Weed is a feminine drug. When you smoke weed it immediately brings the feminine to your conscious...

Weed is a feminine drug. When you smoke weed it immediately brings the feminine to your conscious. It makes you paranoid, everything is extra sensitive, small problems become big problems. It's a very neurotic substance. Remember weed (marijuana) comes from the female strain of the cannabis plant. In marijuana fields, male plants are typically eliminated to ensure the maximum production of sinsemilla flowers. When you smoke it you're ingesting a strong female influence and you can feel it. If you smoke weed daily, particularly first thing or during the day before all your priorities and activities are done, it will fuck you up. it will make you lazy and unmotivated If you're not already redpilled before smoking weed, it will generally push you towards liberal ideologies, hedonism and indulgent in degeneracy. You can also become addicted to weed, don't let Joe Schmogan and other dude weed bros fool you.

I say all this as a daily smoker for 7+ years.

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that's funny because i smokd sum weed and fucked the shit outta yo mum

Great thread, faggot

I smoke but I’m neither pro nor anti. It’s quite expensive here, a hassle to obtain and disproportionately punished. I think it’s a paradoxical substance that used in ver tightly controlled amounts can be magical but chasing that feeling every day will make you miserable.

It makes cartoons funnier.

man is meant to have dominion over the plants
not the other way around

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It made me bi sexual

Stopping for months and im straight again

Are you sure that isn’t The Porn boredom / lowered inhibition cycle.

Lots of people have those tendencies. The question is more will satisfying every urge make you happy?

Can confirm.

Fucked ur sis on weed

lol you've been smoking too much of that Soros Schizo Skunk™

the genetic engineering is basically perfected at this point, any more THC and the plants will collapse under their own weight lol

I only drink pure CBD oil extracted from male hemp plants. The rest of you are faggots.

I can actually see where you're coming from here. Explains why plenty of women get horny as fuck when they smoke.
>t. smoked regularly for 10 years, haven't in quite some time

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I’ve been getting high since 1988. I think it’s great.

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Daily smoker for 10+ years.

Life is how you live it and a plant doesn't not make you lazy. You are just lazy.

I lift weights after i smoke and then go run a few miles. I never be paranoid or have trouble relaxing.

Get your reefer madness out of here.

I once overdosed on 2 marijuanas. It can kill you.

I got high with a girl. We ate together too today. I didnt get a kiss or get a bj

That sucks

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Smoking weed did not turn me into a fag, but I once saw a dude turn into a fag on weed, no lie


Smoke peyote instead.

>im straight
Liars get the rope, user.

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I don't kiss girls because girls like boys and that's gay.

Glows wanna keep the anointing oil from you user.

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True. My brother became a tranny after twenty years of marijuana consumption. I shit you not.

Make a move faggot

If weed's so bad how come whenever I smoke it I start hating nigger?

weed are for fag, it make you literaly braindead, like girl

That's because it induces euphoria which means you need to recover the energy it spends. you cannot recover dopamine without fasting for extended periods of time, and tolerance makes continued use of the drug quickly ineffective.

I'm sorry for your loss

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So... he got high and immediately began sucking cock? Ever think maybe he was gay all along?

Weed unironically turned me into a trap who is in long term chastity and does degrading things for women daily

Do not smoke this

what if she rejects it. Am i always supposed to make a move??

fpbp OP is a tranny

Nobody is born gay so it had to have been something else

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man, I know a guy who lifts and does that, and maybe I could see myself doing that, but I couldn't be high and do cardio.

>It makes you paranoid
All the paranoia came from it being illegal. In legal States there is no paranoia.
>Weed is a feminine drug
Nah. My wife loves when I have some because I get horny and fuck the shit out of her.
>you're ingesting a strong female influence
If that worries you, better never eat beef or anything containing milk or cheese ever again.

this bong gets it
I smoke and have noticed this myself

I farted.

>small problems become big problems
this is how i know this thread is bullshit better luck next time

She's only with you because she likes you
Try to kiss and see what happens, worst it's a little awkward, best you get a makeout session and pp touch
You have to make the first move, they will make themselves available
You are just scared, make the move for her!

>All the paranoia came from it being illegal.

I've got a strong, 8 inch male influence in my pants. Which you would FAR prefer to a woman's influence. Ya fag.

haha user, go for it. you gotta believe not only in yourself but your destiny, when its your time youll never fail.

I dunno man, I find that a nice big bowl is just what I need before I do research or write.

Nice cope junkie

Same except it’s me

Yes weed will definitely bring out your creative side. Colours and sounds become more visual. Your imagination can drift away.. moments of genius can be found in that state but it's also a dangerous state to keep yourself in.

