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I'm getting sick of this stupid website. Jow Forums is cool but the people who use it are retards. You cant even have a conversation here every reply is just angry memes like "nigger" "kike" "leaf" etc. Is that how you idiots talk to people in real life? No wonder nobody here has a job or a girlfriend.

I don't get it though whats the point of this place if every body just says the same thing every time. I thought it would be funny cause you guys make all the memes but all you do is call each other names.

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they might look adequate in carefully-photographed social media images, but when you see one of the freaks in the flesh it is alarmingly-obvious
even if, and it's a big "if", a man was to megadose hormones, get plastic surgery, and overdose on cosmetics, you can see it in the way they move. the bone structure is different and everyone can instinctively detect it.

Faggots gonna fag. Film at 11.


wh*Te women hate you wh*Teboi they love BBC tho, stop coping

trans women are the future

>shitters always posting pol btfo
>it never is

disappointment intensifies


checks out

welp, guess i'm becoming a tranny as well

bye boys, it was nice knowing you Jow Forums

LGBT is a thing of the past.

Glownigger slide thread.

Check'd. Purge all faggots.

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There's also the freakish man-hands.
If they went through puberty, it's painfully obvious.
You can't hide your bones.

Why are they all named natalie or zoe

Why not an after photo taken from the same angle? Is it because we'd then see the male skull shape, male jawline, male orbital socket placement, male everything?

>spends 3 years transitioning
>dealing with social stigma
>dealing with personal family stigma
>finally accomplish goal
>uses it to let niggers fuck in your anus

I want to see how feminine his dick is now

Is this the same person as from the "I might be sterile but my wife isn't" pic?

>Literally cannot have children
>Is the future

Umm, sweetie.

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Imagine being so much of a brainlet that you can't separate your experience of being a semi-successful porn star to that of the average beat-looking goofy tranny.

Grow thicker virtual skin and it will be better. You should follow my advice because you're here forever

Jow Forums is high iq, you need to separate the banter from the useful content at speeds of miliseconds to become a useful member. It's the pinacle of what'll be the attention spam evolutionary challenge of the digital revolution.

holy shit what a fucking faggot

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>the person i always wanted to be
want. not need.
never forget that that trannies are just guys who want to be girls so they can get the bbc

look at the jenner faggot
he's got to be the highest-profile tranny on the planet with access to all sorts of surgery and cosmetics
and yet he fools nobody
there is a tranny fag clerk in my favorite grocery store now, and it really is just a man with long hair. im not trying to sound edgy or anything, but invokes a level of disgust in me where i have to pull from real effort to not do anything aggressive. it's like you're seeing something so wrong that it is personally insulting. cant really describe it

how is pol btfo over this?

is there any site that have promoted more trap and trans stuff than Jow Forums...

Why do you complain so much. Bunch of whore attention & shills...

Nigger, nigger, cuck? Jajaja, faggot shit cunt piss, kike! BTFO!

of women's sports

Which is why they avoid the light of day like vampires and lurk in bars and nightclubs, where they can fool drunk men into bed and then try guilting them into having sex with them

>"ok, that's kinda wholesome"
>realize that while the person on the left looks respectable, if I search the name of the person in the right on my porn folder, the first result is a video of it getting rammed by a black dildo bigger than my forearm

The thing is on porn. Just google the name.

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Looks like someone skipped their electroshock therapy treatments. I can fix that

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Anyone here have the mega with all of Natalie Mars' porn?

I'd fuck him


reminder that dude shoves horse dildos up his ass im sure hes very happy

They have always lost me whenever I look then from behind while walking. You can see there's something wrong with their butts before even looking at their faces.

If you wouldn't marry you are gay.

>meme angle to hide man jaw
>zero boobs
>enormous wig to hide gross male hairline
>photoshopped adams apple
>8' schlong that just wont go down no matter how many pills he takes

Hmm that last part is kind of hot actually.

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don't forget to dilate

so only took him three and a half year to turn into a full blow degenerate with no way back
40% soon

stale pasta
nigger kike leaf

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Natalie Mars is on porn, he actually looks alright.

The actual problem, is why the fuck would someone want to go from having a respectable job to become a prostitute under lenses, which a google search revel images of yourself being fucked by niggers, and is known from nothing more besides being masturbation fuel for degenerates.

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Wait a couple of years.

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Insane mutant. Cage it

Based. I love femboys.

Go to Reddit you dumb cunt

I was just kidding. Trannies make me puke. The people that find them attractive are damaged.

