Brit/pol/ - Tim is Free Edition

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Let's dance, gents.

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I fucking hate wehraboos so fucking much
>hurr if hitler had wun da war da joos wouldnt av med me beat off to traps

Fucking pathetic.

no one cares retard. Germany should've won WWI and that's about all that matters

You disgust me

Just farted into a bowl of popcorn and served it piping hot to my 7 year old stepdaughter. I am watching her consume the gas bread with an erection. Sitting here like a territorial goose waiting to honk and attack the second I see her nipples.

Been up all night doing drugs.

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>no one cares retard
take your own advice

that wasn't advice

now it is retard

>now it is retard
take your own advice

Churchill was a degenerate fat cunt who doomed this nation.

Simple as.

you're a degenerate fat cunt too.

everyone stop being meanies :(

>i need hitler cos gay people frighten me

Its DA JOOS fault

Is r/ukpolitics down or something?

Fuck off you gullible cunt.



How did he doom this nation?

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fuck its true

You're fucking right it's true. We broke him out.

Please don't encourage Tim to do bad things on Twitter, lads.

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>Prostitutes the nation to the US
>Bends over to the Soviets at Yalta
There's more to hate about him than dubious Jewish links

Mate no one wants to see his cock

Whats up cunts, you crying cos 8gag got shoahed? Fuck off.

Hi bongs

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a little thing called "gang raping germany instead of the commies"

Hindsight is 20/20 vision. He beleived he was in a fight for national survival against same enemy hed fought just 20yrs prior.

especially when the mad cunt posted pictures of his cum
I mean really

fuckin cracker of a song that

He was a loathsome cunt. Should have been tried for his incompetency at Gallipoli.

We didn’t need to fight in WWI either.

hopefully he's a little more stable now. we need more singinguitarplaying videos and Tim shouting at the builders and less dripping spunk.

He doesn't need encouragement

>more Tim shouting at the builders
No we fucking don't.

to quote Blackadder, "it was just too hard not to have a war"

>muh 8gag

i've never used it, and i've been here for years

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>He beleived he was in a fight for national survival against same enemy hed fought just 20yrs prior.
And we, to a large extent, were, it's a) the extent of financial self-harm done with securities that the British people allowed to be confiscated in good faith and patriotic spirit, and b) cucking to the Soviets just because the Yanks bullied him into it, when he knew full well it was a bad idea and was just trading one expansionist state in the East for another, less agreeable one, that I take issue with

fuck off eddie it's obvious it's you baiting you faggot mong

I saved you meme.

yes I'm sure when the kikes met him and convinced him for no (((reason))) other than
>tt-they're the bad guys, remember ww1? go get them winnny


I bear more grudges
Than lonely high court judges
When you sleep
I will creep
Into your thoughts
Like a bad debt
That you can't pay
Take the easy way
And give in
Yeah, and let me in

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Snapped yer mams shoes yet?

*Flag of the most dominant country on Earth has entered the thread*

Don't worry guys it's just me

ill snap you like a twig shitskin

That pic is so fucking weird

>when the kikes met him
lol, did they send the CEO of Judaism?

Maybe ask yer mam to do it

tfw when your phone call got timmy sectioned, but hes out of the nuthouse still crazed

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Seems odd that he pushed it too far after being posted on Brit/pol/
I think some meanies encouraged him.

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Do you think they've helped him at all, or did they just want the bed back?

Stfu newfag

For sure but measured appraisement of his flaws is very different from the muh hortler sperging you get here

>everyone who btfos me is eddie

Rent free lil c

The only thing he ever responded to was the picture of buzz lightyear though

pretty sure that was just coincidence you avatarfagging cunt

byrne has been known for years

good argument
to snap you like a twig? sure she wouldn't mind

Fired Sarah Champion for writing a newspaper article about it


He wanted to, but it was unfeasible at the time

Churchill was useless at everything except giving speeches and wasting the lives of european people

>shite military commander
>luvs strategic bombing but then shifts the blame to the RAF
>said he supported the "keep britain white" campaign after the war but either didn't really or was too incompetent to get anything done
>Was an obese drunk
>totally shrewd opportunist lacking any real conviction

he is no different from real tories, if he had been born in the 40s he'd be sitting with ken clarke

you've literally been btfo'd the last 3 threads fella. reality check.

lil c

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muh supporting caste

i think they probably tried to help, but in the end they couldn't

>maaaaammm can you beat up the mean people on the internet for meeeeeeeee

Reminder that lil c ACTUALLY thought Churchill was the one who started WW2 until corrected by the Anonymongs of brit/pol/

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wrong again, either eddie of pube

you fucking NORFS PISS ME OFF

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Will he be moving back to his rented flat

Kek, only been posting for 1/2 hour, you fucking mummies boy.

lil c is a b cup at best

Isn’t that the same with every nutter? I mean look at Eddie, there’s no helping him either

>*shuts your kike mouth*

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Can’t stop looking at black women and their big bottoms lads

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3 posts all about me. want my autograph or something signed little guy?
still not posted proof I said he started it larping brainlet

Cant wait for winter lads.

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>>said he supported the "keep britain white" campaign after the war but either didn't really or was too incompetent to get anything done
There wasn't really much he could do desu

I know it seems impossible to believe, after all who could be as stupid as to believe something like "Churchill was influenced by the kikes to get involved in the war" but feast your eyes on the historical illiteracy of lil c

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have some nice pale celtic milkers

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>avatarfagging cunt

Tripfag, Namefag

>avatarfagging cunt
Is this some millennial thing, newfren?

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just bic'd me head lads, feels nice

oh no no no no??
lil c is now flat-out denying he said it out of embarrassment?

>There wasn't really much he could do desu

more excuses

with some there is some chance, either through drugs or just a change of environment but for others - they're just a drain on society forever

still waiting for you to show where I said he started ww2, not that he was ENCOURAGED to ENTER. nice cope though brainlet. another easy dub for me.
>b-bbbut you said this which meant that
nice false claim backed up with no proof

>after all who could be as stupid as to believe something like "Churchill was influenced by the kikes to get involved in the war"

that literally happened though

No thanks m8 I already have pictures saved on my phone of a whores blown out arsehole so anything made by you would be redundant

Don't play being fucking retarded, you know exactly what you're doing.

Love how this shill stopped replying to my post where I BTFO him about churchill, leddit fag

Ass over tits

>not that he was ENCOURAGED to ENTER
How would Churchill be encouraged to enter anything, when he was a backbench MP you brainlet? When you say "encouraged to enter the war" it implies that either the war was currently ongoing and Churchill entered it or that Churchill started the war.
Churchill was a backbench MP at the outbreak of the War.


weird to have pics of your mum like that on your phone, fair enough, know you lot like it kept in the family
you've done a number on him

I'm visiting bonglund from December to January how cold does it get??

Well, what do you think he should/could have done? Given the he was only in Opposition from the end of the War to 1950, and was a strokey 'flid from '53 to his death, what master move was he meant to pull in 1950-53 to keep Britain ethnically homogeneous?

Fuck off he wasnt in govt immediately, he campigned against the post war immigration acts.

Christ why cant naztards into history
>but DA JOOS changed it to confuse muh aryan brain

Why are you being a meanie?

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Real chilly lad

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>n-nnno you meant this not this, which means you said that
making assumptions to try to back up your false claim, nice cope brainlet
have you not been bothering to read the entire last thread of replies? or are you just choosing to be retarded at this point you muppet?

>for mutual assistance in case of a military invasion from Germany, as specified in a secret protocol
>from Germany
I literally quoted it in the last thread, kek.
state of you