtube
>barely has any content
>already has had vids go over a million views
>237k subs
>massive audience engagment
>the likes, comments, and views all add up
her support is genuine, its real
meaning, what she is doing is effective
and what she is pushing is more hedonistic degeneracy

so how is this a pol problem?

what if I told you
she has other videos
she has skits

Sorry for the normie tier humor, I figured it was the best way to communicate with a dipshit like yourself

you must be new around here
>jewish liberal bisexual female with hollywood connections infecting the minds of millions of zoomers without any sort of meaningful pushback

Did you connect the dots yet, goy?

>> “you might be a redneck if”

>> psssstttt *cracks open* now that was comedy.

"Woman" is "funny." Oxymoron. Feminazi comedy channels are everywhere on fucking youtube.

Every bitch on youtube that's not game streaming wants to be Michelle Phan, Jenna Marbles, or Laci Green.

Make up, stupid skits + vlogging, or "woke vlogging" about issues.

The tv is full of jews doing "skits" about their vaginas and poo poo pee pee 24/7/365. What is there to communicate? I've heard this trash a million times already for the last 20 fucking years.

Shut the fuck up you whore shill. She growing due to thirsty beta fucks wanting to pump her aww_schlit. Shes not funny and her lack of content will make her platou fast. you sound like you're 15 peddling this literall who. Fuck off.

Her dad must be a rich Jew and paying some chinks or pahjeets to increase her views,make her go viral.

Jewish American Princess? Who's her dad?

Youtube's algorithm is pushing degenerate faggotry. She's just another idiot pushing globohomo free love crap.

Is this you OP?

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Mein Führer, Soph...

... Soph konnte nicht genug Advertisers für ihren Angriff massieren. Der Angriff Soph ist nicht erfolgt.

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>How do you stop an attention whore?
Gee I wonder

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you should be exiled for posting that

honestly, i've never said this before. but these posts read like they were compiled and curated by multiple people. is this legitimately the discord trannies?

>growing at a faster rate with less content
Have you ever noticed that Jews often rise inexplicably like that on YouTube and in Hollywood? Or just in media, generally?

why should I care about some zoomer thot

isnt soph like a decade younger?

I bet she records in the attic

>Soph couldn't enough advertisers for your attack amass. The attack soph is not followed.

Being able to poorly read German is fun

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>How is pol going to step up to a young, hip, liberal, jewish girl that is reaching into the minds of her fellow zoomers. Reaching into their minds and placing in all that hedonistic degeneracy that we fight hard to detour.
I dont know, maybe one of old school polocks could start an even edgier and funnier gaming channel,
spending years undercover pretending to be your average cucked social justice warrior nordic
only to one day come out naming the jew and redpilling over 4 million daily watchers on their power and influence....

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boomers have been known to hide behind a lack of capitalization, dad

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Who gives a shit? Hahah

You need to calm down

Just make some deepfake porn of her and spam them on her Facebook page with that "Hit or Miss" song playing in the background.

Doesn't need any more attention than that

She's a jew pushing degeneracy in a funny and easily consumable way to gen z.
That's why we give a shit.

This definitely

>concernfagging in 2019

Honestly tho, the easiest thing to do is for one of the guys who are under 18 who browse here should just start a gamming channel, come out as an "ironic national socialist lel" get close to her and become her bf.
Pretty soon she'll be complaining about the jews live on camera (for the keks and "ironically" of course) and the jews will have lost a mouth piece for their degeneracy.
She's a fucking american teen age girl.
It doesnt take much to turn her into race traitor.

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WTF is this degeneracy?

suck my dick
they are the same age
that is funny
no, I am just good at sourcing info at a fast rate
suck my dick

the answer you seek is in the question you ask

How much do you bet that she's the product of years of research the glows and MOSSAD produced on Jow Forums?

Gen zyklon don't consume that shit in the same level that millennials do. So, you could only blame yourself as a father/elder figure if your relatives find attractive the degeneracy
From education and discipline comes order burger ;*

>at this rate, she will be the next pewdiepie
Jewtube is literally trying to replace pewdiepie because they're afraid he's going to go 1488 you retard that's why she's got such an artificially large following all of the sudden.

Absolutely zero coincidence she's a jew. They probably do a wildcard word search in comments and promote a content creator based on how often the word jew is used in their comments.

She seems like an idiot though and Jow Forums will easily be able to manipulate her if she ever does get bigger than a passing fad

I'm sure most of the zoomers just watch her to bash the bishop and then ignore anything she says.
Like me and Scarlett Johansson.

