Shitskins openly cheer, mock whites dying

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Reminder to show this to any civic nationalist faggot who says that all races can live in harmony in America. These people won’t stop until every last white man, woman and child is dead.

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And many more like that. Read comments here. They're coming for us and they're going to kill us all.

They are very literally going to kill us all. Unless we unite now into an army and fight back, we're finished.

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Am I supposed to be surprised or upset by this? Non whites despise whites. This isn’t new information. Why do you think whites don’t care when a mosque gets shot up or someone son resists arrest and ends up dead. We feel the same way.

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It’s a wake up call to people who still believe in stuff like civic nationalism or diversity. These aren’t meme accounts, they are actual people who are fully supportive of whites being slaughtered.

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Spread this to idiot cuckservative boomers

*The video is boring and has some annoying bitch narrating, but the comments are enlightening. Show the comments to boomer cuck civnats.




Trump was supposed to be our savior.
Instead all that energy went to poos, Israel, and the 1%.

... hahaha ...on some obscure level its pretty funny. you fought the nazis so hard, and thats what you earned!

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Based, MIGA, Howdy Modi!

Yes. This is what our grandfathers fought for. They would be so proud if they could see it.

If there was such thing as a superior race, it would be constantly under attack, people would flock to it's countries, and covet their women most of all.



Based. Fuck wh*Toids.

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Those people are just the "we wuz kangz" crowd. Nothing surprising.

>1 retard saying mean things on YouTube
>Mummyyyy they're making fun of ussss

All fields.

That's a lot of comments celebrating whites dying.

They're literally calling for the extermination of whites and celebrating our deaths. Yes, how dare I draw attention to this.

Imagine when white people stop killing themselfs and each other and start killing colored people. I would be nervous in the next 10 years or so if i was not white.

Why do I care about ignorant people? You don't fight ignorance with more ignorance.

>And if anyone would sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well.

The chinese are going to kill all these niggers

Amazing that these sub subhumans think the master race cares about their halfwit opinions, it is impossible to make me feel bad for being white. We've always been a global minority in terms of numbers, quality over quantity.
Hail victory

Christianity is a bullshit loser religion that was propagated by those in power. It's designed to make people weak and submit to the powerful by adopting a value system of submission rather than adopting survival behaviors and competing for power and survival. Christianity is used as a weapon against whites so they self-destruct.

Isn't it the same a Jow Forums every day?

A bunch of hoteps and muzzies. Wow. Terrible. You're truly finished now, white man.

Blacks get off on to their own beating each other to death on worldstarhiphop.

Don’t you guys do that all the time with shit skins? I know i do

Oh look, someone on twitter has an opinion.

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Jow Forums openly cheers blacks, asians, arabs dying all the time

when it happends to you it's somehow something I should care about?

You realize this was happening in Weimar Germany as well?

The weak are culling themselves, all we're going to have left is righteously pissed off based whites.

I don't even consider myself a Christian, but there are things you can learn from some of the parables.

note all the jewish, christcuck, and muslim names. abrahamism is the ultimate death of white people

This is now a cooomer thread

> implying Jow Forums is white
Because you're an algerian or islander and have no capacity for empathy or gratitude, despite literally everything you enjoy in life being given to you for free by whites. Whereas no one here cares about arabs and blacks peacefully living in their own nations. That's the difference.

>Because you're an algerian or islander and have no capacity for empathy or gratitude

first of all stop implying, it's stupid. second, I have empathy, i don't wish death on anybody.

>despite literally everything you enjoy in life being given to you for free by whites. Whereas no one here cares about arabs and blacks peacefully living in their own nations. That's the difference.

this is a troll? it has to be a troll.

I’ll be frank. I grew up in rural TX. Got my first kill in first grade. Been in the woods since then. We discovered paintball at an early age. I had more than 3 brothers. Simply put i learned when to shoot. When to wait. When to flank. When to move. I learned it before i was 12 and refined it ever since. I was hitting quarters at 100 yards with my .22 before JR High. I can hit a beer can at 75 yards standing up from the shoulder with my AR (open sights). I have a son now and I really hope the whole thing blows over...for his sake. If not then its gonna take more than a pack of weed smoking niggers to kill me. The shit im prepared to do (to protect my family)would put any cartel gore video to shame. Its a shoot first ask questions later situation. Some nights i feel i was born for this... like Everything in my life has led to it.


the problem is that you're not actually going to do anything. nobody's going to come after you or your guns. What's going to happen is what has been happening, your people will continue to stagnate and die out with a birthrate below the replacement rate and more and more foreigners will seize your territory. You can sperg out and kill a few dozen of them but it won't affect anything at all.

