And all it took was $5000 worth of Chinese drones

and all it took was $5000 worth of Chinese drones

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If Netanyahu thinks this will start a war he's a retard.

War, when?

That's one way to raise oil price.

China is winning.

BB will not get reelected. Cope harder Khazar.

best timeline
no mercy for Yahudi Arabia

>Saudis get fucked, whole country is hacking on the fumes from their burning econony
>Yemeni people dance and party like fuxking ewoks screaming "yub nub" and banging on drums made out of scrap metal
>Bibi is cucked and articles come out showing hes scared of the s400 in Syria
Hahaha this fuckin timeline

>and all it took was $5000 worth of Chinese drones
Imagine how pathetic western mass shooters are that they cannot do this kind of damage, that these sandniggers have been doing for over a decade. With drones the terrorists have more range than artillery. Mass shootings are the popcorn fart of terrorism.

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>Gas prices soar overnight

Fucking trump an the GOP just can’t leave 3rd world countries alone. I don’t EVER want to hear you complain about immigrants EVER again if you’re the one causing them to leave.

Bump, what could potentially happen?

Nice timing

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>yahudi arabia

Would have been better if it happened on the 11th.

Looks like a scan to raise oil price

lmao 5% of the worlds oil is fucked overnight by some hillbilly goat farmers with paper airplanes.

The 1979 (or second) oil crisis or oil shock occurred in the world due to decreased oil output in the wake of the Iranian Revolution. Despite the fact that global oil supply decreased by only ~4%, widespread panic resulted, driving the price far higher. The price of crude oil more than doubled to $39.50 per barrel over the next 12 months, and long lines once again appeared at gas stations, as they had in the 1973 oil crisis.[2]

>yfw this leads to societal collapse

But I can't burn a pile of leaves because "pollution."

lol retard, blowing up an oil plant isn't terrorism, it's war

i'm glad my office has free EV charging, all the rednecks are going to be fucked

>Start a war
>Current year 2019
>Yemen war started in 2015

80-90% of your electricity comes from fossil fuels, ~⅓ of it being oil.

soooo......are the joos sending the mutts to die in jemen now ?

10.000 jemeni Kids literaly starve now because they had to raise that 5000 bucks for the drone

Yesterday, you were saying the drones were from Walmart.

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I suspect in that case there was concern that the drop could potentially be far higher if unrest spread to neighbouring countries. Now-a-days oil production isn't so heavily focused on the middle east so this attack doesn't matter as much.

Are you retarded?
This is an Iran vs Saudi war with the yemenites as proxy.

0.5 from column A, 0.5 from column B

If Yemeni rebels can do this imagine what white people could do with drones

If that doesn't work, he'll just wait until the Mutual Defense Treaty is signed, and then fake an act of war by Iran against Israel. Trump is 100% an asset of the Jews. They're just pretending he's a reformer to prevent actual reform.

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Iran doesn't want to start a war with America through its allies. It's CIA or Israel.

>he'll just wait
He can't wait because he's going to prison and that treaty will never be signed.

They're devout believers so they're willing to endure for Allah

Only ten? That's not so bad. Did you perhaps mean 10,000?

Iran did a pretty good job there.

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Imagine if this leads to war, four years from now the fallout from another big oil war, forced carbon tax and more on the way.

I doubt the draft would work in America at this point. Most whites are overweight and blacks are well blacks. A war now would only showcase the decline in America and its loss as superpower status.

Who's drones??

Actual drone swarm tactics, interesting shit. Makes me wonder what the big boys have locked away they could pull out for the next ww.

Iran (Mossad *wink*) of course, who else.

wow cool.. another drone strike thread.. still we don't know WHO FUCK KEEPS SUCKING ALL THESE FUCKING COCKS??!!?



Did the drones drop explosives, or just kamikaze their way in there?

I wonder what my oil stock will do on monday.

Give proof

I wonder who could be behind this drone attack.

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Are we sure it wasn't the alt righters?

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Bet russia is happy

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inb4 CNN claims it was the russians.

DJI with 4k camera attachment

Fill up your gas tanks and all your jerry cans NOW you stupid fucking faggots.

If I had proof, I'd share it, but think: what gain could Iran possibly hope for by picking a fight with Saudi Arabia, an ally of the USA, when major American factions have been grasping for some excuse to bomb it into the stone age?

Remember how Iraq went. They invaded Kuwait, which wasn't an American ally, and thought they had America's go-ahead. Then it became a huge excuse for military-industrial complex spending.

Based glow nigger. Nice meme.

Based Houtis being extremely cost-efficient.
Now that is smart drone warfare.

One does wonder why the Palestinians don't just use drones to kill a bunch of israeli settlers from far far far away in an efficient manner, instead of using a bunch of guys shooting the settler houses with imprecise rocket attacks.

Good fuck the Saudis I hope it was the CIA

but I drive an EV

isn't raising oil prices good for the us?


iran is run by cia, so yea it was

White supremacists are the biggest threat to society

Because they can't and the other sand niggers didn't do this either mossad did

No fags like you are.

obvious false flag is obvious false flag

no, since no one accepts us oil internationally anymore

Shut the fuck up Mr. White subhuman

They want their oil to increase in value. They're hurting.

Wow, what a coincidence! Two days after the FBI says it will release the names of the Saudis involved in the 9/11 FF, a Saudi oil refinery goes up in flames, taking the heat off the KSA head choppers.

Just like 9/11, when on 9/10 Sec Defense Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 TRILLION was missing from the Pentagon, which should of been the lead story on 9/11, but it got buried in the WTC rubble...

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wrong you dumb ass anglo, it's just that
>of course, you anglos are too retarded to get it