Why aren't you a National Bolshevik, user?

>Western SJW "leftists" are scared of it
>Kills Nazi untermenschen
>Badass flags and aesthetics
>Actually active
>Fought in a civil war only a couple of years ago
>Strong and unified
>Gun rights
>Created by Russian chads
>Has enormous promise

Moderates BTFO

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Not a real ideology, it's made up.

Not sure who is more cringe Nazbol or /leftypol/.

I wouldn't say so. The two Nazbol political parties in Russia are serious, arguably more so than the CPRF

"Cringe" is seeing people blame literally everything on the Jews

Like what exactly do you guys believe? What is your stance on mass immigration and the environment?

>national bolshevist
prove me wrong

Nazbol is a pretty underdeveloped ideology, which is why I wrote "has enormous potential". The two parties that are in Russia do have their own ideas though, my personal favorite being The Other Russia. They believe in stopping uncontrolled immigration, gun rights for all citizens, a socialist economic system (Soviet style, not SocDem crap), mass housing, and anti-imperialism. Other than that though, Nazbol is pretty up to interpretation

what's the difference between Nazbol and NazSoc? explain


>Generally pro communism/USSR
>More or less progressive depending on the party
>Antisemitism is not a core belief
>Does not believe in a master race

Hello my NazBol BROTHA...
Keep up the fight against the JEWISH BOURGEOISIE for the sake of our people

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Its Left wing economics and right wing traditional views. How is it made up? Are you Stupid?

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>Why aren’t you a Talmudic goy?

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Italo Balbo gang

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Scroll up. I said that right wing traditionalist views are a Nazi thing, not Nazbol

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Which one?

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Try doing some research

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strasser gang rise up

Because I don't know a lot about it, if you make a /nbg/ and dump some links and info and memes for the average Joe I could see some folks flocking to this.

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Because I stand for the propagation of descendants of nations which speak a Germanic language, and I want to unify them under one banner. We will breed through the successive generations for all Germanics to appear Nordic. You Slavs can keep to yourselves.

I am the new Nazi leader.

My first speech:


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The virgin Hitler vs the chad Strasser

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>Antisemitism is not a core belief
>Does not believe in a master race

Ideology discarded.

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Interesting speech. Personally though, I don't think it's necessarily the Jews are the problem, just liberal capitalism. The capitalists control all, and liberalism degenerates society into the retardation you see today. This combination should be our common enemy. But yeah fuck Israel

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It's a combination of issues. Jews corrupt simply by their foreignness. It's also been said by Churchill of all people, that the Jews have spread Bolshevism before. It has something to do with some ancient golden age the Jews want to bring back where people are peaceful and tolerant. White Germanics are the ones who stand in their way, because we ARE superior. Jews are weak and they resent noble warrior races.

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Killing socdems? Hell yeah, I can get on board with that

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Because I don't have any grandparents who were Rabbis.

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>>Western SJW "leftists" are scared of it
>Kills Nazi untermenschen
doesn't make sense
>>Badass flags and aesthetics
natsoc is for sure the most aesthetic
>Actually active
>Fought in a civil war only a couple of years ago
when and where?
>Strong and unified
don't know a single nazbol org
>Gun rights
you have this in natsoc too
>Created by Russian chads
wasn't it strasser?
>Has enormous promise
I can promise you that one day you will die

One of my favourite parts of NazBol is my boy Yegor Letov. Good ol' Siberian Psychedelic Punk

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>when and where?
They fought with Donbass in the Ukrainian civil war
>wasn't it strasser?
No, Nazbol is a bit older. Strasser is German and more close to Nazism
>don't know a single nazbol org
There's the two parties in Russia which are pretty active

Sorry, I'm strictly a supporter of the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party.

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He was a Nazbol?

It's a meme ideology, that existed only to piss off russian liberals.
A lot off nazbols are libertarians now, here.

Existing solely to piss off liberals isn't a bad thing. Also, libertarians? Really? The parties, from what I've seen at least, are pro Soviet-style socialism, which is pretty much the polar opposite of libertarianism. Pls explain

So you will give East Prussia back?

To my knowledge he himself was actually an anarchist, but he was in fact a co-founder of the NazBol party

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Going from hardcore Stalinist-Hitlerist to "no steppy" seems like a bit of a jump. It's just the anti-government party is it? Cool flag though, gotta day.

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Nazbol gang gang


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>Does not believe in a master race
The nazis didnt think that. He thought they, the aryans were meant to lead the West aryans compromising of more than just Germans

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Based as hell

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Based and redpilled

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Popkov(aka second person in the party after Limonov and Dugin) with libertarians now.
Libertarianism becoming popular here, because it's considered as third position(no more communists, no more liberals).

Any nazbols go to Infinitechan /thirdpositionist/?

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We as Nazbols, combine the best from the right, and the best from the left.

Choosing one race to lead others? That sounds to me like they favor one over the others


Nazbol is third position so it wouldn't suprise me

>Choosing one race to lead others?
I mean, looked at the EU today. Its German dominated

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Im cool with natsoc or nazbol

Interesting. Not sure how you go from co-forming a nationalistic state socialist party to the polar opposite but alright

They never was pro-Hitler(because he killed a lot of russian). They never haved ideology(by design). Only bunch of populist slogans.
The whole project was about uniting left and right radicals against Putin and Eltsin government.

Sorry but I'm not falling for that again. I remember Wiemar.

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Makes sense. I'm not a Strasserist though, and this is not a Strasserist thread

fuck off, you amazon monkey.

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There was a guy there with some rare Nazbol books written in German, but I can't find remember the titles. I'm trolling the archives now trying to find a capture, but no such luck.

Read this post.
Nazbols don't even have program. I might be provide some sources where philosophy and porpoise of Nazbol movement is explaining, but they are all on russian.

Wicked cool. Were they by either of the Strasser brothers or someone else?

By someone else, very prussian-bolshevism style books. Do you know if 8ch had a specific archive? and aren't giving anything. If you want to look yourself its in the book thread, I think over post 100.

That would be cool, thanks

I don't know of anything but I'll have a look

Guys what do I do to get a qt nazbol gf? plz guys I swear I'll do anything
The idea of libertarianism in Russia, much more so libertarianism pitched as "third position" is revolting to me on a spiritual level

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>wicked cool kek

all these israeli meme flags you niggers do not belong here
show flag or opinion disregarded

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>Doesn't blame the Jews
>Doesn't support National Socialism

Begone, filth.

>"Cringe" is seeing people blame literally everything on the Jews
Be gone. Youre not a real nazbol

Just a couple of lines in and this already looks like a severe misrepresentation of Strasserism. No one owns MOP under Strasserism, you can have a managerial class but they're just a special kind of well-paid workers. They're like CEOs, not capitalists.

Guys please I'm literally going to die if I don't get a nazbol gf

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>No one owns MOP under Strasserism,
>you can have a managerial class
>but they're just a special kind of well-paid workers.
>They're like CEOs,
>not capitalists.

I mean just look at this

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FOUND IT. It was under /fascist/.

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the absolute state of hedonic commiefaggots