Most white Americans are fairly recent immigrants

With that said, why do they feel they have the right to complain about black Americans so much given they(most whites in America) came here by choice, knowing we were already here. You should be thanking us for laying the groundwork so you didn’t have to starve in Europe.

Ellis Island was a mistake.

>InB4 crime statistics and shit.

You have no frame of reference from which to judge us, given that we are in no way immigrants, so our relationship with the federal government is completely different from all you immigrant derived peoples.

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Try to not get shot by one of your kind pal

No critical issue with the concept in my country of blacks descendent from people imported without agency. I can generally avoid you and ignore your overexaggerated impact on culture. We have a problem when you consistently vote to destroy the 85/15 demographic makeup just because it’s bundled with your free gibs.

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Most of them are now mixed with the orignal WASP colonists. We didn't want you here, the Southern plantation class did


The truth hurts I know, but it needs to be said.

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because niggers are subhuman. they turn wherever they are to shit.


Even if that is true blacks are mixed with the founding stock also, so that point is moot.

>Most white Americans are fairly recent immigrants

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You were given the chance to go home. Niggers are lazy. Inb4 mules and acreage and shit.


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>You have no frame of reference from which to Judge
People in Europe live under Black American occupation. Randomslavians can't have kids or keep their dicks or associate with who they want to associate with because of a context independent imposition of American leftist culture, which is inherently niggercentric.

>denying facts
It is you retards that decided to go down this “Who is more American” path. It was poorly thought out on your part.


That's factually false. Most white Americans are German and immigrated here in the 19th century, or Anglo-Saxon and immigrated here prior to that.

Moreover even in reference to immigrant whites, your statement is objectively wrong. Those people have the right to complain about shitbloods like you because you're worthless. You are a net drain on THEM even though they just got here.

How fucking humiliating is it to know that a bunch of fucking immigrants have to carry you disgusting mud people even after we've spent trillions of dollars trying to AT LEAST bring you onto the same level as Mexicans? You can't even fucking do that.

Someone denying your made up bullshit does not mean they are denying facts.

Nope. Most Whites in America are not "recent immigrants" at all. Not even close.

You are seething, because he is objectively right.

speak for yourself. My genealogy on my moms side goes back to the fucking mayflower.

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most fairly recent immigrant white Americans were born in the USSR

you got cucked by the communists

Google the stats. Most white Americans today are the descendants of immigrant post 1800. However hard it is for you to accept this is a FACT. Denying facts makes you just as bad as the people you cry about on the left.

>on my moms side
So like one ancestor out of a thousand. The fact I brought up is a serious point of insecurity for whites in America, so you guys will cling to anything to cope.

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Katy Perry (Perreira) is actually half Portuguese.

1635 fuck you

Take your beloved trump for example, He is the picture of the standard white American, from an ancestry standpoint.


Those self-report stats inflate German ancestry because people forget their WASP Ancestry

>According the source, Katy Perry, who was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, adopted “Perry” from her mother’s maiden name: “The Perry branch of her family is of Portuguese origin (more specifically, Azorean) […] Three of her great-great-grandparents hailed from the Azores and it’s Horta that gets the bragging rights for her Perry origins” — writes the Huffpost.

>In most instances, the name “Perry” is the anglicization of “Pereira” a very common Portuguese surname which translates to “pear tree.”

i dont think you understand how ancestry works.
Then again, niggers dont understand a lot of things, hence your low Socioeconomic status and predisposition to crime.

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Cope harder.

How would they starve? All you niggers did was pick cotton.

>Cope harder.
Not surprising. A simple argument from a simple mind. Go rob a liquor store or something.

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>given that we are in no way immigrants
Sounds like an admission that you have to go back...

I literally got here yesterday. You're still a nigger though.

Well if they are recent immigrants. Then blacks can not expect them to pay reparation, for slaves never owned.

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my 5th great grandfather died in the revolutionary war. My family created this nation.

All fucking niggers must fucking hang.

My ancestors were here before there was a country.

Even going to the hey day of Ellis Island, those Europeans still came here before the Hispanics and others.