Fuck off kike

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By not giving her attention. Shill yourself somewhere else, kike.

its not artificial, the views, likes, and comments all seem to relate
it isn't like her vids have 32123132123132 views with only 3 likes

She'll beat pewds in a few months with Jewish trickery.

This is the most bugman Silicon Valley shill speak post of all time. Fuck you and Web 2.0
Nobody cares about your buzzwords or your garbage ecelebs.

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nice memeflag oven dodger
go kvetch somewhere you hooknosed Talmud nigger

>1 post by this ID
go sunset yourself nigger
I bet you're a wondering jew, no blood, no soil, no god, nothing.
you're nothing

>two posts by this ID
This is the most generic attention grab shit since the "comedian gets heckled for being a Jew by a racist" that posted here a month or so ago. Fuck out of here with this lame weak attempt at trying to generate some hate popularity for some tool.
Btw. Cool response Avi. I like the part where you went for a character attack with ad homs insted of responding to content. Your typing gives you away. You're bad at your job. We've seen other marketing attempts for years. This is some playground level shilling. Get better. Nobody cares about your client. I left this tab open cause I knew your tactics.

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>Web 2.0

Are we in the early 00's again? Because I liked
Web 2.0 a lot more than the politically correct, censored horseshit full of faceberg normoids, woman and niggers that we have now.

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Social media is web2.0.

>hurrr durrrr youtube would never think to increase the likes along with views to to make it look not suspicious duurrrrr
If there are artificial viewcounts they'll be artificial likes too. Not even the diversity hires who works for jewtube are stupid enough to not realize the two should go hand in hand.

Anyway, the more likely case is algorithm manipulation that gives her videos 1000x greater chance of showing up in the recommended side videos. That's why she has 100:1 up vote ratio. They're selectively, and with bias, pouring in retards who already would like her content despite the content being shit when normally there'd be a more heterogeneous distribution among the jillions of youtube videos these retards would normally see if their feeds werent being manipulated.

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This little girl singing about all the fun you can have with your pussy is well within the tv overton window. Wouldn't surprise me if this yenta had a show within the year.

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I'd say Web 3.0 started with the death of MySpace.

oh how i hate this word, all feminists must be killed

There's no such thing sadly. Web2.0 was and is the corporate wasteland the internet now is. It was a Silicon Valley marketing term for their plan to shift the internet from being nerds online to what it is now. Everyone is online. Everyone is social. You can't even look at funny macros anymore without half of them being screenshots of twitter. Web2.0 was one of the most successful marketing moves of all time. Sadly.

Who the fuck is this "Soph" you're talking about?

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>How is pol going to step up to a young, hip, liberal, jewish girl that is reaching into the minds of her fellow zoomers?

By giving her my benis weanus ofcourse :DDD

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Spam in the coment that men prefer debt free virgins without tattos.

Start calling child services, gents

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literally just a girl who makes comedy vids. i think shills are trying to make us antagonize her on purpose, so that it becomes more likely that she's pushed away from us (not that Jow Forums is an integrated entity, but you know what i mean). i say don't fall for it.

It's you, right? You're coming here for views? Never heard of that slut and I don't care who watches her. Saged. Bye.

Nah, not the jews or anything, this is just leafyishere 3 years later

this seems very fishy, actually... the way OP talks about jews is like he's doing his best impression of Jow Forums. "she is going to undo a lot of our hardwork" awkwardly phrased unwarranted fearmongering about a girl with pretty much common core /b/-tier humor. "she is growing fast!!! get worried and harass her so she hates us forever!!!"

You're not even responding to anybody and defending a degenerate eceleb wannabe

another day, another literal who

Stop defending a degenerate eceleb jew. Who knows if OP is a shill or a schizo with good intentions, but If I had the power, I would just blacklist that channel to nip it in the bud.

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Reminds me of Sarah Peachez

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>click that shit thinking is another "mah 3DPD waifu" shit
>lost my sides
Thanks for the recommendation. I will enjoy this content until the day she becomes a fat deranged feminist like Sarah Silverman past her prime.

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wow another kike subverting culture and society, color me surprised
it's their nature
nothing new under the sun
so tiresome

this motherfuckers are shilling hard as fuck in favor of this bitch
my spider sense tells me we are on the right path about her

stop listening to thots you stupid thirsty beta fucks

yeah, pol has never heard of her before this thread
tf you mean shilling hard for her lately
you frontin' nigga
acting like there are a dozen or so threads about this kikeling

>My Leader, Soph . . .

>. . . Soph couldn't massage (kekus maximus) enough advertisers for her attack.
Attack soph did not ensue.

t. translating very literally

talking just about this thread rotten burger

there will always be a jew to set the bar lower
at least know..

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