Boomer T- shirts

Post em if you got em

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I would be friends with this guy IRL I bet

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jesus christ op

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I need more boomer shirts. Or really any kind if boomer clothing.

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Last one.

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I'm not reading all that.

i love these fucking shirts. where can i get ALL OF THEM

no one else has any of these?

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What is this fucking forklift shill thread?

Buckle up, buttercup!

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>shill thread?
It's not a shill thread.

is this shill advertising shirts?

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i live in dc, and just started seeing these shirts yesterday here. can someone explain?

>is this shill advertising shirts?
No, I think these boomers shirts are funny and I thought people might have some to share. Better than the 45 Greta threads, I thought.

If so, it's working.

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It's a faceboomer thread

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Shit someone find me a millwright one


Hitler was right
Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams
Race is real
Traps are gay
The left can’t meme

I hate this faggot already. Look at his retarded leftist fuck face

If you find a shirt, just give it to the funeral home. I'll be an hero'ing now

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No one will buy your guy fork lift pride shirts. Fuck off, gay faggot

Who gives a shit.

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>We got the MRI results back and it looks like you are one badass forklift operator

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Does your shithole country even have forklifts?

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People taking pride in their shitty jobs always makes me laugh.


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