Nothing is sacred to these sickos and they’re influencing our youth

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Our President is ahead of the game.

Lmao at the replies from the seething twitcels
>y-ye but ur dad tho... aghaha

Imagine thinking those replies are organic. Twitter has been weaponized by the ZOG to attack anything that goes against their plans at this point. That's why comments are always negative on posts like thes from important people.

Based and redpilled, too bad Don himself is a zionist

Based, can't believe this is controversial.

It's about as organic as you guys using slurs and calling everything reddit.
The stuff you're complaining about is just Twitter's culture lol
Dunking on people in the replies is the norm there.

>ZOG attacks
>zionist occupied government
soooo, Donald Trump J is being attacked by Donald Trump?

I don't know if it would be different in American culture, but prostitution is legal here and it doesn't really attract teens or native women in general despite being quick money.

>It's about as organic as you guys using slurs and calling everything reddit.
That's what (((you))) do you stupid kike. You can't even say kek and you have a fucking meme flag.

>inb4 millions of women fall for ol' reverse psychology bit and drop out of STEM to go become prostitutes to "stick it to Drumpf"

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>heavily monitored and hastily deleted and banned
Quick flag check
Yup everytime

Trump IS the zog. This is just theatre for fools.

Why would people come here to shill is they were not getting paid? 99% of the time it’s the same old lefty arguments that get BTFO on a daily basis. Are you telling me there are that many lefty losers, that just come to/pol to piss us off?

That's because whenever we use facts and sources you faggots fuck back off to Reddit anyway. Why bother? Just call you a nigger.

(((Iol))). Faggit shill isn’t even from Jow Forums let alone/pol.

>let alone/pol.
And you're a zionst shill too who can't even spell Jow Forums. This is why Mossad loses over and over again. You're giant fuckups who are so arrogant you think you don't even have to try and fit in.

muh left

It's a bunch of communists, kikes, and shitskin nationalists, there's no such thing as the left anymore. Why doesn't he actually pick up the phone and call ZOGnald? Oh that's right, they don't actually care about anything other than money and Israel. Pat Buchanan was our last chance, it's been over for a long time.

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Don Jr is based.


Dealing with whores is basically the easiest way to see it shouldn't be legal.

prostitution is caused by capitalism
engels said almost everyone would become a prostitute, and thus we have it occurring with twitch streamers.

If Republicans weren't stupid they'd have the Senate draft up a bill banning hormone therapy and tranny surgery for anyone under the age of 18. Bring it in close to election time and watch the Dems squirm as that becomes an election issue.

Junior 2024??


Trump is getting 3 terms. Then Ivanka will be the first female POTUS and then Don Jr.

>screams about kikes the entire thread
>supports the most ZOG'd president in the history of the US

it's all so tiresome

>prostitution is caused by capitalism
commie brains are absolute fucking irredeemable garbage

It wouldn’t all the tutes would be Mexican, Chinese and black. I’m sure some upscale girls from the eastern block would go work at some high end brothels but your average American girl wouldn’t be fucking for cash.

>dunking on people
Imagine using such a faggoty term. That’s gonna be a big yikes from me guy

If its legal in some parts of America, then isn't your government the ones saying its real work?

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I've actually had a theory about this recently.

I've noticed (and i'm sure you all have) that prostitution is becoming increasingly normalised and seen as socially acceptable. For those who are shy about it they just call it having "sugar daddy", it's like a get out clause " i totally DON'T have sex with old men, they just meet up with me because they're lonely". We all know they're fucking these guys.

Now let's look 20 years into the future. By this time statistically half the female population will be clinically obese and most guys aren't gonna be interested. It's also gonna be hard to find work for the average joe on the street thanks to automation.

This will create the perfect environment for women who don't eat like hippos to make a fucktonne of money through sex work, and the concept of a traditional relationship will finally be dead. It will just be a bunch of lonely horny men acting as paypigs for a few hot girls while the overweight feminists wait to die with their cats.

It's the future. You wait.