Your Guns Won’t Save You

Second amendment people have focused so much on that one amendment they have given up the 4th amendment. I would argue they have also effectively abdicated the first. If all you care about is having guns and nothing else, they'll let you have them.

How many drag queen story hours do you think happen right next door or down the street from a guy with 20 long rifles and thousands of rounds of ammo in his basement and he doesn't do shit? Doesn’t even turn up to protest without his guns?

The USA has no southern border, they openly brag that they are getting rid of the white race, patriots can't say the pledge of allegiance in a public park without the cops working with mobs of left wing punks to assault them and set them up on bogus charges. Guns don't mean shit.

Honestly the feds laugh at gun fags. Go ahead and keep those guns boomer. Meanwhile we're just over here replacing your entire race and exposing your grandkids to sexual predators in public institutions. Enjoy.

The second amendment means you can have a nice shiny collection of larpy gear in your basement that you will only ever use at the range or out inna woods somewhere, but never in any actual real scenario, not even self defense. You are also politically neutered in other areas.

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I mean, you're not wrong to critique, Ivan, but why are you interested?
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I'll keep my guns and take me chances

that wasn’t what I said at all.

I’m saying if you don’t organize against the state and stop their gradual encroachment into every part of your life then your guns won’t be of any use.

Learn to read before you reply.

Why do you assume I’m Russian FBI?

if guns weren't a threat to the government then the government wouldn't want to ban them. take your hormones then off to bed with you.


You touch our guns and we'll drink your blood from a boot.

This corporate bitch is right tho.

you fucking retard read the OP.

My point is the government WONT take your guns if that’s the only thing they’ll fight over but they WILL take all your other rights.

Your gun rights do not exist to protect just themselves they exist to protect all your other rights that the government is tearing apart right now.

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I have the great honor of knowing were fucks
Feds already disarmed me
Qanon was a honeypot and now they dew torture me every day
Im slitting my wrists in the next month

The 2nd amendment means every oppressive action the oligarchy performs in public needs extensive resources spent on police protection. Those story hours often have snipers guarding them, it costs them in manpower. It slows the decay and that's why they resent it.


How many times are you going to post this Ishmael?

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Kikery abound in the thread...

>Oi Vey! You cant fight against the government! Turn in your guns goyim! Vote for Dems because mentally ill 50yr old have a right to sleep with your newborns!

I wouldn't have to assume anything if you showed your flag, faggot.
People responding to this are faggots.

When Israel is nuked.

I’m saying the EXACT OPPOSITE retard

I’m Portuguese

user thats not how that works.

Giving up guns is a guaranteed way to give up the other rights. You act like people don't fight for their other rights because some gun grabbers got their panties in a bunch after the FBI/CIA/MOSSAD shot up some kids wearing all-black and then blaming it on some mental deficient kid on SSRIs.