Trump is pulling this shit out of his ass, again.

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And to all Trump dick suckers, even a corrupt Biden doesn't excuse extortion

shhhh, it's feelings over facts here on Jow Forums

>media matters
>debunking anything
>A whistleblower complaint filed August 12 reportedly alleges that President Donald Trump tried to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Now, Trump and his allies are trying to muddy the waters and turn a conspiracy theory involving Joe Biden and Ukraine into an allegation of corruption against Biden.
Two sentences in and they've already told 3 lies.

You seem to be lost.
Now git.

>fake news fake news...hurr it's not FOX
You know how I know you're trailer trash?

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That has never stopped them before.
You have to spend 80 million dollars over 2 years first and then when the investigation doesnt find anything, you say hes guilty anyway.

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>media matters

And try to impeach him because he's pointing out democrat crimes and that's simply unpresidential and unfair. Poor Biden, he and his son dindu nuffin :^(

What a shitty thread. This thread is utter garbage and its author is a supreme faggot. It's nothing but unfettered propaganda and name calling. There's no decency left in anything.

Daily reminder:
>Started by David Brock
>A Clinton operative
>Who also runs Shareblue
>Whose boyfriend was James Alefantis
>Owner of a famous pizza place that may or may not have a basement

>Claims to be certain about the contents of a top-secret unreleased transcript, which Trump probably won't hesitate to release soon.
>Cites Media Matters as their only source
The shill is strong with this one.

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>shill posts literally propaganda from Democrat website
>shill #2 posts 47 seconds later affirming OP
Or, wait, you're the same shill with software specifically designed to shill, huh?

They're not sending their best.
No bump for you

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Prove he's guilty then big guy.

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Prove them wrong then faggots.

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Oops, didn't see a third shill replying in just over a minute.
How fucking retarded are you people? Or just bots?

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LOL haha are you sure he has no evidence?
Biden himself bragged on TV about how he threatened the Ukraine if they didn't let his son's crimes slide.

He admitted it. Biden openly admitted it. On tape. On TV.

No amount of JournoList kvetching will save you.

Show the evidence kiddo.
It's in the same drawer with Benghazi and Mueller working for Trump.

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>retard shill samefags his thread
lmfao they only hire no brain nigger monkeys

you are not a very deep thinker, are you? probably should look up the definitions of blackmail and extortion as well. also may want to check your sources for accuracy. i'll be here at the trailer park sucking drumpf's dick when you return

What do you mean show the evidence? Biden admitted to it on TV. He bragged about withholding a billion dollars unless they dropped the corruption investigation of his kid. They taped it and it's forever a part of the record.

You're mistaken if you think your weak shillops will stop this. This isn't happening on Jow Forums you dolt nigger. It's happening in real life.

Educate yourself and take your meds.

Oh no...not that.
>still not illegal
Eat a shit kiddo.

>l-look away goys Biden did nothing wrong

Thank you. Thank you . I'll be here all night. I work hard for my (you)s. Nothing like baiting the tards

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This is why doing things the proper way is a waste of time. If T hasnt tagged and bag them then hes never going too

The investigation actually made a profit thanks to Manafort

>still not illegal
that remains to be seen, you see by weaponizing the intelligence agencies against Drumpf, Bath House Barry set a precedent which will be followed.

All Presidential candidates who have contacted foreigners will be receiving the old gloved hand up the anus now. It's the new standard for practice.

Just wait, the show will go on for 14 months. You might even end up like David Brock, murdered because he lied about his effectiveness but also because he kept taking the money anyhow.

You already lost. It's over. Now the Democrats are begging for the transcript! LOL.

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this post is debunked

I trust snopes. And I trust sessions.

Naw, dopey.
Trump's just mad that Biden's kid is smarter than pic related all put together.

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I learned a lot. And I learned that, uhh, it makes a difference. This was the diving board area and I was one of the guards and they weren't allowd to uh - it was a three meter board. If you fell off sideways you landed on the damn uh darn cement over there! (laughs) And Corn Pop was a bad dude. And he ran a bunch of bad boys. And I did ya he and back in those days, to show how things have changed, one of the things you had to use if you used pomade in your hair you had to wear a bathing cap. And so he was up on the board wouldn't listen to me so I said "HEY Esther, you" (crooks finger) off the board right now or I'll come up and drag you off. Well he came off, and he said "I'll meet you outside," my car, this was mostly, these were all public housing behind you. My car there was a gate out here, I parked my car outside the gate, and I, he said "I'll be waiting for you," he was waiting merr there were three guys with straight razors (raises his hand) not a joke! There's a guy named Bill Wrightmous (sp?) the only white guy and he did ALLLLL the pools, he was the mechanic.