>The photoshop hrs put into those tits
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It doesn't matter, whites created this society, niggers did not. You were a nigger slave, you were never even meant to exist alongside us, it was all a mistake. Niggers must go back to africa, this is not your country, it never was and never will be.

Most black americans are fairly recent immigrants as well. There are barely any true "my ancestors as slaves in america" black families left. They're all coming from haiti and south America.

Statistically this is unlikely,


>B-But you are not allowed to mention the thousands of rapes and murders by niggers!
Fuck off retard.

My dad's family came over to the US in the 1840s.
My mom's family came over in the early 1700s and helped bring us the cursed state known as Pennsylvania.


You are not going to get a serious debate here by saying you are black man. I believe that you are black and probably smart, but there is no interest in logic about your points on this board.

Blacks ruin everywhere they go on Earth and don't try to fix their own community from within.

Being a smart black person must be so lonely.

>With that said, why do they feel they have the right to complain about black Americans so much given they(most whites in America) came here by choice, knowing we were already here. You should be thanking us for laying the groundwork so you didn’t have to starve in Europe.
They don't have a right to complain. It's mostly just retardation that has resulted in the growth of white ethnonationalism recently. This is a product of entitled white people realizing that they don't get everything for free anymore and have to work for stuff, just like everyone else. Some white people are butthurt mad that they're no longer being treated as privileged and special.

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This. Fuck blacks and their racism

So is your mom smelly and inbred like 99.9% of whites in PA?

No, quality white Quakers mixed with French aristocrats. Also they got the fuck out of PA and went to MI in later generations.

Neato, ya got some documents to prove that shit hombre?


>the one state worse than PA
How are you even posting with an American flag, Leaf?

Fuck you I'm no god damn Leaf! Although I did have family that lived in Bay City, MI and they came over to America from the Orkney Islands and Ireland (got married in Toronto).

Mishitgan is Canada. This is just a fact.

You need to back up your assertion. Burden of proof is on you.

Canada is just an Upper UP.

Is that you Hotep Jesus? You are literally a retarded nigger. Blacks never invented the wheel until whites showed up. And for the record, it was the jews who did slavery, not whites.

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Speak for yourself nigger half of my family comes from Native American tribes and the other half have been here pretty much since the 1600s. Only immigrant in my blood is some Irish heritage that married in.

Absolutely this

This isn’t true.

My family has been here since 1680, my wife’s family since 1629.

You see, its not like this is about wrong and right, just conquer land, make your rules. Ending of the story. Its not like moral actually is important...

it doesnt matter. if you are born here or come here and follow the laws and speak english you are AMERICAN!!!

Katy Perry

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You're god damn right!

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He looks jew to me.

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>upper province
Glad we agree.


Upper Peninsula. You've never even been to Michigan have you god damn state pleb.

All of them jews.

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america is weak and no one will care for mexicans in 80 years anyway. but good luck immigrating to europe - shithole but still better than china (their big disappointment is still coming up and will be great fun... that smug assholes). eu is really good. give vote next time

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Oh yeah it was actually the Jews btw.Sure, American Whites lynched like 300 something niggers for raping White women and what not.

I'm a Semite, AMA.

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Who gives a shot about America, you have no culture, no history, no legacy to preserve

Best part "We kicked your ass in the revolutionary war duuuuuude"

>Posted by a Irish/German/Italian/Jew Mutt whose ancestors had nothing to do with that war

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Unfortunately I have had the displeasure of bring to both the upper province and the lower province.

Why is backyard one word and front yard is two words?

Say "thank you White man for bringing civilization to us, sanitation, railroads, European languages, modern infrastructure, guns, etc".

You're right about this one, but those commie niggers got what they deserved. Guess who destroyed Rhodesia? Jews.

Is that a meme flag? What country is that?

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Where did all the f(l)ags go?

People are not fond of details and almost nobody is an actual racist.

>muh all Whites are equal
>muh all Germanic nations are equal
>muh all Germans are equal

It would be the best individuals from the non-Med nations, Slavs are out except for select individuals. Maybe get rid of the Irish too except for a few.

>9 post by this ID

Nah, almost all Whites are out and you have top-tier Germanics and that's about it. Maybe select individuals from the top-tier of other Whiteoids.

You guys are racist.

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