Lmaoooo whiteys btfo

Lmaoooo whiteys btfo.

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That's not the wall



It’s always a memeflag

Is that a net I see?

More like YOUR logic, discernment and critical thinking skills BTFO

Sorry, snowflake...

Mass migration doesn't end till governments secure their borders with lethal force.

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C'mon, you think Mexicans would put this much thought into it?

When that happens you just apply grease. An old and effective anti-climbing agent. You can use it on the top 1 meter for excelent effect without hurting the environment.

They and those from countries farther south go through a lot to get here. A fence is unlikely to baffle them.

Chain link

one man can easily carry this and rig it, simple and cheap solution

Doubt that is the wall.

they are climbing a chainlink fence, which is absent in the actual new barrier

Is this trying to convince me that we should be letting in people who have nothing better to do, no job or prospects, nothing more going on in their lives than making a game out of breaking the law

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Real wall will have automated miniguns every 10 feet tho

>carrying a ladder through the desert while avoiding detection

>Implying they get stopped in the Mexican desert

Time to hook up the electricity

Wtf is that shit op

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>*corrodes your wall

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Landmine the Mexican side of the border. Landmine the perimeter of California as well just to be safe

Fat goblinas can climb the wall too.


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didn't know salt could go through concrete (that's inside the slats)

You have obviously never met a Mexican mechanic or construction worker. Those motherfuckers can rig anything together from anything. It doesn’t take them any thought, it just comes natural to them.

It is when you faggots are telling us how much wall Trump built. It sure as tuck counts as “the wall” then for you stupid tucking 4dchess boomer retards.


is it not just a steel frame for what would become the wall?

>thats not a wall! THIS is a wall!

How much would it cost electrify the fence?

Well, at least some of them will fall to their death.
I'd personally put barbwire on top as is custom for any serious fence, but that's just me.

there should be someone at the wall charging people for climbing it. Then they can take the money and build a wall with it.

Do you know how hard it would be to make this contraption if you’re a 5”3 pan faced Guatemalan

Here, have aside diagram of a shit wall that works

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why do you keep coming here?

they didn't even put rusty barbed wire at the top and spikes traps with pressure trips

That’s bushes 15 foot fence
This is trump’s wall

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concrete is very permeable

I'd personally see to it that life here for this people is so unbearable that staying in whatever shithole they crawled out of would be preferable.
No healthcare.
No education.
No getting a job.
5 years hard labor to anyone caught.
Ban any language but English to be spoken in a place that receives tax dollars.
No need for a fence, wall, whatever.

Maybe now people will realize we need to just start killing them.

>concrete is very permeable
With salt?
Fucking retard.

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Also make it so no crime committed against an illegal will be investigated. No drain on police resources. No access to public funds or food stamps either obviously. If anchor babies are still legal and can obtain housing, then no non-citizens can live there with them.

that sucks but at least immigrants help boost our GDP

>only US citizens have access to legal protections
based and rome-pilled

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It's going to be fucking funny when these goblinoids become the dominant demographic in any state. The social and public services will just break down completely. Rolling power outages, police vacancy, water polluted, schools shut down.

Can't wait

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Solved by putting barbed wire on the inside of the fence.

Take away the gibs deny them employment and the problem will solve itself

this is all so tiresome. Can't you burgers just shoot the fuckers? This is like watching a hiking tournament when it's the fucking border of a nation. Fucking clown world.

>the wall people

Theyre not climbing the 30ft one with the thingamajiggy on top of it.

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That's not the wall tho

>some people can climb the fence
>that means thousands of families can
>even if some people can climb the wall it means the wall is useless

This is such lazy argumentation. Some people can break into your house! I guess locks are pointless then!!

>hiking tournament

the fuck kinds of sports do you have in debtland?

They do the Mexican government detains more people than the USA one

>imagine being a american and calling that thing a wall

Thats old border fence. Notice height difference and lack of plate on top. Nice try at. sage.



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Because not all of us came here around 2016 and since this place used to not be r/The_Donald 2. Why do you come here when you still have your home?

Delete this!!
Jeeeezus Murphy

He’s not a MIGApede redditfugee so that’s highly unlikely.

That's a decades old model wall/fence.

Leap that wall....if you're so great

>Non-toxic grease protects the birdos

The actual wall is 30 feet tall, the one in OP's pic looks like 15 feet.

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How you gonna get the ladder up tho?

Theyre really just encouraging us to shoot on sight at this point, huh?

Trump supporters are uneducated shitbags who unironically vote against their own economic interests

what are they supposed to do? throw a fucking heavy ass ladder on to the fence?

That's not even the same wall Trump was showing. That's old segments built by bush admin.

Why doesn't the fence have barbed wire at the top?

Good, we get able bodied slaves not the 300 pounder welfare vampires.

I'm pro-immigrant/slavery btw.

Do you think Marcia and her 4 year old son can use this?

>1 post by this ID
Kikes love rolling in hubris right before the host nation turns it’s gaze upon them.

LOOK MA! Target practice.

Are you fucking 12?

I always knew limp wristed soibois posted on their iPhones here.

here is a blueprint for the retarded amerilards

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yes dumbfuck
it dilutes in water

>still spamming the years old bullshit
Fuck off nigger.

Btfo by people who throw away their toilet paper into a regular waste basket because their society is too extremely poor and dim witted to do anything other than menial narcotic producing tasks and your reasoning is because they can climb a fence? Monkeys can climb trees and speak to me in sign language, I prefer them to south Americans. Lol, I wonder what the majority sound like when they scream, will they all sound the same just asthey do when they complain or will cries be individually heard?

I pray boomers are still alive so they can deal with this horror from the confines of their retirement home. I am sure Mercedes and BMW will take good care of them during the blackouts.

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Shut up you tucking taggot mutt

They're bots.


New segments are twice that height and the gaps are small enough that you can't do a leg wrap and climb up.

>vote against their own economic interests.
Nice try.
I'm immune to bribes (gibs) from politicians.

This is pro-immigration propaganda. Those mexicans "that can do anything" always have a white guy telling them exactly what to do.

The demoshats and their little stooges know this, they're just thirsty for a win.

Oh that must be why their country is better than America and americans keep moving to Mexico because they have a better chance at a better life there oh wait

Try getting your pregnant wife over it so you can have an anchor baby... or your 15 fat kids over it.
>"Look, some healthy young adults can climb the wall!"
Great. People can do that. But not everyone. In fact, most cannot.
Waiting on the video of some asshole falling off and snapping their neck so the media can cry about the humanity of it.

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What do you get out of sucking on spic dick? Why are you trying to virtue signal here? ALL of the worst mechanics are beaners who cut corners and rip people off.

>he doesn't know how to spot a phoneposter
way to out yourself, newfag.

How do you say tough murder is spanish? Lmao if a wetback pops out a spic right on top of the fence whose responsiblity is it? Also would be hilarious if its a kid holding onto his overweight mothers back like a gorilla as she climbs the fence and then makes a mistake and falls onto her fat back crushing her monkeyman son, and its all us white peoples fault

Mx ninja warrior is actually what I wanted for the wall they should build it so the only way through is over the wall so if you're dumb and fat you can stay in Mexico thx goodbye

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put cameras and sentry guns on the wall