Historic time, biggest place, most financially significant, 6 grids with no physical damage and no cascade report (look at power CO's spokesman's presser)

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But the led American flag stayed lit the entire time...Yeah I don't think it was Iran.

thx faisal

plz show my packet distribution, im right

Or it could just be that your entire power grid is from the middle ages.
Way to act like a boomer and not reflect on your own problems retard.

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How retarded do you have to be to think that a power outage is Iran’s fault?

can wait for that hunk of shit to be sunk

kike retarded

Power is already back on. Nobody gives 2 shits.

>led American flag stayed lit the entire time

that's powered with debt

Are you happy with yourself now retard ?

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>hot out
>eight million idiots turn on their AC
>poorly maintained, even commercial AC is running at 66% efficiency on average
>residential efficiencies must be dire
>wonder why power fails

This is officially a Bolton posting thread get in here faggots

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Yeah, it can be tough being so far ahead of every other country on Earth. We tend to lose interest in things we invented 100 years ago. It's something of a character flaw I guess.

By Jow Forums standards, probably in the bottom quartile. The bottom 5% is mostly flat earthers.

Fuck yeah about fucking time.

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You'll be waiting for a long time. Stupid child.

> We tend to lose interest in things we invented 100 years ago
Yeah, you're pretty much acting like the niggers in congo with their railways back in the 1900s...
Are you trying to make yourself look like an absolute moron or are you actually that retarded ?

ya'll right, clearly their cyber offensive is inept and despite being 2019 our capitalistic focus is directed on the private sector

I can understand your resentment and jealousy. The fact that your country would not exist except for the generosity of the United States must weigh heavily. But you really shouldn't feel that way. Americans appreciate Belgium's contribution to civilization. I myself enjoy waffles a couple of times a year.

My Cousin worked for Consolidated Edison in NYC and now works in Upstate NY (Utica/Syracuse Interconnect Area) Spoke to him earlier around 9:00PM. Said there was NO EQUIPMENT FAILURES in NYC as far as he could determine because the Power was being restored. His opinion was SOMEBODY GOT INTO THE CONTROLLERS that keep the NYC Subsystem Districts operating and deliberately caused a Targeted Shutdown. In palin language THE NYC POWER CONTROL SYSTEM WAS HACKED INTO AN SOMEBODY DID THIS TO SEND A MESSAGE.

Again this was the opinion of a guy who's got 17 years in the Electric Business, 5 years with ConEd in NYC and the balance as a Electrical Transmission and Distribution Supervisor in Upstate NY.

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>I myself enjoy waffles a couple of times a year.
fucking superior button-pushing right here

>My Cousin worked for Consolidated Edison
Yeah, well my Dad works for Nintendo.

>not working for nintendo power

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Watch the documentary Zero Day. When NSA and Mossad made Stuxnet, it was perfect. Destructive and undetectable. Then the kikes unilaterally changed the code making it discoverable. That inspired a generation of young Iranians to join their cyber warfare initiative as revenge. As with everything bad, the Joos are responsible.

Funniest shit I've read all day

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based of iran for trying to start the great chimpout of our time

this but unironically. america's energy grid can be easily knocked out because of how outdated (and unguarded) the substations are.

>america's energy grid can be easily knocked out because of how outdated (and unguarded) the substations are.
It's not a singular thing, and very well distributed. There are damn near 9000 electrical power plants in the US.