Anons, are you actually racists in real life or is it just a Jow Forums thing?

Anons, are you actually racists in real life or is it just a Jow Forums thing?

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gas the kikes

Fuck off back to Bosnia.

On here I call them niggers. Irl I just call them negroes.

I'm not racist, im tired off dumb shit. Read my picture.

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im not a racist i only hate jews

>be Jow Forumsfag
>go to a nearly barren courtyard with a single autist in a corner with their earbuds on
>quietly scream niggers

I am, cause why not.

>Bosnian retard himself

I treat everyone as individuals in real life because where I live, people of any race are probably that much different even though the niggers are probably the top 1% of their kind. Politically I am racist though because as a whole, niggers are a scourge and if you aren’t playing the game of idpol when it’s forced upon you you are just wasting your time. See civic nationalists like sargoy or juden peterberg

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>Anons, are you actually racists in real life or is it just a Jow Forums thing?
I'm actually a racist in real life.

I don't act racist but I am.

Yes, your race would lose. Because your race has never accomplished anything in human history.

Im not racist at all. Im just autistic and have excellent pattern recognition skills

What does that even mean?
Heightened wariness and lowered expectations?
99% of virtue-signalling NPCs do the same, they just won't admit it to themselves.

I'll give a normal looking non white the benefit of the doubt but the fact remains that I'm several times more likely to survive a fight with a bear than walking into a black neighbourhood.

Nigger Lives Matter

It's nothing more than a division thing. Rogue entities thinking they are gonna keep the masses divided by asking some of the stupidest questions possible on a platform where anonymity is possible with the right tools. The majority of the ignorant ones are probably dressed in a suit and tie and get paid by the salty tears they create.

I never reveal my powerlevel.

it's not racism if it's scientific

Not really, but honestly i wouldnt be surprised if it came to it...

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Muslimani bolje da vas nema

yes? I mean, I don't even know why thats a question tyrone, I'd love to meet you on the battlefield.

I'm sorry I had my earplugs in. What?

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Fuck off glow nig

>I'm not racist
Get a load of this faggot

I'm curious in realistics studies on race, none of nazi ideological lunacy, and the same for progressives faggotry. I legit just want to know the truth of what science could say about human races.

Non-pozzed by krauts or shekels.

I keep it for myself, I only go to white and Christian women

Depends how you define racist. I don't hate anyone and I'll give everyone a chance on a personal level, but there's obvious differences between groups at the macro level and I don;t want my country to become a big version of Lebanon

why you ask

If you have to ask this it means you have never lived around niggers yourself. If anyone in here isn't racist, then go live in a ghetto full of niggers and let me know how that works out for you. /thread

Hate the group, not the individual.

I have a jewish friend and a few negro lifting bros. All things considered though, when the times come I will be ready to tie the nose and fire up the gas chambers, just as they are ready to subvert and scam me and steal my car.

Such is the nature of life, can't stop enjoying everyday trivialities just because we are to kill eachother in the future at some point.

I'm black in real life

I'm not racist at all.
I'm a cultural chauvinist.

no, I love niggers

they are funny. like monkeys

Im proud of you, boy.

I'm not even racist here on Jow Forums. I'm ethnonationalist and want every country to have their own people because that's the best way to end racism.

In real life there are no other races around, so I can't be racist.

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Anglo 'til everybody else dies.

It’s out there if you want to find it. Don’t listen to western concensus though because it’s completely pozzed by politics and people using semantics games to “debunk” race in human beings. We can literally take a drop of saliva and tell where your ancestors evolved on earth, AI can literally guess what race you are based on a few random gene frequencies on your genome.

For me it was just a Jow Forums thing. But now I don't even do it here.

It's kind of stupid. I'm sorry I played.

I agree with you but I’ll play devils advocate. Where do mixed race people go? Do they get to pick and choose one or the other?

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we dont have niggers where i live, so i dont know

No, just fun to joke on /pol

It was just a Jow Forums thing until i had the luxury of experiencing niggers in life.

Muttmongrelstan, put it somewhere not important

No. Racists are defined as those with an IRRATIONAL hate/prejudice.
There's nothing irrational about mine.

>we survive heavily on your welfare
>we suffered defeat in every historic encounter

but don't worry, you'll win without facilitation because you can out-deadlift logistics.

I don't know. This is why race mixing is bad. Having a few people of other races in your country won't cause a lot of problems so maybe they can just be accepted if there's not too many. The half-niggers could probably do a lot of good in Africa so it's probably best if they go there. They might be a bit more educated (maybe more intelligent) and it could help Africa with it's poverty. They'll blend in better there too.