I fucking hate weed! Shit gave me anxiety disorder which I never had before


Reason, discipline, intelligence, calm, ingenuity, soloution finding, commie hunting are male drugs.

Smoke cbd flower.

Weed is for niggers
Cbd flower is for people that have shit to do with their life.

You ingested the neurotic feminine that's why

So, amphetamine?

I tried the cbd oil but felt absolutely nothing, does it feel different smoking the bud?

Would you tell Hemmingway not to drink?

>Weed is a feminine drug
Nah u is just a bitch

Why was my post deleted wtf

Daily smoker for 20+ years...I partially agree but it's up to the character/personality & set/setting of the individual in the end imho... But addiction is real , no cold turkey shit but unpleasant anyhow when you're not in the right state of mind..(or use it to suppress certain symptoms experienced due to health problems)

I'd generally advise anyone to not make a habit of taking any drugs because doing that is just a means to fill a void. If you need drugs to be creative you're lacking something.

>makes you paranoid
literally the exact opposite
>extra sensitive
to what?
>small problems become big problems
literally the exact opposite

youve never gotten high before user

Nah, it is you who haven't gotten high enough times, user. If you do years for 5+ years, you should agree with OP says at least partially.

>to what?
light, sounds, taste, smell, feelings

Weed smoker here. I literally smoke weed everyday and it turned me into the biggest pussy faggot ever. I find myself agreeing with women on political issues and wanting to fuck dogs and other men.

I still beleive the same things when Im high
just food tastes better and video games are more fun

even if it means denying someone their best work?

You know you’re bullshitting. I’ve been smoking 7 years and everyone I know who smokes a lot gets anxious sometimes.
You’re the type of fag that LARPs how weed makes people funnier, more social, more interesting etc. You know that’s not true

okay, Freud

It makes me horny as fuck, and I fuck my girlfriend for hours afterwards.

No dude. I pick stains that make me feel energized. There is a time and ace for all things

I love weed

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All drugs stripmine your soul.
Where does the "high" come from?
By burning up your most refined and precious vital energy.
Doing drugs is the spiritual equivalent of masturbating.
But the good things in life don't flash; they glow.
Quit being a wanker. Meditate instead--it will replenish your vital energy every day.

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I stand by what I said.

does anyone actually say weed makes people more social? It tends to make people more introverted and inside their own head

anxiousness should clear if you're in a positive setting, I used to get really anxious when I was still living with family because I was worried they would find out I was high, now I live alone it I never get anxious although your mileage may vary


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>small problems become big problems
how about you actually try the thing you're talking about before you shitpost out your ass

Let's all suck some cock.

Yea. It helped me quit regular weed.
It scratches the itch.
I enjoy smoking, but im not willing to smoke tobacco.
Cbd flower is a good compromise.

Anti weed Jow Forumslacks, why should someone not be allowed to smoke weed? Why should a government decide what someone should be allowed to consume themself that if regulated does not interfere with anyone elses life?

>not boofing the cbd into your peepee
what a fucking pleb

the (((government))) is increasing allowing you faggots to smoke your herbal jew though. Why do you think that is? It's not for freedom or your welfare.


Honestly, if you wanna wank you will wank. But at the very least I wanna tell you how bad it is so you can make a better choice

No, this is patently false.
The government wants weed to continue to be illegal so they can continue to suckle the teat of big tobacco and alchohol.
Faggots like you need to stop making shit up out of thin air

I might give it a try then. Is 20% cbd decent enough?

Fuck yeah. Ghost Train Haze right now.
Tahoe OG later. Makes my pussy wet.

>an australian
>somebody whos genes at some point have 100% guaranteed mixed with an abo
fuck off faggot

Op is a lightweight pussy


Whatever, bongnigger

>Weed is a feminine drug
Nah, you're a feminine Fag.

Smoke meth like a real addict you fucking pot head posers.

Bullshit I’m on 4 marijuanas rn and have two more marijuanas lined up.

I think that my feminine side likes Doritos.

No, that's very rare here. You see the indigenous people were remarkable ugly to look at--even by black standards. So very few mixed. Besides, I'm 5th generation. If any of my ancestors fucked an abo, you'd know from looking at my physiognamy. I am Anglo/Celtic.

then how is it being legalized in so many places? You think it's by your ambivalent revolutionary effort alone? lol

It's dangerous because of what it does to short term, or working, memory. I'll be thinking of something interesting but will quickly forget it while I'm high now.

OP is correct
t. daily user for more than 5 years

Get over it. Cannabis is the cash crop of the 21st century.

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Hemmingway also shotgun mouthwashed his way out of this world.