She's right

she's right

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I know this is bait but the only thing niggers built were cotton plantations

Anglos aren't white

whatever they created they've destroyed tenfold

Weak bait, but I got five minutes. Name one thing black people built.

Not even.

Name one black inventor without using google.

She's wrong.

We have the guns

See how this works nigger?

>everything is made of cotton

You cant build cotton.

We’re coming for you wh*te boi. We’re outbreeding your kind in every culture and every country on the planet. Even in your homeland of Europe you’re soon going to be a minority. You might not be afraid now, but keep in mind that when you’re an old man it will be BLACK men keeping you alive in the nursing home. We will poison your water with bleach as we fuck your wh*te daughters. You disgusting monster. Wh*tes are everything that’s wrong with the world, BLACK men have brought nothing but peace and prosperity to the human race. You wh*tes will soon be rounded up and sent to the death camps. The only wh*tes that will be allowed to stay alive are the women who will be locked up and used exclusively for breeding. The wh*te women will BEG for the BLACK mans seed daily. There is literally nothing you can do to stop us. The BLACK man is genetically stronger and smarter than your subhuman species. Just crawl back to the frozen tundra from where you came you wh*te pig. Maybe when the BLACK men are breaking down your door we will show you some mercy and give you a quick death. Refusal to submit to the BLACK man will result in torture before your demise. Soon BLACKS will dominate the Earth and the remaining wh*tes will cower in fear knowing that the world has never belonged to them and never will. All wh*te women subconsciously want this all to happen so they can take their rightful place as subservient to the BBC

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>she's right
This is a contradiction in terms.

No, she's wrong.

If you don't like America, get your black ass back to Africa.

Blatant lies

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>having this kind of pasta saved somewhere



The woman's sign is completely opposite of the truth.

Anglos aren't really anglos.

Is that better?

Native people provided the real estate. Black people built it. The Jews paid for it. And the white man owns it, because he says he does, and we all believe him.

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I'm ambiguous about black people in general, but fuck niggers. Black people are neither here nor there, but niggers are cancer.

Low key kind of agree. We're not a nation of immigrants. Fuck off, we're full.

>be slaves
>follow the white man's orders
>we dun built dis country

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>she's right

Hundred of years in the country and it's surprising they haven't turned it into Africa.

Oh wait...

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