Your stance on theft

This article was on pol last month:

Just made me think, the majority of you were okay with a nigger getting shot over $2. Are you okay with shooting your employer if he cheats you, lets say, if you are 10 minutes late and he ends up deducting an hour from your paycheck. Didn't your employer just rob you for far more than this nigger did?

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I am ok with niggers being shot and killed for breathing our air.

You're talking about a convenience store clerk in fucking Memphrica. He was certainly getting robbed ALL THE FUCKING TIME by local negroes, and his hot Arabian temper finally caused him to explode. Utterly predictable.

Are you seriously asking pol if it's wrong for a black to be killed for stealing? Fucking leaf, as always

>the majority of you were okay with a nigger getting shot over $2
what makes you think that?

Thanks leaf, reminded me I have beer! :-)

>he ends up deducting an hour from your paycheck

I report him to the appropriate authories and recieve compensation for their unlawful actions, mostly becuase I live in a first world country.

your scenarios don't really reflect the fact that I am also glad that the clerk got found guilty of murder

Its a shame really, the black kid had a long criminal career ahead of him.

lmao. the belgian user that i got the story from quit his job at midnight when he was supposed to be supervising wood being baked in the oven, without contracting his boss, causing thousands of euros in damages. how much compensation will you get for $20 being deducted from your hourly wage?


so why is the black considered a criminal, but not the employer that cheats his employees.

This has been done to me and I am 100% pro shooting that boss

Assuming it's not in the contract that my employer is allowed to do that, yes.

If it was a white I'd say there's no real reason to protect your property with that much enthusiasm for $2, but considering it's a black I don't give a shit.

I really like videos of criminals dying.
Please post them, boys.

Ones a crime one is a civil issue

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You're comparing a nigger stealing to you wanting to show up late to work because you are a lazy snow nigger? I think you need to get shot.

blacks kill themselves all the time over $2 beers.

why is it special when a store clerk does it?

kikes like you should be burned alive.

Why is it that liberal snow nigger leafs think that they have to work somewhere and the boss has to pay them "a living wage"? If you're showing up late for work then you're not getting paid for work. Also, if you kill your boss for cheating you then you are going to jail. If you kill a nigger for a $2 beer then you are going to jail. What is the fucking issue you goddamn retard?

how about if you were 1 min late you fucking subhuman, should you bend over and spread your asscheeks for your boss?

What nigger? Kill yourself commie faggot.

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Got a hurricane named after him...

Right. OP is a commie retard nig

So thats why I didn't hear about this.

What employer does this you fag?

It’s not about the money. It’s about sending a message.

Easy, just report your supervisor to HR and they’ll take care of the rest

Idk how it works but the employer might have protected himself by getting you to sign something that says he can do that. Otherwise yes.
Same goes for the employer. They won't cheat you just once.

An employer that cheats his employees IS a thief. Who do you think is arguing in favor of cheating employees, you fucking idiot? The fact that others are also criminals doesn't excuse someone for being a criminal.

Shooting someone over 2$ over beer is kind of fucked up

But I can gaueentee to you this wasn't an isolated experience, chances are he's been robbed before and decided it wasn't happening again
People like you make me sick, you HAVE to make it clear he was black and not just a thief.

Who in this thread has said that? You dishonest fuck

You don't actually have a job, do you.
Lazy idiot.

Good. One less parasite roaming the streets. The vast majority of niggers are worthless and barely coherent meat-bags of organic flesh. The less niggers there are, the better off all of society is.

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nobody said that, you fucking nigger

He is leaf? Also the boss probably aint black.

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> Just made me think, the majority of you were okay with a nigger getting shot over $2

I am ok with a nigger getting shot over $0

> Are you okay with shooting your employer if he cheats you, lets say, if you are 10 minutes late and he ends up deducting an hour from your paycheck. Didn't your employer just rob you for far more than this nigger did?

Why must you retards always compare a consensual contract with literal theft?

just because it wasn't explicitly said, doesn't mean it isn't implied you stupid fucks. what does this post imply?

kill niggers for $0 dollars stolen, but omg the poor employer robbing you. it was a consensual robbery.

get fucked lmao. time to admit you are all just dicksucking racist fucks that wouldn't mid getting rammed in the ass.

>It was implied because I say so

You're fucking pathetic and clearly a kike

One time, my boss at work took my lunch out of the break room fridge and when I caught an intern putting drain cleaner in his coffee the next day, I didn't bother telling him or signing his stupid get well card. If he ever docked my pay, I'd cut the breaks in his car.

I know, right? I never understood the mentality of faggot non-Americans. Its part of the reason I had my son circumcised. Why should some helpless creature that depends on me for almost everything have any right deciding which parts of his body he keeps? I'm the person keeping him alive, it's my choice.

coming from the flag that consumes the most cuckold pornography, why am i surprised.

>Nigger syntax

Calhoun, get the rope.

If nigger animals didn't steal they wouldn't get their chimp heads blown off.

>Are you okay with shooting your employer if he cheats you
If he's a nigger, yeah, sure.

im just ok with black people being shot

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my employer is not a nigger tho leaf so fuck the nigger and fuck you too bitchlet

>refuse to prosecute property crime as a state policy
>society self-enforces

Don't be late or get a different job if you don't want your pay deducted. Or if you're late and you know you'll be docked an hour's pay just don't go until you're an hour late, retard faggot. It's pretty simple to get around, really. Just stop being retarded

The problem is that they always try to rationalize it.

"He was killed over a two dollar beer!"

No. He was killed during the commission of a crime, and committing crimes is inherently dangerous. You are putting yourself in a position where your life may depend on how innocent, unprepared people react to your crimes against them. It's not their fault if they don't respond to your criminal act with what you consider to be a proper response.