Fuck faggots and fuck pride month

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>be me
>Go to Chick-fil-a drive-thru to get lunch
>Come home and open Jow Forums to read while eating
>See this thread

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Based Chick-fil-A

Fuck, you guys are making me hungry.

have sex

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The wails of fags make every bite sweeter.

Agreed but still a slide thread.

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Okay, now what?

Fuck breakfast ending at 1030

I love their politics and their food but I hate their prices and fries. I love BK the most bust they have forced my hand recently into never returning due to their PC bullshit. There now isn't a single fast food burger place I can go to. Arbys sucks, Krystals sucks, Wendys sucks, McDonnalds is PC bullshit, BK is too.

go dilate

>eating food made by others
>eating fast food made by others
>eating literal trash to dumb down the goyim and make you cattle in your 50s dependent on the state
>not cooking yourself
I thought this board was redpilled

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Enjoy diabetes fat American freaks.

indeed user


Damn faggot jannies.

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>imagine being a fatass

w h e w

how about making god tier Burgers yourself at home you fucking imbecile
literally takes like half an hour

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I usually get one when I am out for a drive or headed somewhere.

I can't be a fatass, nowhere for me to buy a damn burger anymore.

Today, OP was not a faggot.

I had chickin minis for breakfast Saturday was not disappointed.

fags are gay lol

Godamn they have the best chicken ever. I want a spicy chicken sandwich so fkn BAD

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>nowhere for me to buy a damn burger anymore

>no time stamp
why even?

I’m a trans woman and I love chic fil a

wendys is decent

I like buying a bottle of sake and getting a wendys bacon cheeseburger
on a bad day I’ll put on a new episode of some anime and have the burger and sake and pass out. Its the fucking best.

>I thought this board was redpilled
Then you were retarded

Hey I have mental issues too!

No, i don't think i will, but you goon ahead.

God is Good...

Get your diet in order white man

Look more like a burger than what you’d get at Mickey Ds or Bk.

dont be mean to me

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sex is gay

>eating highly processed degenerate fast food that will kill you and sap testosterone levels in order to own the libs

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what a comfy thread

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You have no idea what you're talking about.

>lumping chik-fil-a in with other fast foods.

Same. We’re based.

Calm down, boy. And thanks for wasting the digits

Chick-fil-a and Wendy's are the fast food choice of the alt-right.

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kill yourself faggot

I'll be eating there tonight.

no problem!

>eating chick fil a because of autistic political motives
>not because the food is fucking good

I'm eating the leftover pad thai that my submissive kathoey wife packed for my lunch. No, im not a faggot. But she is.

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Is this virtue signaling?

Why? What right do you have that you require and expect everyone to be nice to you?

Where in his post does it say he isnt doing both?