Jow Forums why havent you seen rambo yet?

>made by stallone himself
>anti bean
>pro gun
>pro wall
>only movie EVER to document mexican sex trafficking

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go back to your containment board jew If you must see a movie, pirate it. Don't fund jewish hollywood.

>movie funds stallone who is one of the only conservatives in hollywood

>every single kike reviewer is trashing it because of its "trumpian" message

nice try steinbergblatt

Made by an ex-pornstar you say?

The entire film is shot in Bulgaria btw. ;)

lol imagine giving a shit about Rambo since the first movie.

Anything produced by Hollywood is in support of the globalist kike regime. By going to see these films you are bankrolling your own genocide.

>dont have fun because jews

lol take medicine


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actually had to google this

thats fucking wild. where in bulgaria do they have deserts?

waiting for a torrent

This movie is pretty unique as far as the structure goes.
Halfway through the movie it feels like it's "ending" but then it kicks into turbo drive and Mexican cartel gets savaged.

>>anti bean

gee user, i dunno

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should I just get WASTED and fucking clap and throw my popcorn around in the theater?

you could say its a bone chilling slow burn thriller

The only thing 'conservatives' conserve is Israel. You're a kike or cryptokike. Whichever it is, it doesn't matter. Go back to your containment board jew.

oh lol i thought it was more north but you are basically turkogreeks

Can't stand stallone but when the entire media apparatus is attacking this movie for showing cartel members in a bad light & guns galore its one hell of an endorsement.

but I watch every rambo movie, user

Is that because it's cheaper to blow shit up with less environmental considerations and cheaper catering?

maybe hollywood locked him out

Another fun fact: All the "Mexicans" in the movie are played by ethnic Bulgarians

Stallone is cool, user

What the fuck.. Never heard of pic related.

Is this actual news to you? We dont have deserts per se but its probably man-made with some cgi on top. ALOT of american movies are being shot here and alot of hollywood stars have been here. I used to keep track because it used to be a big thing for us however its hardly news anymore.

He is the worst things you can possible be in modern Hollywood. A straight masculine guy who rejected his Jewish roots and saw the light of Jesus Christ.

>(((Mexican sex trafficking))) at the American / Mexico border
That's Hwood dummy

How gory is it?

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He was never Jewish

>Can't stand Stallone
Rocky? Rambo? Judge Dredd? Cobra? Demolition Man? What's not to love?


His mother was half jewish.

They did some damage to a cave during the expendables shoot and environmentalists sperged over it but that was it. They mostly shoot in the film studios now. Oh, earlier this year Bear Grylls was shooting here and he ate a frog that was in the red book apparently, so he got fined.

According to which source?

Oi vey

She's still alive.

>According to which source?
One that is very close to the situation. You understand I cannot reveal names, right?

> Can't stand stallone

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what is this lol

>made by stallone himself
>anti bean
>pro gun
>pro wall
>only movie EVER to document mexican sex trafficking
>pro women's rights

the movie was ok but boring for the most part. Only 10 minutes of action and 100 minutes Nicholas Sparks.
They didn't really introduce the bad guys, didn't give them any kind of personality. They didn't show how he killed the brother. All of them died too quickly, too many quick cuts (no pun intended)
I would have wished to learn more about the conflict between the two brothers, when one of them let Rambo survive when they could have killed him.
And why did the girl even die? Why didn't he ask the mexican journalist to give him medical support for saving Gabriellas life?
And why did the bad guys behave so retarded? They lost 1/4 of their men right after entering the property, every hay bale could be filled with Napalm, everything could be a trap, and they just shrugg it off and keep moving ingenuously right into a cave system he tried to lure them into. I mean, you know they're gonna die, all of them, when you watch a Rambo movie. But this was just too easy.

it was ok but could have been better. Not bad, not terrible. But rather unsatisfying

what movie is this?

Your a fucking dumb nigger

>just trust me, user

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If he had gray hair he'd look like my old economics professor from France.

It's written by a jew dude.

That actually isn't all to surprising, that not even the cursed lands of murica are enough for the jew but they need to go to gypsy land instead.

I think it's le magnifique

And I don't mean stallone

>anti bean
A Rambo vs Mr.Bean movie would be great

Don't be jelaous that we're slowly snuggling into the bigger picture. People here are professionals otherwise Hollywood wouldn't come here.

I saw it twice already.

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>only movie EVER to document mexican sex trafficking

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The duel to rule them all.

I think this says it.

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The movie was total garbage.

hes a half kike btw
you dumb fucking trumptard

>>made by stallone himself
Director: Adrian Grunberg
>start fighting beaners goy
yeah, no.

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I've already planned on seeing it tomorrow, heard it's been triggering SJW snowflakes and they refer to it as a Trumpian fantasy, makes me want to see it even more now.

>Go to see rambo
>Great film
>Eat popcorn, drink soda
>Get boner
>Guy next to me sucks my cock
>Cum on a hotdog, we share it lol
>Suck his cock while he jerks me off
>Make out, suck his cock a bit, say goodbye

waiting for a good quality rip.

I like his movies but I struggle to not think of who he is IRL whenever I see him. Know someone that worked on one of his movies said he's constantly an uppity bitch.

Bottom line is that this film depicts the true nature of the Mexican and that is why they don't want us to see it.

italians harbor negroid dna

Watching it now nigger

Man its fun to argue with americans. Come on, throw something at me.

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Good hospitality & massive feasts served by chunky old hags while the whole 8 headed family has a party in the same room. I'll take the curse of my first child by the door. not even mad

>Bear Grylls was shooting here and he ate a frog

He's still doing THE SAME SHIT?

fuck movie critics
i hope everyone realizes what they're doing, they're trying to blackmail ALL FILMMAKERS into being 100% leftist propaganda or shutting their mouth. It's already 90+% leftist propaganda but they're trying to sabotage ANYTHING that isn't 100% pozzed. i'm fucking tired of it, eat shit you filthy kikes

There it is, not the writer but the director, ha!
Stallone is dead, the only good rambo is the first. Suck it nerds

maybe your friend is an annoying asshole

I watched it online last night. Pretty decent.

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movies are shit. get your head out of your ass.

That's all he is known for. Too late to change now.

>I'll take the curse of my first child by the door
Fucking what?

>If you must see a movie, pirate it. Don't fund jewish hollywood.

Too busy being a dad.

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post torrent or I don't care

the first born child (male) as a blood sacrifice

Don't play dumb Zigeuner

I haven't watched a (((Hollywood))) production in over five years.

>Good hospitality & massive feasts served by chunky old hags while the whole 8 headed family has a party in the same room. I'll take the curse of my first child by the door. not even mad

I literally got nothing out of this secret society morse talk. We're hardly on the same subject, are we?

Saw it today. Was awful.

>Bataclan inspiration
Pretty good practical effects.

Do it now

Very blue pilled. Very boomerish. Really bad acting and terrible script/story. The action scene at the end was decent but not nearly as good as in Rambo 4. I rate it 3/10.

Le Magnifique

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European pulp is like live action anime, it's great.

chill, it's a compliment


thank you

>Dan Gordon (screenwriter)
Dan Gordon is an Israeli-American screenwriter, television writer, television producer, television director, film producer, novelist, playwright, film director, and reserve duty captain in the Israel Defense Forces.


also lets be real, stalone can probably barley spell his name.

I fucking hate french movies but this is gold holy shit

yea but Stallone made the movie, he still had his soul back then. After that it was all hollow

Stallone should have gotten Danny Trejo as the cartel big boss. Imagine the final fight ending possibilities with him.

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Trust the critics

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movie critics know better than you, pleb

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