Voice is almost always a dead giveaway too. Honestly don't even know if I should say "almost." Very possible it's literally just always since 100% of the cases I've seen to date have a not at all subtle male voice.

shes obviously happier like this, just having the dysphoria gone is probably really good for her.
Then she gets the emotional and sexual validation of thousands of guys masterbating to her thinking shes pretty.
And she probably gets paid decently for it, more than any respectable job she could have.

Right and then in 5 years he'll blow her brains out and some poor bastard will have to mop up the mess

This is true
I remember when many years ago on /b/, it was trivial to troll people posting pictures of women who were actually guys. They were "traps". Eventually they started liking these traps though, and slippery slope did its job .

doubt it.

fuck off then faggot
bet you’re a leaf behind that meme flag, only a leaf wouldn’t appreciate that the abuse they get it justified by the abysmal content they post.

One thing is wanting to fuck one, other pretty different is damaging yourself irreversibly to become one. Even worse on Natalie Mars case, becoming a pornstar, and know everyone that looks at you have already seen you being ravaged by multiple dicks.

Imagine being proud of having pictures of you like this being easily found on google. I don't know how OP thinks we are losing here, dude just BTFO himself. 100% sure he will off himself in the future.

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>300 years later

"Gee, we' ve found a MALE skeleton!"

>He can never change his genes or bone structure
>Trannyfaggots eternally BTFO'd

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Natalie Mars is ugly as fuck. Funny enough though the creator of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta wants to fuck "her"

you have videos of man dressed as a woman getting analy penetrated on your computer, how do you even look at yourself in the mirror??

Have sex, incels.

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Where to find woman like this, the grocery store?

Why are most tranny celebrities porn stars?

Why are you posting Adam Sessler itt?


I'm trying

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>always wanted to work as a porn star
way to set the bar for yourself


I'm tempted to believe that "Natalie Mars" is the actual name he took when he went into porn. Once he gets too old for porn, it's going to suck trying to find a job when his potential employers look up his name.


This past month have been great to find and fuck traps. The pride shit speeches, shows, and things related are full of then, and they are all easy to fuck. You will still need to be patient to not show your powerlevel tough, the amount of crap they say on their speeches is enraging. I have never seen a bigger bunch of whiney people as the so called "lgbt community". They gather in places just to cry about how people dislike then for being annoying degenerates.

Use protection tough, traps are sacks of DSTs.

I have way worse shit, to be honest. I'm just an innocent predator, when the day of the rope happens I will be hanging people with you and nobody won't even know about it. The secret of having a good life is pissing on morals but keeping it discrete.

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I’d probably be happier tripping my balls on cocktail of crack and heroine right now. I wouldn’t be making society a better place. We should exile that from our society as we should eunuchs.

that fag can sit on a bigass horsedick

Trannies are so god damn narcissistic that they shoved their cocks into their bodies so they could fuck themselves 24/7

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lol brazil the connoisseur of butts

Sage goes in all fields

are you an actual favelado?

whiteoids when all of you become some kind of variation of faggot dont act surprised when Islam and the Chinese roll over you cucks in 20 years

Leaf nigger kike detected

Yes. Rio de Janigger is my country.

Because it's a fetish

We should be taking bets on when it will kill itself.

Even in medieval times eunuchs were worth more than your powerless peasant ass

sometimes it really do be like that

To be fair, that's also how most biological women look past their prime

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I looked it up first time I saw this image. Still has a skinny ass mans body. Just a shit load of makeup on the face that sometimes fools you until you get a look from the wrong angle and the illusion is broken.

This is honestly the best you can do in a transition and its still not a woman.

Makeup was taught to humans by demons.

are these retards nsane? You only get to be a mentally I'll fuckhole maybe through your 20's up till your mid 30's until your body breaks down and all the fuckery you've been doing to it starts manifesting itself and you revert to being a fuckng man with an uncanny valley face. Is being a pron addicted degenerate fuxkhole worth it for such a short period of time?


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Begone satanic digits

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Yeah well how did that work out for Röhm? Show some self control have some respect for yourself, and for manhood itself which apparently you revel in defiling. You have no place hanging anyone besides yourself.

look what I did to your graph, leaf

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How is he going to live with a stretched-out asshole like that?
Wear diapers every day after he hits 40?

I have a wife and she knows I watch my back around niggers, faggot.

Sex is the reproductive act, babies come out of vaginas.

I started my transition 18 months ago. How do I look guys?

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