Why did she do this @ the UN?

What message is she sending?

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barney frank finally gets his revenge

They told her tits or gtfo, and she chose tits

It's braille you fucking ableist

climate change has caused it to be too cold for ordinary womens nipples

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Lauren southern will look like bottom pic in 10 years. Hitting the wall FAST.

Her nipples holy shit.


"We're nipping it in the bud."

We know what you're attempting to do, and we're rejecting your dumb-ass ideas across the board.

A/C is sexist! The feminsts were right all along!


“Ivanka, wear the sluttiest business outfit you got, we need the media to forget about this titless retard girl”
“Yes Daddy”

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Unites Nipples

honorary khazar milkers

my mouth is watering, my loins are burning

she must have big puffy pink white girl nipples

yum yum

The far right even their own women they treat like trash. Bunch of pedo nazi wannabes.

very very disrespectful

diamond cutters



worst shoop ever

She's beginning to mutate ...

Short hair
Face ogly
And those cringy fake nipples

Her jewformation is in full process...

underrated post

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Someone x-ray that shit STAT

>Why did she do this @ the UN?
You mean, being all hot and shit?

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This isn't a business outfit. This is the kind of outfit a stay at home mom wears to a parent-teacher conference for her kindergardener. A simple, dark suit or dress would have been appropriate. She has no idea what she's doing, obviously.

great 4d chess by trump

Operation Ivanka unleash the tits to wipe away retard girl


She's really bloomed nicely.

She wants that BBC up her ass so bad. The message is for alpha males aka black people.

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Aren't they technically....theoretically....dare I say it; Khazar milkers? yummy yummy

Women were a mistake.

She's shameless

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For this I give my personal respect to Ивaнкa Trump. She knows who the real men are.

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She’s lactating because she’s a breeding stump for one of the most vile and disgusting kike bloodlines. Didn’t she just spawn her 4th?


>What message is she sending?
The NWO excites her.

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Let me guess, the leftists will shame her but normally they are all about #freethenipple

Look at these traps

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Anyone else get hard imagining her blonde pussy getting pounded by her husbands big jewish cock?

Well, she changed the climate

Seems to be a global cooling going on

She caused global warming in my pants

I was afraid some was going to say that. I dont get it and its driving me crazy. I know who BF is, but..


In general, yellow roses would mean "friendship".

Wish I had wife that looked that good
She is so hot

Me too. Not only white women are conqured by blacks, but also by jews. White people just stand no chance for survival.

She has very symmetric breasts. Not too many such cases. Very nice!

How tf does clean water come after faggot equality?

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I thought a reference to Texas.

Is that Greta's mom?

Barney Frank was the biggest but most entertaining faggot the Democrats had. Or let's say the last Democrat who was not just a bitter piece of shit but actually fun to listen to. But I also have no idea bout the true meaning of the reference.

to show off her big fake boobies

Thanks fren

Who’s the cute Asian on the left? I want intelligent children.

Asian bitch lookin like
>I wish that was me

Why does her chin look so unnatural?

my fucking dick...

She is pointing at a better future ahead:


Motherhood increases the size of boobs, but it doesn't make your nipples perpetually rock hard.

She got Bog pilled a while ago. She's next level with this game.. you feel me

Dose the whore not own a bra I don’t understand also that flower skirt looks pretty fucking ugly. But I still would fuck her brains out.

>What message is she sending?

That the air conditioning is on too high.

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Why the fuck is this idiotic bimbo at the UN? Might as well have melania there to make an address as well. These people are so ignorant, they’ve never been unqualified for anything.

Kisten says you're a slut.

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incredibly underrated

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His nipples were protruding from his shirt while he addressed Congress and Trump tweeted about it.

It’s amazing how far up a handbag designer got in our government. Gotta love nepotism!!

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Ivanka looked disgusting--nipples protruding--in her blue shirt before the UN. Very, very disrespectful.

People thinking that asymmetrical face is attractive lol, The trumps can’t even afford decent plastic surgeons. Fuck I’ve seen better face jobs in Thailand!

>t. Married his sister

Just like when Emma Watson got to talk in the UN about feminism after she fucked Weinstein.

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>Might as well have melania there to make an address as well.
She;s busy doing the defence budget

>barney frank
ya and the biggest fucking pedophile too.

To upset Iran at those big Khazar milkeres

I cant tell whats real anymore. I'll just assume thats fake.

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Oh damn, must have been years back. Thanks for the enlightenment!



she doesn't have a dick, seems like a weird flex and something that doesn't need to be said

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how thirsty are you bro? bitch is a 5/10 at best

>What message is she sending?

Lock and loaded baby

>Khazar milkeres
she wasnt born jewish

FUUUUCK, makes a looooot more sense.

Even a younger hillary with a tit/nipple like this would make me fuck me intern.

I love big pepperoni nipples.

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Ok. Well, yes that post was VERY underrated then.

Being born in a stable doesn't make one a horse user