Why there can never be a white ethno-state.(From a black man)

The reason a white ethno-state can never exist is because of how Western socialization and education works. White people are socialized and educated at large to believe they are above certain jobs and lifestyles. This is implied through how history is taught. They would never take on jobs like trashmen en mass. Black people on the other hand are socialized and educated to have extreme humility, implied through the fact that we are taught that we exclusively cone from slaves, though we are also related to wealthy colonials(the founders). This is done to psychologically groom us to accept lower positions in society. The whole integration thing was essentially a ploy to ensure white oversight of black education. LBJ said it best, so long as you give white people someone to look down on, they will empty their pockets for you. A white ethno-state can not exist under the current paradigm because their would be an immense shortage in low level jobs.

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We have plenty of retards to sweep the floors and clean the toilets Jamal.

Based abeed

T. Lebanese

Some shit logic right here. So when America was majority white, no menial jobs were performed?

Total BS.

Go to any of the last remaining suburbs or rural areas with high white populations, white people are happy to do any job (and almost always with a smile, and more professionalism than any other race), and do it well.


> black
> extreme humility


Blacks have the highest arrogance with absolutely no basis in achievement whatsoever. Indians, for example, are humble, but yet have achieved much.

All in all your post is a long winded way of saying hurrr durrr whitey keeps us down.

Fuck off nigger

The cattle could be "educated" to believe in bullshit, they can be steered back to the truth.

I disagree, user.

Some may look at the black community as lazy, entitled, and over all lacking in intelligence. For example, that same LBJ also said, "I'll have these Niggers voting Democratic for 200 Years." This of course in response to Government hand outs and other various political games.

I think there could be a white ethno-state, and I also think there could be a black ethno-state, latino, asian, the list can go on and on. The trick is to get the people in the middle. The ones that believe in doing the right thing. The ones that believe in hard work no matter what it is. The ones that care about their fellow man. That's the people that can make any ethno state.

By ones in the middle, I'm talking slim numbers. 15%-20% of white people MIGHT qualify for this. There's not a big margin here and it would need a constant cleansing. I think the % gap is larger for latins, possibly larger for asians, maybe smaller for black people.

I don't think black people, as a whole, were raised to be "extremely humble" as you said. Maybe in your area, but as a whole, they're dicks. Then again, some of the shittiest people I know are white folk so let's just agree that shitty people are shitty people.

Our culture only steers us to higher jobs because you shitskins took those jobs and devalued them, and we don’t want to be associated with you or be completely broke like you are

None of this would be the case if you were all removed

In early America pre 1776 many states especially the poorer more agricultural focused ones, were over %50 black and/or native. The US has always had a robust black designated underclass, it is a major factor that went into it becoming what it is today. It actually followed the Arab/nafri model in a way.

>ooga booga whites are taught theyre better than everyone
No we're not. Im not interested in proving it to you. Go live in a ghetto with just blacks.

wh*Teoids are weak, there White Women want Black Kings to fill there womb, nothing you can do about it wh*Teboi.
wh*Tes getting castrated, hung, and tortured alive is what puts a smile on my face
White Women are cheering for that day.
they betrayed you wh*Teboi because BBC is just that fucking addicting


Nah I live in the UK and white people do the jobs “only minorities would do” all the time. They’re just paid slightly better and people don’t look down on those professions as much

Smh at All these middle class whites in this thread thinking they know the struggles of a black man. These mofos have not a clue

Who do you think did that shit back when our society was entirely white dipshit?

god she's beautiful

We are educated and socialized to have extreme humility, doesn't mean it actually happens. Though most black people are humble servants, you just never hear about them. The violent, impulsive types garner most of the attention, and we have alot of them.

>Why there can never be a white ethno-state
because of that girl

> A discussion on race (From a black man)
> Here we go, lads.

>A discussion on race (From a black man).
>Strap in, lads.

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Dirty nigress hair

I would plant my flag on her soil, if you catch my drift.

Fuck off

Spoke like a true viking

whites aren't trash collectors because we don't want to raise our families in shitshacks

Our society was never entirely white. I come from a prominent slave trading family, and in colonial America, importing black Africans for the purpose of servitude was big business back then, it is what developed the americas agriculturally. You guys hate black people because you don't understand them or how to interact with them. Most white Americans today are relatively recent European immigrants, and simply have not had enough exposure to blacks to adapt to what dealing with them is like.

The white mans weakness for the DARK MEAT is what staved our hand from eradicating the nigger race

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Make not working illegal, people who refuse to work are send to labor camps, people who refuse to cooperate are executed.

Still a better solution than replacing the population with a race of people that have an IQ that borders on an mental handicap.

Thanks for adding to my mulatta folder.

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Very true

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Looks like an Ethiopian chick I used to mess around with.

This is a low IQ talking point, you know who could do low level jobs? High school/College students and ex-cons, you could also have new immigrants work jobs that help the society for a certain number of years before becoming citizens... you know, giving something to the society before they get the benefits... there are tons of solutions that do not involve low iq brown people "doing jobs whites wont do"


One word: ROBOTS

>low test homosexual thinks his opinion on women matters

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I would totally bang a non-white, but black women are not attractive, plus 50% of the sexually active ones in America have herpes. Asian, Indian, Hispanic, White are all superior to blacks

Not dark enuff
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Also imma need a name for op image


How about this one then?

