What are the views of Jow Forums of the most popular religeons?

What are your thougts on
and other popular religions Jow Forums?
Bonus points for discussion of little known religeons like Zorastrianism

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Christianity is the truth, fuck all the other religions.

I must agree I am an Englishman living in Kekistan and Christianity is the only true religion

nu-pol get out

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The religious system really doesn't matter. What matters more is that a people have a strong sense of who they are and where they came from, with a knowledge of their history and culture, and engagement with it constantly though customs and special days. The religion that exists on top of that can be anything, and just gives the individual life some meaning among the collective life. If we remember who we are and regain that knowledge and speak for it, and incarnate it, then we could be Christian, Buddhist, even Islamic, and all it would be is window dressing to the ethnic identity underneath which is prior. Having said that, most of the hard work is already done with Christianity in Europe, and the average European thinks of Christianity as a "European religion"* anyway despite that being factually untrue.

*all the great religions are global by nature

FPBP Glory to Christ


>Christianity is the truth, fuck all the other religions.
meme flag Israelis

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Not for whites

Shut the fuck up you kike and go suck on your shekels

Secret sheckle shuffling service in a synagogue

Bahai: gay uber internationalist faith "everybody is correct" religion literally a worthless hippie faith. Has no place anywhere as it lacks a people.
Buddhism: interestinf religion and has aspects whites can adopt that could be beneficial. I respect them but ultimately it is a religion founded by an Asian and as such is a non-white faith and has no business in our nations.
Christianity: largely cucked, you cant find one church that doesnt bend over for either niggers, spics, kikes or some combination of all three. Largely defeatist and apathetic, have failed at both combating the Jew for centuries and today fail at retaining white numbers and defending against degeneracy. Hugely outdated and unevolved. Finally its also a foreign faith with all it's figures being jews.
Hinduism: an interesting set of faiths which we can draw from but ultimately its the faith of the Indians and not us and as such belongs in India and not white nations.
Islam: religion of the Arabs, again has no place in white nations.
Jainism: pacifistic garbage, has no place anywhere.
Judaism: kike Talmud faith, hopefully it will burn when the jews do.
Wicca: lonely cat lady the religion, another hippie faith with no people or connection to anything. Literally wouldnt exist if we didnt allow women to traps around like retards.
Shinto: interesting faith, we can learn some things from it but ultimately its the faith of the Japanese. It is their faith for their people, not ours.
Sikh: repsectable shitskins, preferable to muslims but belong in their nations, not ours. Same goes with their faith.
Taoism: another interesting faith but again it is non white so doesn't belong in our nations. Might be literal chinese subversion as well.

There is only one way to Heaven.

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Well done user this is the sort of post I wanted here I also agree sadly Christianity has gotten cucked...

>Siddhartha Gautama
American education.

Also, stop thinking in such a bullshit materialist way. ALL great religions that have come down to us are global. You'll never find a religion that is as biologically founded as what you want and get people to follow it. Read what I said

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What are your thougts on
The only true religion. Anything else is pure Satan worship, intentional or not.
Not really organized enough to be called a religion. Even so, it's a fag religion.
Created by a merchant to get gibs.
They worship Moloch.
Gets some things right, but not everything.
>Bonus points for discussion of little known religeons like Zorastrianism
Again, gets some things right. Definitely a precursor to Christianity.

>The only true religio
>They worship Moloch.
EL = Moloch

Baal El = Yahwey

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organized religions = organized crime.
abrahamic institutions are fronts for organ trade, pedophilia, and sex trafficking.
Eastern institutions mainly peddle kiddies and opium.

Be agnostic or deist, you don't need a book or building to find God.