Today a Mexican says he's not white.

Opportunistic to the bitter end much?

We're going to have the dirtiest and most dangerous job in all of warfare my friend. I've know since I was a child that I was born for this.

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Exactly the reason to quit unhealthy habits, get better etc. Love their hate.

These comments disgust me and I'm not white.
Never have appreciated any kind of racism ..
What's with the denial "stop blaming other people for their problems" that's rich.
"Payback for sins of great grand pappy or great great grand pappy" oh that's rich.

I guess they may have a point... black people suffering world wide may be payback for wewuz enslaving the Jews according to their estimations.

It's all so tiresome
Imagine the smell

Shhh shill

Keep pushing White people to the tiniest corner and see what happen?!

You don’t want to see white people unity and become to do something they are good at because their blood of conquering runs in their vein.

how the fuck am I a shill you cunt

youtube you idiot, and it's a ton of shitskins

It will be really easy to disarm us and then put us in camps and kill us when we're 20% of the population or less. With AI and other surveillance tech, it will be impossible to fight back very soon anyway, let alone when the boomers die and we're a very small minority


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I hope there's an afterlife, so I can watch all the shitskins in 200 years hopelessly try to maintain a society with the living standards of white people, that is if they even remember what life was like before Earth became one big Jewish work camp

Not really surprised by this, just go on worldstar and see how the "victims" really feel.

>whites can't take stress and pressure
>becomes a violent chimp at the utterance of one two syllable word

But every white in your position has the same mentality--protect themselves and their families. The reality is, if we do not band together, we will perish. The individualist attitude is what's killing us while the pack of wolves surrounds us and picks us off one by one. Eventually there are so many shitskins outnumbering you that you go down. That is why we have to join together.

Fuck niggers

go dilate on BART as you smoke crack.

It's not a tweet. It is many, many comments from shitskins praising the death of whites and openly advocating for more dead whites. It is indicative of a greater pattern, not something anomalous.

It bothers me but it's no different than people coming here to say kill niggers and jews. Give me a fucking break.


The funny part is, the vast majority of most people's ancestors had nothing to do with anything. Almost everyone in America is descended from plebs. Not from the European aristocracy, for example, which colonized Africa, nor from the southern aristocracy that held slaves. Almost all of us are plebs both back then and today. They want to beat us into the ground for absolutely nothing when life is already hard enough and expect us not to lift a finger or even say a word to fight back.

go search "white people" on twitter

I'm not going to be the whipping boy for some 85 IQ pieces of shit blaming me for everything when life is hard enough already. You can take it up the ass from your nigger boyfriend all you like--that's your choice--I and many others don't accept cowardly fucks like you. You are the problem.

Also a considerable part has recent migrant ancestry from Europe after civil war

> i can't form a counter-argument so i'll just reddit space and call you a troll
NOW THIS IS BOOMERPOSTING!!!! No seriously how much of this board do you honestly believe is primarily motivated by muh global genocide of all non-whites? 10%? 5%? What if we then discount the memeflag trannies and other posers? 3%? 2%?

>this is a troll? it has to be a troll.
Which part do you believe in trolling? If you're a shitskin, then yes, literally everything you have was given to you by whites. If you live in the west, which it seems you do, you've been given everything when you deserve nothing and spit all over your generous hosts.

If you believe the second sentence is trolling (not caring about shitskins in their own nations), then you have no familiarity whatsoever with Jow Forums and with nationalism generally. We want you to go home, period, and never come back. We don't give a fuck what you do in your own shithole--just don't come to our countries and try to turn them into the shitholes you're used to.

All this is very simple. I don't see how you fuckers can't comprehend this, other than you have a 80 IQ, and that means no amount of convincing will work and only war would get rid of you.

Probably 0% when you account for shill posers poisoning the well

A bunch of shill comments on a (((Brookings))) video.

wow, hundreds of niggers calling for white deaths are all shills? impressive

>They are very literally going to kill us all. Unless we unite now into an army and fight back, we're finished.
I'm with you.

They're right about God punishing us for our sins, but they're too fucking stupid to realize THEY'RE the punishment, or what our sins were (it wasn't anything we did to these subhumans.)

Its also funny on another level, all these non-whites think there life will suddenly get better if whites were just to die out. In reality though they will just be another zimbabwe. Starving and killing eachother as the infrustructure left behind is left to rot. Then the chinese come and enslave and eventually kill them all. Ah, shortsided ingnorace.

Our sin was that we let them live.