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robots can be any color with a simple reskinning
>her closet is full of skins and faces

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Mulattos like cardi b are way hotter than white girls.

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>estonian niggerlover is still alive
I thought you killed yourself, like most of your fellow countrymen.

low test söy bugman confirmed

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they're just too different for me to really interact with. They're more emotional and impulsive than Europeans.

She cute but I'm a sucker for girls covered in makeup, girl in your pic seems too wholesome to fap to

Yes, I am aware that wholesome girls are a meme, I'm just talking about the image

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Pride, a deep sense of pride.

They're silent irl though.
Then they whip out the ar15 when theres nothing left.

Neo-Nephilim, quite literally.
They had the chance to be great... but the lack of divine empathy.... its caused them to be infertile & bitter.

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Muppet faced slut, yes top of the line user



>(From a black man)
translation: a white commie fag that wishes he were a gay nigger



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looks jewish

>White people are socialized and educated at large to believe they are above certain jobs and lifestyles.
Not every white person is some faggot gentrifying leftist that niggers like you interact with

Id had gone postal long ago without some vigorous stimulation of the melanin receptors under my foreskin

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>Black people on the other hand are socialized and educated to have extreme humility

Leave the house.

She does, actually

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So jews. Yes that is correct.

That could be with anyone retard...

Holy fuck get some social skills & learn to fucking adapt cave dweller

There were no black Founding Fathers. A few rapes don’t count as being related to wealthy colonials.
This is just blatantly incorrect. There was never a point at which the non-white population was that high. From the War of Independence through the industrial revolution, poor whites did the vas majority of menial jobs. You are poorly educated with anti-American propaganda.

>claw nails
Fucking disgusting

but it's so comfy to be a cave dweller, user

OP is an obvious joke/troll post or else he's retarded, but that aside, the bit you quoted is kind of true. Except I wouldn't use the word "humility", it's more of an inferiority complex

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SBC (small black cock) is WEAK

Havent seen you in sometime estonian user! How's life?

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Black Americans as an ethnic group are mult-racial and their white component is largely derived from colonial era whites that were wealthy enough to own slaves. This is a genetic fact.

I detest claw nails, but I gotta say, if that stops you from giving it to bernice burgos or real any of the chicks posted in this thread, ur some kinda homo

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Meanwhile outside of OP's nigger mind:
>23 million out of the 40 million niggers in the U.S. are on Welfare.

His girl looks cute wish she didn't have an MSPaint blindfold on tho

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Why is there like a 50% chance that any Ass on here will post bbc cuckslop?

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Im pretty good mate, thanks
Imagine those claws wrapped around your sack and cock gently edging you until you loose all control

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what happens if she gets pregnant? now you're the father of an amerimutt.

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So you're telling me once these menial jobs are automated then the white ethnostate can exist? Thanks I'll use this as reference

A black ethnostate would be even harder to form.


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Mate I feel like this is one of those arguments where nobody is really contradicting each other
On topic, weaves and weird hair colors on black sluts makes me giga diamonds, who's got some of that

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>Imagine those claws wrapped around your sack and cock gently edging you until you loose all control


Could've fooled me, and I live in about 50/50 black/white, and played football with many black up into college. the black ego is something to behold.

They already exist. The only peoples that do not have an ethno-state are whites, unless you consider eastern Europeans white.

>educated to have extreme humility
I guess even the notion of humility is too complex for them to learn then?

Also the whole "only niggers and shitskins will do the dirty jobs is plain false".Whites don't do it for 2 reasons.
1.Low birth rates
2.The shit jobs are demographically overrepresented with shitskins witch causes white flight.
Take me for example I would gladly work as a Garbage man as a summer job but won't because only gypsy shitskins work there.

niggers need huwite genes to survive

>impregnating a woman
>in 2019

Just where are you trying to take this conversation?

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Thanks mate, my mixed gf. Face is covered for obvious reasons

It's a very sad life of the turkroach.

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You probably arnt far wrong. Also whites will sell the next generation out if it means they live well.
Unfortunately there is no resisting this.

>black people have extreme humility
if true they wouldnt steal
but they do

>50/50 black/white

You at least race mixed one time like the cool kids, right user?

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Id pump her full of baby batter with the consistency of a metronome

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more like white feminists craving black dick

Eastern Europeans are white you filthy mutt; in my homeland a woman can walk the streets at 3am with no fear of tape because there’s no negros or beandips or poos to rape them. Pretty fucking comfy for some “non-white” Eastern Euros.

white people can build rockets, st peters basilica, the parthenon and nuclear submarines but their society would collapse if niggers and spics didnt clean the toilets


No, a white ethnostate will never exist because white guilt is the religion replacing christianity at incredible rates among whites
But I mean really who cares if some retards buy an island and pretend to have a country

> shit grammar and sentence construction
> shit vocabulary
black man confirmed, no need to post BBC

Hey black man, why put up with this? Build Africa like you did, America.

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When I get really into it I get really out of rhythm/inaccurate with my thrusting, guess it's cuz I'm white xdddd

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>no fear of tape
I lold

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christianity is a jew religion

Lots of white kids tell their parents they want to be garbage men before they get brainwashed by public schools

Show flag leaf

Statistically shown not to be a thing, I cba to dig it up but foids are notoriously racist and white worshipping

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>meme flag
If Germany had a robust underclass of blacks to work the factories and logistics while they fought on the front lines like America did, they would not have completely collapsed logistically and might have stood a chance.