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>>The only true religio
>>They worship Moloch.
>EL = Moloch
>Baal El = Yahwey
Christians worship Moloch

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>organized religions = organized crime.
Interesting post

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Is Nepal not located in Asia? Maybe we can get to a perfect blood based religion but we can do a lot better than following an Arab or jew based faith. These non white faiths distort the very thing you state is needed for us, our "sense of who we are and where we came from" you cany follow the faiths of arabs, jews or asians as a white without cognitive dissonance as ultimately those faiths form both the foundations of those peoples beliefs (who they are), their mythos (who they were) and what they should strive towards (what they will be). It may be so that our spirit can shine through no matter the conditions but as can be shown from its modern suffocation that isnt always the case. I dont want my peoples glory to be shining through the weight of a foreign faith, glimmers greatness but rather for it to be glaring and empowered by a faith and spirituality that is uniquley of our spirit.


It's not about that, but the common themes and behaviours which a society operates in and how it unites them. Japan is 9/10 atheist but also has 4/5 people taking part in Shinto ceremonies and prayers regularly.

>bonus points for Zoroastrianism

Well since all religions are a perversion of Zoroastrianism

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His post went way over your head.

>organized religions = organized crime.
>abrahamic institutions are fronts for organ trade, pedophilia, and sex trafficking.
>Eastern institutions mainly peddle kiddies and opium.
>Be agnostic or deist, you don't need a book or building to find God.

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The truth
Retarded heresy
The synagoge of Satan
Retarded heresy

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YHWH is not el. El is a generic term for god. And el isn't Moloch and Moloch isn't Baal. Try harder next time.


Pure polytheism, they worship more than 1 entity (mary, Jesus, God, Saints). Jesus wasn't God so they also worship a human-being, which is pure heresy. Christianity has its good things, but that's only when you combine the old and new testament, current Christians read the new testament with cucked interpretations.


I like the idea of a caste system, a social hierarchy and how close the Kali Yuga comes to my senses when viewing the Apocalypse. However, just like Christianity the Hindus worship more than 1 deity and that's heresy and against the principles of monotheism.


Islam needs to be defined, the purist Islam is the only based religion in existence, its basically monotheism on steroids and I think that's the closest thing that I can get. No worship of humans, no worship of idols, no worship of saints (the heretic sufis do that though). Yes, Islam is the only true religion with real effective social control, political institution and theology all combined. Something Christians wish that their religion could be, something many alt righters wish their ideology would be. Islam is the only solution to this world.


Judaism is also very based, in essence it's closer to purist monotheism and they are closer to the truth than Christians and Hindus, Jews don't worship humans or idols (some worship saints though).


It's not interesting enough.

Buddha was a Shakya, or an Indo-Aryan. The oldest datable representation of the Buddha has him appear like this. Note the hefty moustache.
>Maybe we can get to a perfect blood based religion
You wont because religions by their very nature have to have you looking above what is of this world and towards higher forms. If you deify your blood in a literal sense then you're basically just a Jew and over time will have all the flaws and behaviours they themselves exhibit that results in expulsions and pogroms.
> our "sense of who we are and where we came from"
That's called history. Things like songs and stories that tell of the past of your people.
Here's a song from England centuries ago, still sung by Anglo-Americans centuries later because it spoke of a strong ethnic heritage:
(note: Richard Thompson is a Muslim convert, so this sense of ethnic heritage does overpower religions)
> I dont want my peoples glory to be shining through the weight of a foreign faith
It wont. No one ever called the British Empire a Christian Empire except if they want to use one to discredit the other.

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Once Great Britain youtube.com/watch?v=HerQ4ZUApKQ&t=14s

Russia Today youtube.com/watch?v=NJo9VdTtRYs

America youtube.com/watch?v=iWm8WYfxX88&t=30s

Australia youtube.com/watch?v=j77XIUcxRdQ

Sweden youtube.com/watch?v=6ESx_ArqqS8&t=64s



Kike detected.

>His post went way over your head.
No it didn't. He's basically just preaching individualism, which is not what religion has ever been about no matter how much the central tenants might say so.

It's arrogance to think any religion is correct at understanding what God's will is. Just observe the natural order and be humbled you are a part of it and therefore a part of a greater thing we may never come to fully understand but never stop trying to understand it.

Please do not cause d&c amongst our brothers.

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yeah right, kiss my ass L'Chaimfag
Christ is King

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discord gg/VMynpex
discord gg/VMynpex
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