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Maybe we have to spread this meme for a while to gain traction for it being about religion until we start making Talmud ones, but as long as we get people to wonder what the Talmud says...

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Doesn't pack the same punch.

I've read the Talmud, what are you talking about? It says nothing about children. Jesus you schizos are the worst thing that's happened to this board. You're ruined it.

Islam Is RIGHT About Women

"the who?"
*goes on with life*

Black slaves
To America
Was a

We're not punching women in this one. Is that the goal? Deprogram women?
Part of me expects women to deprogram themselves with their self-perceived autonomy, and to do that we arm them with responsibility, responsibility from knowing what evil exists in the world. Basically WE have to feed women the apple.

I am the Talmud and I disagree. I say a lot of things about children. A lot of things.

>get arrested
>go to jail
>"what are you in for?"
>"I was hanging chomo signs up all over town"

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-if you have sexual relations with a girl under 3 it does not count as taking her virginity or adultery. she is not yet a person so it is acceptable.

there is also something about it being perfectly acceptable to rape and fuck young goy children, at any age it does not count against you as they are not people.

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I'm the children and it says nothing about Talmud.

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No. This message doesn't convey any information. The Jews will just deny that the Talmud contains anything controversial.

I smell kike

pure gold, this one!

No one even knows what the Talmud is, let alone what it says about children. Islam is widely known for its "abuse" of women, but they are a sacred cow and cant be attacked. No one knows anything about jews, let alone their holy books.

Derivative, requires too much info to get it. Sage

Maybe you should stop saying "we" like we're your personal army.
If you think it's such an awesome idea, why don't you post it in your area in a legal and lawful manner?
Except your area is probably Tel Aviv, and it would just be funny at that point

found the Sabbatean Frankist shill

And then they look it up, and find this...

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And after Jews start believing it, this happens...

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you are as bad as the "It's okay to be black" bandwagon hoppers last time around. You aren't clever, and you fail to understand why a piece of propaganda is effective. You are like the leftists who just change hillary's name with trump's on facebook memes

And guess who did work hard to bring them to your country for their own benefit...

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It might make people question and look up what was meant by that statement.

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Better would be

The Jews are right about goyim.


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I hope that one goes viral so we can see how people react...

>but as long as we get people to wonder what the Talmud says...
It won't work on amerimutts, who already mutilate their children's penises.

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I've read the newly updated good got English translation and it says no such thing!

Shalom JIDF.

I think you should read several statements on this thread that proves what the Talmud says about children...

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That's true, such a waste for a country's culture...

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Yeah right...

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They'll just scream blood libel with this one

>the Talmud is right about the goyim


>Jews have white privelage


>Palestinians are God's chosen

You need to get the kikes to admit they view all non Jews as less than dirt

holy shit
and you could even get muslims to post this

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How about
>Jews are more privileged than whites
But I think we should stick to IIRAW for now.


Some of them already do openly.

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Perhaps the best way to get a new message is to create a thread whose stated purpose is the creation of these posters to spread awareness of some politically related topic. From there you crowdsource and let the (You)'s decide what the best move is.

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Dude... What the Fuck! They justify fucking a 3 year old in the Talmud?! Sick shit, man.

Here we go, thank you.

Good idea, but I think the wording is a bit bulky. Something like "End Jewish Supremacy" would pique peoples' interests without coming off too race-competitive


Let the kvetching begin


These are true. It also says that any Jew who translates the Talmud for the Goys should be put to death, as if the Goys knew what it said they would surely kill all the Jews, largely because of verses like that.

OP here, another element to this poster is people will want to hate it if it's from the Alt-Right.

I officially endorse this message

but change it to
"The Talmud is right about gentile children"

sucks terribly


This should be good, but nobody knows who they are anymore.