>I like black people, but I hate niggers
>IDF girs are good fap material, but I HATE kikes, gas em all
>I love some hot mexican, colomian, brazillian girls, but I hate spics

The only race I don't outright hate is asians, they just need to learn some english

I hope you breed copious amounts of mini versions of yourself into the world & that they rule build a new empire that I can live under someday.

I have nigger behavior, western kikes, and illegal aliens. It's not really tied to race but more that they have behavioral problems the nigger acts like a nigger, the western jew subverts their host nation, and the illegal alien puts burden on the American system and takes job that would either have to be filled by able bodied person or spur and innovation to replace that worker.

Okay so right now let’s say that everyone agreed to balkanize and split up in say the US. What if somebody doesn’t want to? What if they are mixed? I think questions like these are why people like ryan faulk changed from being wn to a psuedo civnat ideology. It’s just not a pragmatic solution unless you want to get violent and that conflicts with my views for example on morality.

>Anons, are you actually racists in real life

You won't take away my welfare, your too cucked.

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Why do little asian boys like you get off to larping as niggers? Did chad steal all of the gfs in your area?

Pls no bully

Do I look like a chink to you whiteboi ?

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i like the updated version

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I’m black.

Hahaha! Lmfao! Nice cope, spearchucker. How’s the “African Space Research Program” coming along? Built anything that can fly yet? Didn’t think so. That’s why we so badly want a wall - because that’s all it takes to stop dumb niggers from entering our territory.

Nobody here is actually racist lmao, its just satire.

What is it with nigger loving Croatians?

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Pedovores and their legacy and social media protectors are being delivered to justice

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My nigga

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Everything ever written or shared here is pure satire of course.
You must understand this

I'm actually hostile to invading immigrants in my own country irl yes

I’d be happy with 90% like we used to be. The best and brightest can stay. Welfare leeches can go.

Literal Asian. What did he mean by this?

Yes and no
On a macro scale, yes, on a micro scale no
I recognize that many traits are genetic, but also that there is large variance in populations.
I work in a field that requires you to be reasonably intelligent, so I assume that even if someone is of a race that is usually less competent in the aggregate, the fact that they are doing what they're doing implies they are an outlier, and I don't treat them worse (or expect less of them) as a result of their race.
But I would definitely keep my windows rolled up in the hood

There are no racists here. There are only people who want other races to live to their demonstrably superior standards. Jow Forums is a board of peace, love, and betterment for all mankind.

I am black and racist in real life.

One way or another the non-Whites and the mutts must leave. I don't care if it comes to war.

the muscles never saved anyone from the fragmentation of a cast iron grenade

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walking around in public makes me feel more racist thoughts than browsing Jow Forums. it is clear to me now that there is only one human race in this world.

Race is real.
Niggers can't into society.
Therefore, niggers can't be in our society.
Racism is good and healthy for a society

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>On a macro scale, yes, on a micro scale no
Same for me.
In fact, I may actually feel sorry for a few people I know come the day of the rope.

also, why would I care about Ryan Faulk:

>Faulk describes himself as "homosexual", "mildly autistic", and "1/16th Negro".

Whites generally can judge a group based on the data, but judge an individual based on his merits because we understand and are smart enough to grasp that just because the GROUP identity is retarded, and that the niggers as a RACE are scheduled for the ropes, there are outliers. And their existence is nothing less than a tragedy.
Imagine being born 110IQ as a nigger, smart enough to grasp the failure of their own race.
But the fact is, niggers have nothing of value to contribute as a race to the planet.

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Yeah I agree all those questions are very hard. I still think ethnostates would be the best solution and even if we can't get all the way, we should be very aware that we're settling for something inferior.
USA and countries like Sweden are pretty different but maybe a good solution for you would be to spread nationalism to all peoples. The american niggers aren't happy with the current situation "crackaz keepin me down" and such. If niggers started believing that just becoming fully independent from whites you'd come a long way.

come back when you learned about history dumbass. you can't even talk right.

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and stop shitting up this board with your commie brainwash - it's enough that you are all retarded.

It's 2019. Wars aren't won on physiques.

Bored? why not check this extremely hot active server, for the besst lewds of females and traps!

discord gg/E8smxDG

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Why wouldn’t I be, because some teacher told you it’s bad and some Jews on tv want you to be half nigger?

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Saved, thanks

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I eat nigger flesh
I'm actually an Occult Magician.

Look up black vs white fight in YouTube. You would be hard pressed to find more than 1 or 2 black wins, whenever the white is not jumped, a child, hair grabbed, a woman or an elder.
Stop wasting your time with bait.
It is our duty to be masters at any sort of physical training.

Haha this is so true

It took only living with only Africans and poos to go from kinda racist to turbo-racist. Every stereotype for niggers and curryniggers are true.

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Tfw niggers wouldn't last a minute if a race war happened

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that must taste like a popeyes chicken sandwich desu

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