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Don't worry it's 4D chess......right??

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fuckin' based.

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I'd imagine there are fewer people voting for him this time around. People have been brainwashed into supporting him because it gets them attention.

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lucky the democrats are still the same so he'll win with 10% of the support

A foreign leader shows appreciation to the President...
What’s the big deal?

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Shut up

stay mad achmed

Based. Only nazi scum and commie tards are against this.

emperor of jewkind

This is alright, and Trump recognising Jerusalem and the Golan Heights is not a problem either.

Giving Israel billions of taxpayer dollars is not okay, however.

Ooga Booga. You’re the same tribe as Achmed.

>Giving a terrorist state the 'okay' to break international laws is alright
Why do half of Mossad's shills always have leaf flags?

Why is nobody shooting up shit like this?

Because half of Mossad lives in Canada.

>Let's ignore the actual terrorists who celebrated on 9/11

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Your president is shilling for the terrorist state, YOUR president.


Who? The Israelis?

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You mean the palestinian parasites?

Also Saudi Arabia is run by Jews and works with Israel and US on a daily basis to secure Zionist goals.


Now only if Trump with the help of Israel can genocide all wh*Teoid males, and leave all the White Females to Black Kings

Ahhh yid is projecting again

>In a ceremony today Russian President Vladimir Putin named a new community in Crimea "Trumpgrad"
What would be the reaction to this news?

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>the parasite cries out in pain as it accuses others
nuke israel

“hides” in Canada.

he gave more than we imagined. he's a great goy. only thing missing is the war with iran and he'll be an outstanding goy!

Looking forward to that.

Are you going to participate, for once. KEK

Sure. we'll give them Instructions where and when to attack.