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And I said "what am I gonna do" he said "come down here in the basement where mechanics where where all the pool fuh fuh filter is. You know the chain, used to be a chain that went across that deep end. And he cut off a six foot length of chain he folded it up he says you walk out, with that chain, and you walk to the car and you say you may cut me man but I'm gonna wrap this chain around your head. I said you're kiddin' me. No he said if you don't, don't come back and he was right. So I walked out with the chain. And I walked up to my car. And they had str- in those used to remember they had a straight razor you'd bang 'em on the curb, get 'em rusty, put 'em in the rain barrel, get 'em rusty? And I looked at him, but I was smart, then. I said first of all I said, when I tell you to get off the board you get off the board and I'll kick you out again but I shouldn't have called you, Esther Williams, and I apologize for that. But I didn't know that apology was gonna work. He said "You apologize to me?" I said I apologize for what I- not for throwing you out, but I apologize for what I said. And he said, OK, closed the straight razor, and my heart began to beat again.

>Media Matters

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"We can't STEAL from Ukraine ! FU prosecutor !"
>media matters frames this as a BAD GUY from Ukraine !
"Shokin actually undermined a much vaunted attempt by British authorities to freeze $23.5 million worth of Zlochevsky’s assets."


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Oh, wow, Brock has weighed in, and Biden's free and clear.
Stick a fork in Sleepy Creepy Dopey Uncle Joe. He's done.

Do you know who media matters is?

Next you will be posting shareblue and correcttherecord links

>attacking the source, not the argument

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You have to go back.

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Oh yeah? What did manafort do wrong that had anything to do with the case?

Do you remember what Manafort was investigated for? Shady business in the Ukraine while working for the Podestas, who were working for Hillary.

FO GTFO plebb

We have to investigate him first to find out what he did ~ Nancy Pelosi

>just gonna keep bringing up only the most trust uh "worthy" news sources
>article from forever ago
[x] doubt

LMAO - they can't hide it - may 2019
" While the prosecutor’s office hasn’t reopened a case against Burisma..." from your link

> they haven't re-opened the case shut down by Biden's threats and loan withholding for his corrupt son


this shit is like over a year old dummy

>watches FOX at grandma's house
>produces no evidence but butthurt and tears of rage

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GOP must be salivating at the mouth now that this geriatric kiddy toucher is the DNC choice.

You got 2020 as gift

it's his jerb to spew outdated links

thing is nobody here is in charge of biden's son's prosecution, the ukie authorities are and now they know they won't be retaliated against for bringing him to justice

imagine being oliver willis right now, a big fat black incel whose only hope is to stop drumpf or be murdered by (((them))) for failure like david brock

i bet he's eating antidepressants like candy

>another shit site mirrors the same opinion article
spice the options

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>media matters

Funded by George Soros, nation destroyer

Recall Jow Forums was there when Soros-funded snipers were shooting at both sides of the protest.









Joe bragged about extorting Ukraine on tape
Bo got billions from China and Ukraine
Joe wanted more than the title VP
He wanted to be the president
Bo Didn't make Joe look good
Bo was In too deep
Cancer can be gifted
the dead can't speak

Crickets from user
They got nothing

>calling allegations "lies" before even being investigated
Typical libshittery.

You fail on present tense
Joe killed Bo already

dammit, you jewed me.

How do those investigations work out for ya, big guy?

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>unfettered propaganda and name calling
This is Jow Forums, that's literally all there is

...Why was Hunter Biden even put on a board of a Ukrainian oil and gas company in the first place?

How does an American lawyer help this comany unless it's NOT corruption

>implying trump doesn't have until january of 2024 to indict hillary
>implying he hasn't been working his way up the scams, the child predators in NXIVM and Epstein all donated massively to the Clinton Foundation, heck the Bronfmans gave Hillary 89 million for her 2016 bid
Hahaha just relax, this one's going in slow with no lube

the tip's already in you just can't feel it yet

duh, why was obama given a land grant in hawaii with the legalese in hawaiian

David Brock is a faggot and so are you.

>media matters
Thats going to be an oof yikes for (You) from me.

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thats odd...I remember this story coming out years ago. Guess that never happened, thanks for clearing that up

thats not how it works

fox news is on Biden's side.

Hahaha the old "sorry kiddo"

>Media Matters
Are you a legit shill or just that /ptg/ guy who pretends to be a shill? I really can't tell anymore.

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>>implying he hasn't been working his way up the scams, the child predators in NXIVM and Epstein all donated massively to the Clinton Foundation, heck the Bronfmans gave Hillary 89 million for her 2016 bid

Adjust your tinfoil hat, Cletus.
Trump's doing none of that shit.

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Trump is definitely gonna win 2020 i wouldn't hold your breath for any actual justice to happen though. It just doesn't work like that.

>none of what happened, happened
ok so you're just content to be completely delusional and ignore everything which is happening in reality

i have a web site for you dawg:

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sure it does

it's already started, just pay attention

Hey shareblue niggers

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Trump predicted Osama bin Laden and 9/11, he's a goddamn Oracle, or he knew about the jews' plans since half his family are jews. Fucker is acting like he's retarded, but that orange kettle has ears too. Fucking clown world.

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No collusion. Move along. This Biden shit was all over here a number of years ago. No doubt it's true

Media Matters LOL

>Media Matters
Yikes dude

Biden did exactly what they're accusing Trump of doing but there's video evidence of Biden bragging about it after the fact